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While we don't know if we'd be able to spend the whole day standing at our desks, we do like John Knox's vision. His entire desk is made of salvaged wood he's found laying around on the streets, and in one case, his basement. John Knox writes: 'Part Ikea-hack. Part cradle-to-cradle design project. This Rumsfeld-modern standing desk features an alley found desktop cut to size and mounted on two long stored in the basement Ikea sawhorses. Two adjustable wing shelves are salvaged lumber from a spouse rejected over sized trundle project. Note the attached'pen ...on a chain', arguably the greatest office efficiency device invented since the pencil sharpener. Love how the adjustable winged shelves are able to hold extra office gizmos when needed. Those sawhorses provide good desktop and printer storage as well. 'Oh and are you wondering why it's called the Rumsfeld? According to John,'Rumsfeld also approved placing detainees in 'Stress positions,' such as standing for up to 4 hours, though he apparently found this approach unimpressive. Rumsfeld, who works at a stand-up desk, scrawled on the memo, 'I stand for 8-10 hours a day. Why is standing limited to four hours? D.R.'.

Living room

'Shallow Hide-away. For those that want a relatively inexpensive way to both mount and hide a flatscreen TV, the BJORNHOLMEN cabinet from IKEA does both while measuring just under 16' in depth and maintaining a low price.... The BJORNHOLMEN has a reinforced back panel for mounting a flat screen TV, so there is no need to drill holes in the wall and cords can be hidden at the back. In addition to drawers with room for storage, the doors on top fold to save space when they're not hiding your TV. While IKEA has many products to mount a flatscreen TV, this is one of the few that does not require the furniture to be attached to the wall or braced between the floor and ceiling. Available in white foiled fiberboard with a solid birch base for $499 from IKEA. 'Width: 51 1/8'.

Dark bedroom

Don't you just love this door? The owner, Lyndsay, scoured eBay for weeks for a barn door to close off her bathroom, and ended up finding one at a family sheep farm in New Hampshire. With a lot of love and care, it now looks completely at home in her Brooklyn brownstone. See more photos of this amazing home at Design*Sponge.

Bedroom yellow and black

White linens, neutral walls, filmy curtains: the whole bit. The bedroom in our new home has dark wood floors, and at first the contrast felt a little jarring. Area rugs in the bedroom aren't great for the allergy-prone, so we've been looking for other ways to make the marriage of dark flooring and pale décor work. Here's what we found trolling the web in search of inspiration and tips. Is it just us, or are the walls tinted slightly blue or gray, echoing the mahogany floor? Here again, subtle dark accents... seems to us that those little zebra pillows on the chairs are working wonders. The black-framed artwork here makes an interesting geometric backdrop, which plays nicely off the relaxed, country vibe of the white furnishings. Gray walls are a mid-tone between the dark floors and the pale ceiling. We love all the playful textures in here too-they soften the severity of the dark floor's effect. The pops of color in these two spare bedrooms distract from the stark contrast between dark and white. More inspiration, please! How do you manage to harmonize dark flooring with pale décor in your homes?

Ocre small bedroom

We've all heard that high-contrast, black and white imagery is stimulating to babies so here are some ideas for using black and white in the nursery from Australian lifestyle magazine, Real Living. The room was created by Belinda Graham, a writer and web editor for Real Living. She provides plenty of ideas for using black and white including: silhouettes, chalkboard paint, wooden letters, framed ultrasound pictures, painting a quote, and more. See her ideas for using black and white in the nursery at Real Living and at her own blog, Renovate and Decorate. One of our favorite resources Belinda mentions is free downloadable black and white images created by blogger Kal Barteski of [i] Love Life. Are you using black and white in your baby's nursery? Show us - tag your Flickr photos with 'Ohdeedoh.'


Often times we come across spaces in which our socks are knocked right off. This is of course, assuming you're wearing socks; I guess you could substitute hosiery or sandals into this slot.... but I digress. Earlier today, AT:LA showed us a living room makeover by Jude, over at Run4istRun and now we would like to show you the other space she designed. Click through the jump for lots of appletini-colored fabulousness. Run4istRun has graciously shared her 2 living room makeovers with us. They are rich with texture and color while still being able to have small collections and loads of personality and memories in her spaces. Check out the pictures below of her bright Appletini and Icy Blue Rooms.... These are some photos of the room the icy blue room, with an impromptu molding treatment we featured earlier today on AT:LA! For more on this fantastic transformation, including before pictures, click over to Run4istRun to see the rest!

Black and white bedroom

Name: Sydney Location: San Francisco, CA Division: Light Inspiration for my palette: The quilt, which took me a full two years to finish, was the jumping off point for the rest of the room. The wall color, Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin, makes the quilt pop, and I picked up the darker tones in the small dresser that I painted a deep blue.

Bedroom pink quilt and blue wallpaper

These funky, ornate vintage mirrors would look terrific in a range of bathroom styles, from eclectic to traditional to sleek modern. I think my favorite combination is to put an ornate vintage mirror in a very modern bathroom. Some of the mirrors below are small and would only suit a small powder room, while others are quite large. None are dull! Our post Design Details: Bathroom Mirrors Done Right really underscored how much fun a cool bathroom mirror can be. Total frame measures 19.5' long and 12.5' wide. Ornately detailed vintage brass frame hand painted in marigold yellow acrylic then sealed with gloss varnish. Scrolled distressed gold leaf mirror from Layla Grace, $579.10. One of a kind vintage mirror in distressed gilt from Layla Grace, $990.14. This antique solid wood mirror was foiled in a mottled silver and gold and finished with clear semi-gloss protective polyacrylic. Measures 21.5' at the widest point and 21' tall.

Small white bedroom

COLOR INSPIRATION: Our family of five was a little scared of moving from close quarters into a spacious house. Splashing our favorite colors on the walls helped make our new house a home. GO TO LISA'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!


These white wooden Grace Boxes from Modern Dose are just the thing for one of those beautiful credenza displays that Laure blogged yesterday over at AT:LA. They also remind us of the apothecary jar centerpieces we blogged about a month ago. The set of 3 is available for $165. The smallest is 12 inches high, and the largest reaches 15 inches. Lids come off to store candy, jewelry, matchboxes, or whatever odds and ends you can think of. There's also a larger, more elongated pair of Mirielle Boxes in red lacquer for $175..

Living room with wood floor


Bed with canopy


Bedroom with big window


Feature wall bedroom

We've always wanted to install a trough sink in a hallway bathroom for the kids. Our reason? The combination of vintage styling and the practicality of the large trough seems so perfect for children. Of course my heart went pitter patter on seeing this delicious teal trough sink complete with yellow rubber ducks. It reminds me of preschool times - ambling up to the trough sink in the art room to wash the paint off my arms and hands.

Small bedroom with wallpaper



Q: We just finished furnishing our small NYC living room and ended up with a lot of dark grey. I really love the idea of some feminine, colorful end tables for each side of the couch. I fell for this GiGi nightstand from Urban Outfitters but they are on backorder until March and I can't wait that long!!! Any suggestions for something similar? Editor: Please share any suggestions and sources with Katharine in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.