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Romantic bedroom

Now that October's here, we're dreaming of cozy dinner parties on twilit evenings, with fragrant stews and probably some luscious pumpkin desserts. Of course we're also dreaming of decorating such parties, with candles everywhere and maybe, instead of flowers, a few plants with deep, dark foliage to set the proper autumn tone.... We love the look of this fall table from Sunset, with its rustic containers and dark, sculptural plants. It's perfectly evocative of an autumn mood without being gloomy or overly seasonal. Black mondo grass won't work as an indoor plant, but for a temporary decoration, try a few little four-inchers in pretty pots parading down the center of your table. Decorate each place setting with a spring of rosemary on the napkin. Try ceramics or terra cotta for an earthy autumn feel. Place a votive by each guest's plate; the candlelight cast on each face will provide warm, October-inspired light. Consider burlap or natural linen for a tablecloth and napkins. How do you set your fall table? Please share ideas below!


Today's Home & Garden section of The New York Times focuses on kitchen design. After an interesting discussion on What Is the Best Material for a Kitchen Work Surface? on The Kitchn this week, we were pleased to see The Times offer a wide range of counter top materials other than the ubiquitous granite. Pictured above is IceStone.... The story, New Counters? Everything's on the Table looks at both engineered surfaces and more traditional options like marble and terrazzo. There's even abreakdown of prices based on square foot: With So Many Options, So Many Price Points.

Vintage fabrics bedroom


Vintage quilt bedroom

COLOR PALETTE: Light & Sweet - silver half dollar, traffic cone orange, lime green. GO TO ELIZABETH'S ROOM TO ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better! If you love color and are thinking about adding new hues to your home, help is here. Whether you enter or simply find fantastic rooms to choose as favorites - join us!

Feminim Bedroom

Q: After weeks of indecision, my husband and I fell in love with this beautiful mosaic tile for our master bathroom floor and pulled the trigger... maybe a little too quickly. It doesn't work with our original, neutral design and now we're having trouble choosing all the other finishes/fixtures/furniture for the room. While this tile is graphic and pretty fancy, the rest of our home is casual/relaxed with a Scandinavian, mid century bungalow vibe. Any ideas on how to tone this tile down and help it fit in with the rest of our home? Color, vanity, finish, and shower tile suggestions are much appreciated! I've included photos of our current bath to give an idea of the size of the space, but we're tearing it down to the studs so it's a blank slate! Editor: Leave your suggestions for Jenny in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Mustard and gray bedroom

The semi-annual warehouse sale is going on at Odegard next week! I made it out to the spring sale and was not disappointed.... Odegard's lush handmade wool rugs are sold at about 80% off at these warehouse sales, alongside a small selection of Fortuny lighting and furnishings. The sale is open to the trade only on Monday, November 13 and to the public on Tuesday, November 14 through Sunday, November 19.

Minimalist bedroom


Luxurious bedroom

Looking for fresh ideas for your walls this year? You might already have enough canvases and frames adorning your home's flat surfaces, so why not make your rooms pop with something 3D and textured? We've found ten projects that will give your walls a tactile edge. Love the idea of mixing origami and wall art and the idea of placing it over and atop existing furniture. The crafter placed puff paint on a canvas for this textured effect, but there's no reason why you couldn't place this Puff paint texture via Virginia & Charlie directly on a wall. This is definitely an undertaking of a DIY, but this Dowel wall art via Crazinessensues would certainly deliver some texture to your wall. You can apply a texture idea to Mid-Century Style with these 3D Starburst Orbs via HGTV Handmade. This Magazine prism via A Merry Mishap was originally intended to be placed on tabletops and shelves, but we think a little adhesive engineering could easily see this translated to wall art. These DIY Triangle Shelves via A Beautiful Mess are meant for mini-storage, but use a lot of them and a repetitive, textural pattern could arise from one of your walls. Do you have textural art displayed on any of your walls? How did you pull it off?

Master bedroom


Bedroom with ecletic fabrics


Japanese style bedroom

A friend sold her house last year and the hardest thing to leave behind was the kitchen floor which she had so beautifully hand-stencilled. The photo above is from Domino magazine where you can also find a detailed floor stencilling 'How to'. This floor stencil is so striking that, for the first time, our eye didn't immediately gravitate toward the Eames rocker. Other AT sites have some great stencil resources for you to check out:Stencil the floor.

Pink bedroom

You know the saying 'Every room needs a little black?' Well, with brass's amazing resurrection, the saying should really go, 'Every room needs a little black and brass.' And, if you're the picky type, yes, black might mean bronze and brass might mean gold. My favorite use of the classic combination is in understated or spare vintage spaces where brings the combo brings a lively sophistication.

Minimalist bedroom with wooden details

A CB2 staple dressed up for spring, the Gaucho chair has been done up in a floral pattern. The addition of a semi-funky side chair into a living room seating area is an easy way to slip some pattern into what is often a room dominated by solids. The chair is also the grand prize in a new promotion being held by CB2.... The contest is called CB2 Go, and all the details are here.

Bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

Like with snowflakes, no one entertainment area looks alike. No matter how many we see, everyone seems to put their own flare on their media centers, despite all having the same items within them - TVs, DVD players, stereos, and speakers. The open floor plan is amazing and those windows are...we want those windows! With their luxuriously long walls they were able to spread out their living room via book shelves. Their flat screen is mounted on the wall, with vinyl chandelier candelabra decals flanking both sides. An Ikea Expedit bookcase was put on its side to hold all their components, along with some of the hundreds of books they own. More photos after the jump.... Each speaker sits sideways on bookcases on either side of the TV. One of the speakers acts as a mount for a Muji NYC wooden city kit. We love it when people use their speakers not just as boom sticks, but as art or book shelves.

Four post bed

We've been battling back and forth with installing recessed lights in our home. On one hand, it would certainly update the look, but on the other hand we're having a hard time letting go of the cozier look and feel of lamps. Before any blood was shed, our budget made the decision for us: at roughly $100 a pop, it would cost us a pretty penny to put recessed lights throughout our home. We've been skimming through catalogues, Craigslist, and eBay to find some lamps, but there's a lot of choices out there: floor lamp, task lamp, torch lamp, reading lamp, table lamp, etc etc. 'When designing a lighting plan for a living room or family room, you need to consider the variety of activities that occur there. You'll want to include general lighting for entertaining and watching television, task lighting for reading or sewing, and accent lighting for artwork, plants, and interesting architectural features. Dimming controls are ideal for the living room because they allow you to design the lighting to suit each mood and activity.'

Tuscany bedroom

We're always looking for more candidates for house tours. Biggest Challenge in designing my home: The open floor plan required creative solutions to space planning. What friends Say about my home: They admire our view and say that the place is fancy and modern, yet comfortable and relaxing. Biggest Embarrassment in my home: In the beginning, Edwin tried to hang a very heavy Pablo light on a wall that buckled. Biggest Indulgence with respect to my home: The loft itself´┐Ż we will be paying it for a loooong time. You are never really finished, your home is a constant evolving expression of yourself. ResourcesAppliances: Designer Frigidaire stainless steel appliances, stainless steel Amana refrigerator, LG front load washer and dryer.