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It's all about the bedroom this month and in honor of that I've rounded up some of our favorite bedroom makeovers. All are fresh with ideas for the coming spring months ahead! Read on for the full list.... 1.


A business school doesn't really qualify as an apartment. Honestly? Whatever! Look at that flooring! It's such a rarity to see such large slabs of stone used for flooring, we love it.

Black leather bed head

It's often hard to find time to design around a television setup, but it's even harder to do it when all you have is a tiny flat to work with. Our Australian comrade Filip has come to terms with both areas of hardship and created one of the most amazing spaces we've seen in a while. We love how his couch softly creates a divider between his kitchen and living room, executing serene contrast filled with warm, leather fabrics - we just can't help but to drool like crazy! More photos of his marvelous flat can be found on his Flickr. Have a picture to share? Tag them 'Unplggd' and we'll find them! Or join our totally awesome Flickr group, Unplggd.



Dining room

We love the look of a rustic kitchen - and it's a style that's gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. What's interesting is that we're starting to see the emergence of something we're calling 'new rustic': kitchens that strike a balance between uber-minimal and country cozy. Above: An antique island adds a little texture to a modern kitchen from Svenngaarden. Exposed brick walls and a weathered island add rustic appeal to Julia's Atlanta kitchen. There are lots of rustic elements in this kitchen from Archello, but the lack of upper cabinets means that the space still feels airy and open. Wood drawers contrast wonderfully with a white background in this kitchen from VT Wonen. Wood, subway tile, and stainless steel come together in a kitchen from Bolig. The exposed beams and wood countertops add just the right amount of texture in this kitchen from Schoolhouse. Just a bit of wood cabinetry in a kitchen from The Style Files.

Teen bedroom

Pop-up coffee tables are something we've seen around but we're never impressed with them aesthetically. What we do like is the idea that one horizontal surface can function as a low coffee table and a dining or desk-height table in a small apartment. If you're handy, the mechanism for pop-up coffee tables can be purchased sans-table. We're sure a nice DIY design could make for a really cool pop-up coffee table. Until now, we've only seen unsatisfying finished models like this or this. Here is an example of one pretty nice DIY pop-up design that's used as a side table plus storage.

Teen bedroom in chocolate tones

I love to hear that one of our 'Oldie but goodie' archive posts has helped somone out, years later. Molly used our post on how to get a limed effect on brick to tackle her fireplace makeover. Both it and the Family Room that it's part of look utterly amazing now. Molly sent us the pics by email but she also wrote all about the fireplace and room redo on her blog, The Nesting Game. All it is is drywall compound applied to the brick, dried and sanded. We sanded a little more than they did at BBDW because we wanted a bit more of a liming-effect, with some of the red showing through to tie into our color scheme. Ha! All the good projects seem to be just that - a bit messy, but worth it! Be sure to check out all of Molly's makeover details: Nest Tour: Family Room.

Small double bedroom


Bold pattern quilt

There are so many reasons to love this little bedroom. Let's just start with that Marimekko bed canopy.... Kaivo pattern by Marimekko. Using Marimekko's 1964 Kaivo pattern, a few yards of fabric draped from the ceiling creates a simple, bold, and easy-to-make bed canopy. The second reason for loving this bedroom is its compact size: It's only about as wide and long as the bed itself. Those glass-paned french doors centered at the foot of the bed do a lot to open up the little space but even without them we're loving the intimate scale of this compact and cozy bedroom. Gives hope to those of us with 8-foot-and-narrower bedrooms of our own.

Modern bed

We like to keep our's simple, and typically favor the big open workspace over a complicated desk with nooks and crannys and places to stash cords. We're not loving our large workspace, and are considering downsizing to a smaller desk. There's always the ubiquitous office corner workspace, with a spot for everything, but in our house, this usually ends up looking like a tower of clutter. We're wondering, what kind of desk do you prefer? If you have a favorite, please elaborate in the comments.


I had the opportunity to have a brief stay at the Hotel Ändra in Seattle last week, and was happily inspired by the bright and modern design of their basic suite bathroom. I must admit that I am a judgmental hotel guest and the bathroom is usually the place that I like to spend the least amount of time on any stay. I was pleasantly surprised to find a bathroom at the downtown Hotel Ändra that I would be happy to have in my own home. I took mental notes for my 'Some-day-dream-bathroom,' especially the colors! Tiny, square bathroom tile in light aqua, complimented a slate tile floor and kept the space looking fresh and clean. The shower area was an airy, open space with thick glass partition. Plus, a modern consoled sink, left-justified for space to use as a counter. Bonus: the lighted mirrors prevented steaming, so the mirrors were always clear!


A small space double duty classic solution...the ottoman, glitzed up a bit in silver leather. Size: Not too big, only 24' in diameter and 13' high. Shape: Round, which is perfect for a small space, easy to maneuver around. This one is super simple too - not filled with fussy details. Color: Amazing! Silver looks fantastic with the neutral sofa upholstery many of us have and adds a bit of light reflectivity, but if you are looking for something more sedate, it also comes in chocolate.

Small bedroom white

Seems like our inner kid isn't just excited about tree houses, but is sort of kind of really into PB Teen's Bedrooms. You can find the entire collection of bedding on the PB Teen website.

Bed detail


Bright living room

Your fret over the high price of tile, but order more than enough because your tile guy doesn't want to cut it close and you end up with a big, heavy pile of brand new tile that has absolutely no value to you at all. Thank God there's AT Classifieds! Leslie, who LOVES capital letters, has 96sq ft of BRILLIANT BLUE GLASS MOSAIC TILE STILL IN BOXES. And the price is right. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF Ligne Roset love seat sleeper sofa for $BO Ligne Roset sofa bed for $475. Modern black bar table w / 2 bar stools for $249. Mid Century Modern Shelving Units for $500. Vintage Modern Chairs for $85-$125. Modernica Desk for $1000. 4 cantilever chrome chairs for $80. New Guinea rosewood capiz chandelier for $BO 'Eames' Rocking Chair for $150. Thanks, Craig!

Bedroom red quilt