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These beautiful wooden pieces by DECARUS follow the philosophy of old wood. Old wood is fascinating - it tells a story, a culture, and just feels so much nicer than laminate particle wood. A few of these pieces strung together and you'll immediately have an art installation-worthy set. We're having trouble finding details on how to purchase these pieces, but if you want to contact Decarus, you can do so here.


We knew that home design for babies and children was an area of great interest to many, but instead of letting it creep into our Home sites, we've split it off and launched our newest site this morning: The Nursery. It's all about that part of the home that's about kids. Like all our sites, it's all about making your home beautiful, organized and healthy.

Black leather bed head

Check out this vintage Fainting Couch from the '20s. It was reupholstered last year 'In a beautiful and dramatic upholstery fabric.' See more info in our classifieds. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..


Q: This room was pretty much a selling point for my husband and I. It's one of two entertaining spaces, but this one is definitely the most grand. I've never tried to decorate something so massive! And while the stonework is one of its best features, it's also one of the most difficult to decorate with. How does one try and set up a room with such a glory hog? This space will have the television and seating for guests to lounge around, but with measurements that exceed my tape measure I'm at a loss. FYI, that wall color came with the house, soon to be painted over. Any ideas that would preserve the stone would be super helpful! Editor: Leave your suggestions for Adriana in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Dining room

It's spring, the sun is out, and you're getting the urge to throw an outdoor party. We gathered up this list of outdoor accessories devoted to the art of entertaining outdoors, whether it be for a small BBQ or a larger gathering.... Thermacell Mosquito-Repellent LanternPrice: $31.99It's hard to convince guests to move the party outside if the mosquitos are fierce. Solar Mason jar lighting from EtsyPrice: $32.50Nothing sets the mood for an outdoor party like some romantic hanging lights. These solar powered mason jar lights from Etsy are well-made and durable. String them from your trees and give your outdoor space a touch of the warm and whimsical. Flux ChairPrice: $199.00Seating is also a necessity for any party. Space Lighting Rock LightsPrice: $209.00These waterproof LED outdoor lights are beautiful, glowing orbs of versatility. Acoustic Research Bluetooth SpeakerPrice: $79.99Every good party needs great music. Campfire Outdoor Case for iPadPrice: $59.99Need a place for that tablet to sit while streaming all those great tunes? Try this cushy campfire case for your iPad. Use the sleeping-bag-esque billows to wrap the iPad away from the elements or as a prop for your digital display. 00If you're going to go all out and want to host movie night with a big screen everybody can see, these 'Everything in a box' outdoor projection screen systems simplify putting together a backyard home theater. Pricey for sure, but the package includes everything you need: 9' inflatable movie screen, projector, outdoor speakers, audio mixer, cables, and even your choice of a DVD player or Playstation 3.

Teen bedroom

There is a moment, we've all been there, when cleaning out the closet and suddenly the thought occurs that maybe, just maybe, there is room for a wine cooler. We first came across the Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Cellar while innocently browsing for something entirely unrelated, but thought it felt a little chintzy. We'd love to hear any success stories of wine coolers in small apartments. Did you buy one? Did you resist? Are you still stashing a bottle or two with the jams and Tabasco like we are?

Teen bedroom in chocolate tones

For centuries fine artists have been inspired by nature and searched for the perfect light. In the late 1800's a young man named Charles Hawthorne found that light on Cape Cod and established the first art school devoted to painting outdoors. This stunning barn with its massive light-filled window belongs to the Hawthorne School of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts-a school where Hans Hofmann, Norman Rockwell, and Lee Krasner once studied-and is, sadly, up for sale.... The school is still open, offering a variety of classes in art, music and wellness but is on the market for 3.5 million dollars and under threat of being sold to a private owner or, worse, a developer. For now we wanted to share its stunning barn window as a source of inspiration on this Monday afternoon.

Small double bedroom

Fitting a kitchen in under the stairs introduces a whole new layer of complexity when laying out its functions. What goes under the lowest part of the stair? What needs the coveted space with the most generous headroom?

Bold pattern quilt

Sometimes all you need to pull a room together is one great chair. The Black Forest Chair from Wisteria is just such a chair - we can see it working in a variety of interiors, giving a little natural contrast in a super modern space, or some rustic charm to a more classic interior. From the website copy: 'The forest's mystery and serenity are revealed through the subtle details of this piece.' Hm, well, while we're not sure about that, we think everyone can use a little faux bois in their life.

Modern bed

Found on ATSF, this adorable home office/craft station in Leah's new dining room. The desk is West Elm's white Parsons, the vintage tulip-style chair was found on eBay, and that's an IKEA Grundtal rail and Asker containers holding corral scissors, rulers, pens and pencils, paperclips, and other supplies. Leah explains on her blog that the room used to be a dark crimson red. It took two coats of gray-tinted primer to fully cover the red. They then used a paint mixed to match Benjamin Moore's Sonoma Skies. The paint ended up too bright on the walls, so they added equal parts of white paint to dim it down. This just shows you that a little color in your home office can really make a difference. More examples of great use of color in home offices can be found here.


The new year has arrived, and with it, a bit of culture shock: back to work, back to reality, back to a reasonable amount of cookies. It's important not to shock the system.... The holidays can definitely be a time of indulgence, and for good reason: winter is a tough time of year. I've been thinking of other ways I can bring a bit of indulgence into my life, without wrecking my budget or my health. I'm going to keep my white lights up for at least another month, probably until the end of February. Last year I kept my mirror garland up until March and I was so glad I did. A single bottle of Champagne in the fridge can work wonders. Half- or quarter-batches of cookies are the way to go! A batch of cookies makes too many cookies to be alone in the apartment with, but there's no reason I should go completely without. A few fresh-baked cookies now and then are good for the soul- and, I'd argue, the body. How do you make the transition from party-time to back-to-the-grind a bit smoother? Happy New Year, everyone!


I can't find any lamps that look good with my sectional sofa. Our sectional sofa fits perfectly in our small, oddly shaped living room, but leaves almost no room for table or floor lamps. We're stuck with table lamps across the room or icky overhead lighting, and I'm fed up!....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. I've been looking at arc-style lamps, but I'm unsure of the scale because of the windows. My boy suggested sconces, but we can't do anything hardwired and I'm unsure of only having one.

Small bedroom white

Some small apartments don't have separate kitchens, but rather small kitchenettes in the corner of the living or dining room. So how to store your dishes and pantry items? You might consider turning a coat closet into a pantry.... Most coat closets are pretty well suited to a pantry conversion: simply remove the hanger bar and hang wall-mount shelving. Now, your kitchen storage is hidden away from your living room and the wall in your kitchenette can be given over to curated open shelving or even artwork! 'Hey, what about my coat closet!?', you ask? Your own coats can be hung on hooks at the door or in your bedroom closet. When entertaining, guests' coats are often laid out on the bed in the bedroom, anyway. In the case of my own apartment, there are two closets near the entry and kitchenette, so it was a no-brainer to convert one to a pantry. Electricity was added for the microwave and an overhead light, food storage and dishes are all in there on shelves. The only things out in the open are items I don't mind seeing from the living room. Think it over: if your closet is located properly and you can give up coat storage, the closet-turned pantry just might be a solution for you.

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Bright living room

Dining chairs are an inexpensive staple from thrift stores and yard sales. If you find a pair with seats in disrepair, here's a great way to reuse them as a chic garden bench. If your garden is looking a little bare, break out a circular saw, and get to converting a pair of old chairs into a brand new bench. This Old House ranks this as an easy 4-hour project, costing only $65 plus chairs and outdoor fabric. Not bad for a bench made to look good and withstand the elements! For a shopping list and step-by-step instructions, visit This Old House.

Bedroom red quilt

We've been talking about giving your spaces a mini green clean makeover and on today's agenda is the living room. If your living room is used as much as ours is, not only could it use a little sprucing up, but a green touch would make us feel more comfortable in the space. Try leaving your shoes at the front door when you enter your home, or even just outside the living room if you're a shoes-on person. Upholstery Is Meant To Be Cleaned: Although the thought of cleaning your upholstery sends some minds into a frantic state, we promise it isn't as difficult as it sounds. 'Mix 1/2 cup of an environmentally safe dish washing liquid and 1 cup water in a large bowl, then whip with a hand mixer until the mixture looks like whipped cream. Using a small scrub brush, gently shampoo a small area at a time, using a spatula or rubber scraper to lift away the dirty suds. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Rinse the cloth frequently in clean water, wringing it out until it is nearly dry.' With open windows to keep you cool a fan is a great compliment, but the dust that builds up is simply redistributed around the room if not caught. Do you have a green cleaning tip to add to the list? How do you keep your living room clean while being earth-friendly? Let us know below!