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Romantic bedroom

Name: Carly Location: Columbus, OH Division: Light Inspiration for my palette: I have a lot of colorful art, so I wanted a good neutral foundation. I love the yellow and grey color combo, so I tried to balance that through the room.


Hello AT,. I am a design novice and feel totally overwhelmed with furnishing my new apartment. While looking for seating, I fell in love with the Flexform Groundpiece couch. It's a very low profile sectional that comes in two seat depths- 38' and 48'. The picture of the couch shows it in the 48' depth....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. I want to configure the sofa with one side of the sectional with a 48' depth and the other sidewith a 38' depth. The 48' deep pieces are soooooo comfortable and great for reading/tv watching. Is this too much couch for the size of my living room? If your picture is a good indication, I would worry about it cutting off the doorway entrance, but think in all other directions it would be fine. Although the sofa will be big, your room can accomodate it if you don't put much else in. One chair kitty-corner to the sofa will round out the seating area and a square or round coffee table will give you a nice center.

Vintage fabrics bedroom


Vintage quilt bedroom

Q: I have 2 built in corner cabinets in the dining room - even the drawers are odd-shaped! Besides displaying china or nice vases, what sort of things are good to store in these odd-shaped cabinets? I'd love to use the space functionally for storing items while having them remain visually appealing. Editor: Please share your storage and display ideas with Anna in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Feminim Bedroom


Mustard and gray bedroom


Minimalist bedroom

Did you guess? Yesterday's Guess the Decade post asked the AT design minds to vote on which decade the photo of this colorful, silver-ceilinged geometric motif kitchen is from. The correct answer is.... The Seventies. Nice work, design detectives! The majority of you are tough to beat - you came through with the right decade. It brought back memories for E.I.F. who said, 'Well i'm guessing the late 60's early 70's only because growing up i had a set of sheets with that stripe design. I remember the stripes had red, orange, yellow, and brown. the fridge also looks new for that time.' Following right behind the correct voters who said the Seventies, were two groups pretty evenly split between the Sixties and the Eighties. The Nineties and Now both got a smaller split of votes...the cable suspended table DOES seem far ahead of it's time and is most likely the element that sent the handful of votes to recent and current times. The fifties brought up the rear, with the smallest amount of votes, but you never know - it could have been the kitchen of a suburban family who were really fashion forward! Thanks to all who voted and played along on the original post.

Luxurious bedroom

'We would love to win, because we'd love some new furniture. When we moved into our apartment after our September wedding, we bought used furniture, making our room for under $500. We've included before and after photos, so you can see how we transformed a tiny run-down apartment into a stylish haven for work and play.' 'We can only imagine what we could do if we weren't just settling for what we could find at a thrift store. We love the stuff at CB2 and think it'd look awesome in our room.' 'DM's Dining Room - The curtains, the lighting, that gorgeous shade of red! What a warm, relaxing room to sit down to a meal in!'.

Master bedroom

If you have kids in your life and did any sort of holiday shopping for them you probably had no difficulty locating the 'Girl' things - all you had to do was look for the pink aisle. Using only peripheral vision the girl and boy toys and decor are so well defined as to summon the question: why does the world of girls have to be saturated with pink? A recent article in the Guardian featured an interview with PinkStinks , a group founded by two sisters who see this pinkification as a harmful social commentary on how our shopping choices for girls are severely limited in color; when we limit their choices we limit their thinking. We give girls a small world to belong to, a world consisting of princesses, fairies and butterflies. Even the non-princess activities are turning pink: globes, clocks, booksall of which, again, create a small visual world for girls. Pink was not always so pervasive in a little girl's room. 'There has been a great diversity of debate on the subject but the generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger colour, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.' Pink was traditionally used for little boys as pink is derived from red, which is a strong and powerful color. Light blue, reflective of the color of the clothing worn by The Virgin Mary in paintings, was left for little girls. It wasn't until post WWII that the color choices for girls and boys were reversed. Dear readers, when it comes to designing and decorating your children's room, how do you make your color choices? Do you use traditional gender colors? Do you use your child's favorite colors? What would you do if your girl wanted a blue and green bedroom? Or if your boy wanted an orange and pink room.

Bedroom with ecletic fabrics


Japanese style bedroom

This yellow chair in River North is a great color, great design, and is going for only 50 bucks. Seller shows us the comparison from Dania Furniture, which sells for $525. OTHER GOOD STUFF. Gray metal desk with white top for $100. Contemporary black sofa for $500. Room & Board dark wood writing desk for $60. Pier 1 lingerie chest for $120. Glass top center and end tables for $80. IKEA barstool for $5.Down sleeper sofa for $400. Thanks, Craig!

Pink bedroom

Even though the Polaroid has faded out into the annals of photography history with the advent of digital photography, a lot of us still hold onto the fond memories of shaking, waiting and laughing at what the film technology would reveal after a snapshot. Guess the demise of the beloved low tech photography has brought it back into the popular zeitgeist, with a couple designers bringing out very similar ideas of the Polaroid reimagined as mirrors.... Colin O' Dowd's Polaroid Mirror is 107 x 88mm, comes with a stand, and is available via Design Boom for $29. Then there's the similar, but slightly different Relax Snapshot by Atypyk; this version is flexible, offering a funhouse effect for $12.60.

Minimalist bedroom with wooden details

Last Friday, we started a game of Guess the Decade, featuring this blue kitchen: metal cabinets, tulip table, copper lighting fixture...lots of clues to the era.... ...but all red herrings. This kitchen is a labor of love and dedication from Pam of Retro Renovation. We wrote to Pam last week asking if we could feature her kitchen and we were so happy when she agreed - the room is such a great, impeccable modern redo of vintage style; we thought it was perfect for 'Guess the Decade'. 196 of you voted NOW making it the lead decade by far in our survey - the eagle eyes definitely won! It was followed by the 60's with 87 votes - which covers the year the cabinets were installed in their original location. The 50's got a fair number of votes, 47, which is not surprising, due to the color, which is very fifties-style. It was followed by the 70's and 90's, which received 41 and 39 votes respectively.

Bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

'Buy swatches of paint and test them out before painting the whole wall and always paint the dark and lightest part of the room.Group similar colors together - whether it be red or orange or green to give it a punch of color. Incorporate your favorite color in your interiors.' Color Resources:Current or vintage magazines or books.

Four post bed

Havalah's family room fireplace featured an extra-long mantel that also spanned some strange built-ins. With an update, this focal wall becomes much more functional. When we moved into our house, there was this funny looking mantel in our back family room. Then next to the fireplace, there were these two 'holes' like cabinets that were completely useless to us. We started by tearing down the old mantel, then my husband added wainscoting to the back of the holes and added some built in shelves. To tie everything together, he also added some white trim, which also matched the window and the finished mantel. For more photos and details, check out Havalah's blog, Sisters, What!

Tuscany bedroom