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Welcome to a new series, Anatomy of a Room, where we show you one room that gets it really, really right and then break down exactly why it works and how to copy the look for yourself. Today, let's look at a rustic living room which manages to be light and bright yet cozy and comfortable at the same time. The light color spotlights the beautiful, natural knots in the timber. The beams' rich color contrasts with the lighter walls for added interest. Lots of streaming light makes the honey-colored floors and light walls really glow. A large, rustic wooden console table mirrors the 'Heaviness' of the ceiling beams to ground the room. Glass lamps are visually light - they contrast with the bulkier elements in the space, embellish the decor and are utilitarian without adding any discernible weight. If you revel in the rustic look, steal a hint or two from this perfectly proportioned room.

Narrow bedroom with wallpaper

Hello AT,. My new home has a back room that was recently added. I've just painted it in Benjamin Moore 'Desert shadows' a dark, eggplanty brown. The trim and baseboard has been unpainted since the room was just added. Should I paint the baseboard and trim white to match the white trim in the rest of the house?....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. Should I paint the loft white with brown walls? Or should I do something totally different and paint the trim a contrasting color? A glossier, darker brown? Should I stain it darker brown? I'm decorating the room in a kind of cozy middle-eastern style, with lots of magenta, a tea table, and a pouf.

Single bedroom

We think one of the greenest things is to use materials that are made to last through the ages. End grain wood floors are the epitome of durable and add instant warmth to any space.... 'Kaswell is one maker of wood block floors, which is made up of 1' thick wood blocks turned on end. With the grains perpendicular to the wearing surface, the floors hold up forever. The blocks might be strong, but their appearance is as soft and warm as brick.

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Name: Liberte Location: Vancouver Canada Square Feet: 400 Division: International What I Love About My Small Home: My building was originally built around 1910 as a home for nurses who worked in the old hospital down the block. I fell in love with my apartment when I saw all the historic details in the arches, leaded window, and inlaid wood floor. I like to think all girl's who've lived here before loved it as much as I do.

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We've always felt that the bedroom is a place where it's really important to invest in quality over quantity. Our favorite bedrooms are serene and clutter-free, arranged to support a good night's sleep.... If you're able to, center the bed against a wall. This is a basic way to bring symmetry and balance to a room, but there are exceptions to the rule. If a door or window prevents you from centering, place your bed in a spot where it's clear from obstructions. If you have the space, flank your bed with side tables and reading lights. If you don't have room for tables, try wall sconces above the bed. Good bedding can mean the difference between a restful or poor night's sleep. When shopping, understand thread count and keep an eye out for good deals. Keep clutter to a minimum by making sure you have adequate storage. Of course, the best way to find the bedroom arrangement that works for you is to try things out in your own space. For a diverse range of inspiration, check out our bedroom archives on Apartment Therapy.

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As we popped an English muffin into the toaster over this morning, the New York Times RSS Feed smacked us in the face with the future of our breakfast: Forget a 'popcorn' button on the microwave, the newest kitchen gadgets are able to prepare a full meal with a hit from your index finger. If you've got a burnt-to-the-crisp thumb when it comes to getting down in the kitchen, you'll be happy to know that there's a slew of new kitchen tech coming your way with one-touch buttons to make everything from cookies to poached eggs. A toaster from West Bend perfectly browns toast and poaches an egg at the same time. A bread maker comes equipped with a one-touch 'Bake a Cake' button. Convection-heat toaster ovens include a one-touch 'Smart cookie' option to make instant treats out of store-bought dough. Standard microwaves include more than popcorn and defrost helpers. They now can include buttons for pizzas, breakfast sausage and omelets. Even expensive gadgets are getting into the mix. A $2,000 Electrolux wall oven includes a 'Perfect turkey' button to make Thanksgiving a lot easier. So does this mean we're going to start seeing 'Instant Green Bean Casserole' or 'Instant Pumpkin Pie' buttons? Who knows? What might seem silly to you is the perfect solution for someone else's morning routine.

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These 10 kitchens all have features you might not expect - small but impactful details to both surprise and delight. Above: A gorgeous wooden sink in a kitchen from Bolig Liv. A brass backsplash is just so perfect for this minimal kitchen from Vogue Living. Encaustic tile on the side of an island gives this kitchen from De Dujes a pleasing jolt of color and pattern. A glowing brass toekick adds a tiny bit of a glam to a traditional kitchen from Desire to Inspire. These minimal glass cabinets are the perfect counterpart to the more traditionally styled lower cabinets in this kitchen from AD Russia. An unexpected flooring transition adds personality to a kitchen from Royal Roulotte. Artful open shelving graces the kitchen in Violaine & Gaetan's Montreal home.

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What exactly does NY/NJ mean? This fellow has tons of listings on Craigslist each day, and he/she locates all his/her furniture in NY/NJ, which can only mean that he/she is close to you whether you live in NY or NJ. 'This Danish Modern dresser is a nice one, and the price is good. It looks to be in very good condition, and has no annoying decoration or over design details. It is a classic. He/she says it is'from a 1960's NNJ super cool Modern home... measuring only 57'w x 31'h x 17'd. Call for easy pick up or delivery arrangements. 908-313-4212.' Now, you can't beat that. MGR. Got a good item for Scavenger? Know anything about these sellers? Leave a comment below.....

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We haven't often come across birdhouses on balconies. We would imagine they would only attract pigeons where we live. The fairly sizable houses on this balcony from blog look right at home on this apartment's balcony.... spotted this balcony on a house in Moscow. We love the pastel palette of the building facade and birdhouse facades.