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The living room is the heart of your home, and you want it to look good. Today we'll be taking a peek at 5 stylish living rooms, in all different styles, and then examining what it is that makes each one of them work. Above: This living space is such a wonderful study in contrasts. There's not a lot of art in this room; the bookcase really sets the tone for the space instead. I like how there's so many pillows that that kind of becomes a whole diferent thing. The Prouve sconce gives the room a bold focal point and helps to tie everything together. Gallery walls can be hard to pull off, but I think this room does an admirable job. I think one of the tricks to having a gallery wall not overwhelm a room is to make it the primary consideration and keep everything else in the room a bit more subtle. I'm really in love with the simplicity of this space. The minimal furnishings, and the way they're spaced throughout the room, give everything a bit of an airy feel.

Japanese inspired bedroom

Please go to our new link for Scandinavian Design Center. With a mission to 'Market and sell Scandinavian Design worldwide' we thought it was time to devote a store post to the online retailer Scandinavian Design Center. We've posted many products from the Sweden-based company: Pappelina Plastic Rugs, Contactbox, Nisse Strinning's String Shelving System and Green Fortune's Streamgarden to name a few.... Covering a wide range of product categories, Scandinavian Design Center carries furniture, towels & linens, an abundance of unique tabletop & servingware, kid stuff and even jewelry. Products come from well-known companies and small-scale Scandinavian designers. Most items are shipped worldwide some bulkier items require special arrangements. Our only note of caution concerns lighting Scandinavian Design Center carries a lot of beautiful lighting but make certain lamps are suitable for the U.S. market before buying! Many have European voltage standards which are dangerous when paired with U.S. power supplies! Do any ATers have experience ordering from Scandinavian Design Center?

Luxurious bedroom

Above: Whipped detergent is an easy-to-make green cleaner that's good for spots. Cleaning up spills and spots on upholstery can be tricky, but it's an important part of making sure that you can use your furniture as long as possible, helping save resources. We've rounded up a few tips after the jump on how to spot-clean upholstery safely and sustainably, so that you'll want to cuddle up with your couch again. For coffee stains, Ecocycle recommends mixing an egg yolk with luke-warm water and rubbing that on the spot. For any type of stain, whipped detergent works well. Fill a container with half dish detergent, half water, and use a hand mixer to whip it up. Use a rag to rub the froth into the spot, and then rinse with water. Shampoo mixed with water is also a good general stain remover. Steam-cleaning takes electricity, but uses only water, and can often remove stubborn spots. If you're facing really stubborn stains and want to hire outside help, one option is Chem-Dry, which uses carbonation to clean upholstery without solvents, enzymes, harsh chemicals, and with very little water.

White bedroom

I've always thought it was a bit unfair to have to stare at my apartment wall while engaging in drudgery like peeling potatoes or the like; having a view to appreciate would make any chore a million times more delightful. Well, Callum's mom, Suzanne, thought of that detail when she made his play kitchen. Being from Western Canada, naturally her son has a view of the Rockies. Not only is Callum's play kitchen kitted out with a mountain view, the kitchen itself is a wonderful example of repurposing as it's made almost exclusively of recycled parts: the main frame an old t.v. unit they found on Kijiji for $30, the sink is a salad bowl and the knobs are from an old cabinet.


We're still on the search for the perfect speaker system for our home. It seems like it's a never ending task, but with speakers like these &mdash maybe the end is near? It seems to have the perfect merriment of aesthetics and functionality. The Parrot, standing just over 2 feet tall works with the iPhone and works via Bluetooth 2.0 with Smartphones, MP3 players, and PC. The user docks their iPhone on the top of the Parrot to begin listening to music &mdash 360 degree range of music, that is. The speakers in the Parrot wrap entirely around the body, therefor allowing you to hear the music from any angle &mdash even if you're sitting across the room. Too lazy to get up and change the song? Good thing there's a wireless remote that comes with the speaker. Total power output: 100W RMS, 50W per channel, frequency range: 50 Hz - 20 kHz, with a maximum range: 50 feet, 15 metres. The Parrot is available for purchase from Starck for $1500.

Living room

Our post this morning about bedside lamps got us to thinking. Lighting in the bedroom is some of the most important lighting in the house because of how many ways we might be using the bedroom. To optimize lighting it's good to think about ambient light and task lighting. So you want to have an overall light that brightens the space and then 2 or 3 other areas that have more focused light instead of just one overhead light. The kind of light fixture you have makes a difference too. Try a pink lightbulb and consider the wattage that you have going on. Too bright and you'll feel like you're in prison, too dim and you'll get a headache trying to read... Paint Color: cooler hues like blues, greens and whites tend to make the walls feel slightly further away plus if the walls are a light hue, they'll bounce more light around, optimizing natural light during the day and lamps at night. If you want a cozier feeling, warmer colors and wood will help to create a warmer atmosphere and darker colors on the walls will make them feel closer and more home-y. which brings us to: optimize natural light during the day by being able to keep your blinds open. If privacy is an issue, check out some of these ideas for privacy.


In our minds, this image embodies what we strive for in decorating our home.... Not orderly or super spare, the space feels used and lived-in without feeling chaotic. We imagine that every element has some story...some reason for being. We especially love the seemingly casual snap-shot feeling of the photographs and their simple display. Just a reminder that simple and casual can be as powerful as clean and fancy....phew.... Image: Elle Decoration, Germany.

Bedroom with presidential art

We're excited for our son to get his first bike, but we're not excited about storing it for the winter. Like-a-Bike has developed a companion product to turn their freestanding bikes into rocking bikes. Like-A-Bikes are a considerable investment so we weren't terribly surprised that the ROCK-a-BIKE is too at a cost of almost $200. But we have to admire the concept as we're all for multipurpose toys. Have you seen a bike stand or rocker for any other kids' bikes?

Bedroom with great view

We loved the art table showcased in this Princess and the Pea Playroom, and kept it in our minds as inspiration. If you liked it too, this table provides the same large canvas along with drawer space for supplies. We like the fact that this desk provides lots of creative space, but it's also so functional. Not only does it have the space to put away all those supplies, but the desk is really a component system and the table can be raised with different legs when your child grows out of it.



Luxurious bedroom

We love an unexpected splash of color, and one of our favorite places to see it is the front door. In general we consider our taste pretty classic when it comes to exterior paint colors, but all bets are off when it comes to accent colors. This door and stair combo is refreshing but not overwhelming. As renters, we can't paint our own door, but we like applying the same idea to our home by keeping the overall palette pretty neutral and adding a few bursts of unexpected color. Do you prefer a classic palette, eclectic, or a mix of the two? Images: Yellow door via: ...Tim; Orange door via: Mayhem; Turquoise door via: Robem.

Large bedroom

The rail supports multiple cabinets, and once it's level and fixed to the wall, there's no need to individually align and level each cabinet. We were able to hang each cabinet in a matter of minutes, but because we had to modify several cabinets, it took most of the week to get all of the wall cabinets in place. In order to fit the cabinet around the pipe, we had to remove an entire rear corner of the cabinet. The cabinet looked a little unstable with a missing corner, but once we got it in place and attached it to the wall and the adjacent cabinet, it ended up being pretty sturdy. The blind upper corner cabinet, made by attaching a panel to a 30-inch cabinet. IKEA offers a diagonal corner cabinet, but I prefer the more streamlined, right-angle look of the blind corner cabinet. IKEA doesn't make a blind corner upper cabinet, so we attached a side panel to a 30-inch cabinet to convert it to a blind corner. The only upper cabinet that we haven't installed yet is the nine-inch cabinet to the left of the range hood. Since IKEA doesn't make a nine-inch cabinet, we'll need to cut a 12-inch cabinet down to nine inches.

Modern french bedroom

Project by: Jennifer Wagner SchmidtLocation: Washington D.C. Looking for a style that's slightly glamorous, full of graphic pattern but still casual enough to be comfortable? You'll find some inspiration in the home of this young couple who hired Jennifer Wagner Schmidt to design their condo to give them a style that work with both of their tastes. From the designer: Jennifer Wagner Schmidt of JWS Interiors was hired to help a 20 something couple design their new condo's only dining area and entryway. A challenge to make the most of the small space, JWS Interiors chose a graphic wallpaper to make a statement in the narrow entrance and found the perfect foyer table that was just narrow enough to hold keys and a few items. As you walk in, a beautiful custom gray buffet serves as the perfect entertaining spot when family and friends come over. Ample storage provides for necessary china and serving pieces. Adjacent to the serving area is the eat-in kitchen and the only dining area in the home. JWS Interiors decided to use a banquette to maximize seating and give the space a cozy feel. The cowhide rug is a modern touch along with the acrylic chairs. A large painting found on Joss & Main fills the wall space and completes the fresh, modern look. Are you a designer/architect/decorator interested in sharing a residential project with Apartment Therapy readers? Contact the editors through our Professional Project Submission Form.

Novel bed quilt

We have big dreams for our new living room that include; dividing it up to make room for a pedestal table with chairs next to the faux fireplace. Although we plan on making our dreams a reality, our challenge is making it all work in a small space. Furniture placement Instead of pushing furniture up against the wall, bring the couch and chairs out into the center of the room. You'll be creating a cozy, conversational atmosphere which allows for more space in other parts of the room. Low lying furniture A bench, chaise lounge, low side table or open bookcase can help divide up a space while still making the room feel open and airy. Like with like If you've got two to three different activities happening in one room, consider pairing like furniture with like furniture in each space. Wall color A bold color in one area of the space might give way to a neutral colored accent wall in the opposite space-dividing the room up into separate parts.

Girl bedroom

Based in Japan, Leif.designpark is a collective of three designers, Takashi Ueno and Mamoru Naito and Keizaburo Honda, whose work is both modern and deeply traditional. 'The unstained natural colors of wood must result from absorbing the numerous nutrients within the soil. The diversity is amazing. Tone is an attempt at producing furniture using effectively materials and skills established in the Japanese culture.' While the 'Green' furniture movement in the US has been diligently looking for more and more ways to use unfinished wood, we thought this was a great addition to the mix.


Creating beautiful multifunction rooms is a skill; you have to be able to look at a space and visualize it's potential as a home office, carving room for your computer, printer and research library out of unused space, like an alchemist turning straw into gold. The KitchenIn a short, unofficial survey of everyone we know, it seems like the kitchen is the front-runner for multi-purpose home office rooms. The Laundry RoomLess common than the kitchen, your home's laundry or mud room might also offer a great place to work from home. There's often a bit of unused space in laundry rooms or laundry closets that can accommodate a computer and chair. The BedroomWe love this shot from Jennifer's Creative Closet Home Office because it makes room for a storage-filled workspace without stealing any square footage from the bedroom itself-the whole office is built into an existing closet. If you need your office to share floor space with the bedroom, try a thin, compact desk like this one, or downsize the bed to a futon, like in Garrett Murray's LA Master Bedroom Home Office for 2. A Guest BedroomAnother option for sharing an office with a bed is to create some space in a guest room for your own workspace.