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Kateri is looking for some suggestions: Right out of college, I had the very expensive urge to purchase my very first sofa. The sofa in my head was white, and I knew I wouldn't be happy with anything else, so I got the Hampton Sofa from Ethan Allen, custom upholstered in a bright, crisp white. It is gorgeous, and supremely comfortable, and has weathered surprisingly well. Until recently, when my boyfriend and I broke up, and I got another expensive urge. This time, to buy a dog.... So, two years after purchasing such a beautiful piece, I find myself looking to reupholster it, in preferably a darker and more pet friendly fabric. I can't afford to have it done professionally, and am pretty crafty myself, but am having a hard time finding affordable, and not atrocious, fabric. Any suggestions? Not just on the fabric, but tips for attempting this myself? The Hampton Sofa from Ethan Allen that Kateri owns is shown above. Please add your upholstery fabric suggestions and tips for the DIY with Kateri in the comments below...thanks!

Bedroom with leather furniture

White Chapel Ltd. is a wonderful resource for antique style cabinet and furniture hardware. They sell high quality brass hardware, and their selection is outstanding.... We enjoy a perusal through their catalog even when we aren't seeking anything in particular. It gets creative juices flowing and it's inspiring to see so many fine hardware pieces presented so clearly. This is one catalog we recommend getting a hard copy of. Their wares are shown photographed on a gridded background that communicates the hardware's scale at-a-glance.

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Bedroom with orange wallpaper

Looking to make your home office greener? Well, this store may help you make some appropriate environmentally-friendly choices. We're suspicious of the term 'Green,' especially when it comes to a store. When we first clicked over to The Green Office, we wondered how much of it would be hype or faux green. We instantly liked their indicator system, which gives you a snapshot of each product's 'Greeness.' The selection of products is extensive, from envelopes to electronics. It's not so much that the products are made or marketed to be green, but sold from a green point-of-view. While they sell traditional office products as well as greener choices, each is clearly defined through their green rating system. If a choice offers no environmental savings, it is marked 'Conventional product.' It also promotes recycling with its extensive list of recycling centers, and has a newly founded blog to promote environmental issues.

Neutral bedroom

Looking for fresh ideas for your walls this year? You might already have enough canvases and frames adorning your home's flat surfaces, so why not make your rooms pop with something 3D and textured? We've found ten projects that will give your walls a tactile edge. Love the idea of mixing origami and wall art and the idea of placing it over and atop existing furniture. The crafter placed puff paint on a canvas for this textured effect, but there's no reason why you couldn't place this Puff paint texture via Virginia & Charlie directly on a wall. This is definitely an undertaking of a DIY, but this Dowel wall art via Crazinessensues would certainly deliver some texture to your wall. You can apply a texture idea to Mid-Century Style with these 3D Starburst Orbs via HGTV Handmade. This Magazine prism via A Merry Mishap was originally intended to be placed on tabletops and shelves, but we think a little adhesive engineering could easily see this translated to wall art. These DIY Triangle Shelves via A Beautiful Mess are meant for mini-storage, but use a lot of them and a repetitive, textural pattern could arise from one of your walls. Do you have textural art displayed on any of your walls? How did you pull it off?

Large bedroom

Hello AT,. I live in a 2 room LES apartment that is under 350sf. For additional space I need to install a loft bed in one room so that I will have sleeping up top and dining and an office area below. It can't look ordinary and needs to be reasonably priced. Can anyone suggest resources to see some great designs for inspiration or can you recommend a qualified builder? Thanks, Lisa S. What a great question for this month! We have never built a loft bed, but we have seen ads for carpenters who specialize in doing just this. Mainly we have seen them on Craigslist, but we couldn't find many today.... Here's links for Luke Lowdnesand Julian. Here is Musa Sangare, who is a good general carpenter and handyman. There is definitely more out there and we'll post it as we see it.

Bedroom with orange tones

My better half has a tendency to migrate from her desk over to the living room as the sun sets, and I've been known to continue working on the couch from my iPad after hours. For better and for worse, the living room has evolved into an extension of the home workspace, and now furniture designers are addressing the migration with new designs fit for work and relaxation.... The Wall Street Journal recently produced this video as part of a piece about the proliferation of work-at-home furniture catering to the always-working demographic, reflecting the cultural shift away from stationary workstations over to a working lifestyle revolving around mobility and comfort in the living room and beyond. More of us are migrating across from home offices over into the living room, dining room, and even backyards after hours, and now furniture designers are taking note with designs catering to this shift in lifestyle. The Haworth Harbor Work Lounge shares features drawn from classroom desks, airport lounges, living room seating, and home office task chairs. The big question born from this cultural shift is whether working from anywhere and everywhere, including the living room, actually leads to a more productive work life. Whether bringing work and computers into shared home spaces actually hinders a happy home life, where couples and family members are more drawn to their screens than to one another. What are your thoughts of about working from the living room, where home life and work life are beginning to overlap after hours?

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Taking a gander at Target's new items we came across these dandy looking Brady barstools. If you have the common bar counter area and have been looking for a stool that was something other than wrought iron or wicker based and that didn't break the bank this might be your ticket.

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To celebrate Fort Point Arts Community's 35th Annual Open Studios, a giant foam pyramid will float in the Boston channel. The 16-foot-wide, 10-foot-tall polystyrene pyramid resembles cobblestones, a nod to the city's rich history.

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Sitting with your face buried in a computer screen can really make you lose track of time, especially if you're working in a window-less office. You can create your own 'Window' with your computer wallpaper and keep track of the passing of time in a clever way-no numerals required. Just using your computer's built-in rotating wallpaper setting, you can use your background to keep track of the passing hours, just like a bell tower. Each time the scene changes, you'll know another 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour has passed, depending on how you set it. If you want to get really creative, pick out 24 stellar wallpapers to represent each hour of the day. A quick Google search will return images of gorgeous day- and night-time scenes from around the world. If you're a budding photographer, you could even shoot the same scene at different hours of the day for a time-lapse-style wallpaper. It's the perfect background for your work to keep you on top of your time management.

Bedroom with wallpaper

Inspired by Apple's unique Cover Flow design, Li Jianye decided to cut a few corners in functionality in order to create the ultimate homage to clever interface that all us iTunes users know so well and love. If you're willing to sacrifice a little actual CD storage space, the iShelf may just be the perfect fit in helping create the ultimate Apple-decked out bachelor pad. We would have preferred a little more thought into creating an actual animated Cover Flow effect, but we understand that keeping hundreds of CD cases on a thin little wall plate might not be the greatest idea if you're looking to keep your sheetrock intact. The iShelf is still a prototype design for now, but we're sure Li Jianye would love to hear a little feedback if the art display lovers out there enjoy the design as much as we did in showcasing old CD art.

Bedroom with wall sticker

When you have brick walls in your home, thoughts most often turn toward painting them white. Maybe it's a reaction against the commonly-dark color of brick. A coat of light blue paint offset by red furnishings and it's transformed into a happy place to hang. What do you think? Would you go with a color instead of white when painting a brick wall?

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Bedroom with beach view

Don't feel like you've got to spend tons of money updating your furniture to create an impact on these holiday guests, why not invest in some wall stickers to update your decor? Vinyl stickers, while certainly not new, have exploded recently, with all sorts of companies creating and selling unique vinyl wall stickers. Tasty Suite We just loved the affordable and quirky sticker options we found here, especially these adorable stickers to put on your cabinet doors and drawers. Prices were very reasonable and some stickers are available in a variety of colors. Our favorite will probably always be the wall-sized power line sticker. While prices are a bit of an investment, the designs and the ability to remove and reuse these stickers make the price tags worth it. We're just not sure if there's any other company out there that offers so many different sticker options. We like how many categories are available and love that they bring in artists and graphic designers to turn their hip styles into stickers you can use at home. d. garden collections We just loved these stickers for their slightly frosted and translucent look, which can be applied on windows in places that you want the light to come in, but don't want people looking in. Mira En Tu Interior Okay, we're adore these wall stickers from this Spanish company. What's your favorite place to get wall stickers? Any wall sticker horror stories to share? Are you totally over wall stickers or still think they're great? Let us know!

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Small bedroom

Salvaged building materials often find new homes that revitalize every abstract piece. We'll be heading there this weekend to have some wine and cheese around this completely salvaged and restored garden retreat. The columns were salvaged when their matching counterparts rotted out and had to be replaced-these four of the eight were still strong enough to use. Even the table is built entirely from scrapped wood, and the bench is refurbished with a new(er) plank. The pair of chairs was bought at a thrift store and given new seats. To top it off, the chandelier was salvaged from a junk shop, burnt-out lightbulbs still hinting at its former life. For a little extra flair, a vintage bead garland is draped across the chandelier. The photo predates a rainy spring and flourishing summer: now, after a healthy season or two for gardening, the foliage has grown up all around the back and created a Secret Garden-like feel. The overall effect of this D-I-Y project is rustic and elegant, and it's the perfect place to enjoy a late summer evening.