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Bedroom with fireplace


Luxurious bedroom

We recently came across this graphic black and white kitchen. Our initial reaction was that while it was a fun way to add some character to the space, we'd probably grow tired of it in a year or two. Well, Suki from the fabulous Finnish blog Varpunen is one step ahead of us. Suki wanted to update her basic kitchen, but with a move on the horizon she didn't want to do anything drastic. Inspired by her love of geometric patterns, Suki used tape to create the design. So when her style changes or she makes that move, her kitchen update is easily removable. To see more images of Suki's kitchen, visit Varpunen: Ugh! We think this is a great idea for rental kitchens or those that are commitment phobic. Has anyone used a similar method to update a room in your home?

Bedroom with curtains

Do you have a bathroom scale? We have one that measures our weight, our body fat composition, and water composition, and we like to weigh in once a week to see if all that running during the week helped or if we need to tail back on our Nutella intake. Besides the certain negative connotations connected with scales, some friends have said they don't like scales in their bathroom because they're 'Ugly'. So we've found five of the most minimal, unobstrusive designs out there for the bathroom, all under the jump.....


The happy modern aesthetic is one that is, well...modern and happy. In the living room, a peppy colored sofa is key to the look, then build around it with graphic textiles, contemporary furniture frames and punchy accessories.

Small bedroom

We've been talking about giving your spaces a mini green clean makeover and on today's agenda is the living room. If your living room is used as much as ours is, not only could it use a little sprucing up, but a green touch would make us feel more comfortable in the space. Try leaving your shoes at the front door when you enter your home, or even just outside the living room if you're a shoes-on person. Upholstery Is Meant To Be Cleaned: Although the thought of cleaning your upholstery sends some minds into a frantic state, we promise it isn't as difficult as it sounds. 'Mix 1/2 cup of an environmentally safe dish washing liquid and 1 cup water in a large bowl, then whip with a hand mixer until the mixture looks like whipped cream. Using a small scrub brush, gently shampoo a small area at a time, using a spatula or rubber scraper to lift away the dirty suds. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Rinse the cloth frequently in clean water, wringing it out until it is nearly dry.' With open windows to keep you cool a fan is a great compliment, but the dust that builds up is simply redistributed around the room if not caught. Do you have a green cleaning tip to add to the list? How do you keep your living room clean while being earth-friendly? Let us know below!

Large bedroom

Name: Mike Location: Philadelphia, PA Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: Two extra large picture windows have great city skyline views but we can close the blackout curtains and create a quiet, private retreat. 13' ceilings with exposed structural supports create volume in a long narrow room. Copper, gray, green, brown and stone color palette with metallic accents makes for subdued, masculine urban feeling.

Large brigth bedroom


Bedroom with art work

Pink is possibly the last color that comes to mind when it comes to choosing a paint color for the kitchen. Featured in Marie Claire Maison, the kitchen in the home of an artist near Bordeaux was painted in a vivid pink inspired by the color of houses she saw on trips to Cameroon. This pale pink kitchen from Cote Maison is a little more toned down, but still makes an undeniable statement. Kristin Hohenadel blogging from rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France.

Bedroom with green details

Quite a few of you liked the LED-lit water in another model we showed you, but this one integrates the coloring into the actual design of the faucet, making it attractive and purposeful. This one is from Hansacanyon, as seen over on Freshome. The light changes from blue to red, based on the temperature, automatically shuts off after 80 seconds and is controlled by touch sensors.

Bedroom cow rug

Fashioned by Twenty Gauge from vintage steel blueprint storage flats, layered up and topped with glass, the Archiflect is one of this LA-based steel furniture company's top-selling designs. Archiflect juxtaposes the heavy-duty industrial aesthetic of restored vintage steel furniture with the delicate horizontal proportions of the flat file, and although it no doubt weighs a ton, it manages to have grace. We love that it provides storage for books, magazines, games-anything flat, and a seemingly bullet-proof display area. Like all of Twenty Gauge's products, Archiflect can be customized with color: the company will powder coat any or all of the component pieces in one or more of their 14 colors. You can further tinker by specifying a wood top instead of glass and adding casters. Pricing varies and is not published on Twenty Gauge's website. To order direct from the company, call 310-945-5438.


We tend to have a million little things rolling around our bathroom - makeup brushes, Q-tips, bobby pins, nail clippers - all essential things that we could never seem to find when we needed them. So we came up with a solution using a combination of jars and small dishes on top of a tray - everything stays separate, easy to find, and looks nice to boot.

Dark bedroom

Over at Design Sponge, the top 20 finalists in their DIY-contest were posted yesterday. We spotted this cute table and chairs set among them. According to mom Maya, the DIY child's table and chair set is made from a contractor-grade cardboard tube. She used cardboard, foam, fabric and a pizza pan to create this charming set that can be broken down and partially recycled/reused when outgrown.

Large bedroom


Bedroom with wallpaper

Solar energy and windows just seem like a no brainer, but while there have been plenty of concepts we've yet to see real life glass that can collect energy from the sun. One promising new product hopes to make that idea a reality. Engadget reports on Chin Hua, a company that's developing solar windows. They recently showed off their innovation at the Taipei International Optoelectronics Week. According to Engadget, the slightly foggy pane of glass can collect and deliver two watts of energy. It's unclear how long it takes to collect that amount and there aren't very many details, but it's an exciting development nonetheless. From what we've gathered, it sounds very similar to the Peer+ concept from the Dutch, in which, depending on how much light you let in through the window you collect more or less solar energy.

Minimalist bedroom

Flat, 'Regular' art is just fine and dandy for most of your walls. If you're looking for ideas on how to make a room really have a wow factor, look to DIY art ideas that feature more 3D. Bursting from your walls they grab attention, add a fun element to any room and are even a blast to make. Pictured above: What looks like a perky, bright abstract modern art piece is a interesting mix of rolled paper and framed chicken wire - and a DIY project just about anyone could do! Spotted on Sugar & Cloth. What? Is this a space-age piece of art created by an artist from the future? Nope, it's a cool, geometric, mirrored DIY art piece you could make for your walls. Point the way in your home with a rustic wood inspired arrow you could make any size, direction or color. This borders on being barely 3D, but we still think it counts, and love that you can say something with color with this idea. This idea would add a lot of texture to a wall! You could customize it any way you want by choosing the colors and shapes. Baskets and color blocking on a wall spotted on Design Improvised. What have been your favorite DIY 3D art ideas for home? Share your suggestions below!