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Large bedroom with white wood floor



Q: Hey There, We just bought our first home in Toronto and our small renovation budget is putting us in a tight spot on how to lay out our living room. The living room has 2 doors: one close to the entrance and another which leads to the dining room from the living room. We do not want to make it an open concept living and dining room so we cannot drop the wall between living and dining room 2. The other option we explored is if we can remove the fireplace so that we can make the mantle wall against which we can put a 3 seater sofa. That would cost about 1500 CAD. Question: How should the furniture be laid out w/o moving the mantle so that the flow of the room is not obstructed? P.S: the furniture in the current picture is not mine. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Jaspal in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Teen bedroom furniture

My better half has a tendency to migrate from her desk over to the living room as the sun sets, and I've been known to continue working on the couch from my iPad after hours. For better and for worse, the living room has evolved into an extension of the home workspace, and now furniture designers are addressing the migration with new designs fit for work and relaxation.... The Wall Street Journal recently produced this video as part of a piece about the proliferation of work-at-home furniture catering to the always-working demographic, reflecting the cultural shift away from stationary workstations over to a working lifestyle revolving around mobility and comfort in the living room and beyond. More of us are migrating across from home offices over into the living room, dining room, and even backyards after hours, and now furniture designers are taking note with designs catering to this shift in lifestyle. The Haworth Harbor Work Lounge shares features drawn from classroom desks, airport lounges, living room seating, and home office task chairs. The big question born from this cultural shift is whether working from anywhere and everywhere, including the living room, actually leads to a more productive work life. Whether bringing work and computers into shared home spaces actually hinders a happy home life, where couples and family members are more drawn to their screens than to one another. What are your thoughts of about working from the living room, where home life and work life are beginning to overlap after hours?

Guest bedroom


Pink girl bedroom

This question came from a disgruntled friend over the iChat: So, I just moved into a place that has high ceilings-about 25 feet! And the walls are an icky dark-ish beige and the ceilings are an off-white...I really can't afford to hire someone to paint the place, but I'm wondering if I could just roll up my sleeves one weekend and do it myself? Are there any tricks you know of when it comes to painting walls with high ceilings? To our friend, we say sincerely: Bribe as many people as possible to come and help you. Start looking at extension poles to add on to your paint rollers. Oh, and some ladders and probably a 36-pack of beer. Aside from those four things, there really isn't much more to getting the job done. We have seen some places where people just paint up to a certain point and let the wall and ceiling blend together, but that might not work considering that your walls and ceiling are completely different colors. If you're feeling really extreme, you may even consider renting scaffolding for a weekend.


Not to be confused with these Lunchbots, LunchBots offer an alternative to plastic for food on-the-go. Perfect for school lunches, it's summertime so we're thinking this could be our new vade mecum for toting snacks or lunch to the playground or park. We're fans of stainless steel for health reasons, but also because we tend to toss everything into our stroller basket where it often emerges bent, contorted or otherwise damaged so the durability of stainless steel would be a big bonus in our lives. LunchBots come in three sizes, two of which are divided. They range in price from $13-$17. LunchBots are not water tight so save the soup for your thermos.

Dark bedroom with geometric art

One of our favorites is the white marble mantel in Anna's Old-and-New Newburgh Victorian. If your home didn't come prestocked with an amazing Victorian mantelpiece, thin cast stone models are one option. Their thin cast stone mantels range from $700 to $4,000 and some can be purchased with hearth and surround kits. They also sell antique wood mantels, false fireplaces, and economy mantels.

Small bedroom

Clairepetrol sadly ran out of room for her stainless steel kitchen table. It's a standard restaurant prep table like the one pictured. The bad news is that the table can't be picked up until the 20th, but the good news is that clairpetrol is open to bartering ideas. MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

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Rustic bedroom

Q: I am redoing my living room/dining room, it's a large room but long and narrow. I don't need a dining area and I'm at a loss for how to make the two rooms into one cohesive space. Right now it's two separate rooms which isn't really working for us. My dream floor plan would have this entire room working as one living area with little nooks for my child's toys and art and significant floor space to run around. Editor: Let Emilie know what you would do in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Beach villa bedroom

The Scavenger has mixed feelings about leather couches, because they can verge on reminding her of car upholstery. When the leather is soft and buttery like on this vintage sofa, she just wants to flop right down with a good book. MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

Bedroom with wallpaper

So your kids have always wanted their name in lights? Will they settle for just their initial? We love the old-timey quality of these large, metal lights reminiscent of Vaudeville, Broadway, or even the circus. All in a bold, weathered red they'd make quite an impact in a room. They look dim enough to function as an ambient night light, too.


Q: I made a table very similar to this one, and I'm at a loss for what style of chair I should look for to match it. I love the industrial look but I don't want to overwhelm my dining area with it. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Morgan in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Blue walls bedroom

Carli wrote us to share her children's lovely, light-filled play/music room in Sydney: There is one room, right now, where I can walk in and say 'This room is just right'. Toys, books, crafts, a piano, and a play kitchen all find a harmonious home in a space traditionally reserved for dining which her family felt was better put to use as a play area. My three love this space we created together off the kitchen in what is supposed to be the dining room. I like it that they are close to me when I'm cooking so I can admire their imaginative games. That it opens to the outside is a huge bonus so we can take everything outside on fine days, especially good for backyard painting because all their craft stuff is kept in this room. See more photos and read about the adventures of Carli and her family at Carli's Clan.

Living room

After buying this foreclosed one-bedroom in a trendy area of Charlotte, North Carolina, new homeowners Katie and Patrick were greeted with a less-than-encouraging scene. As they shared in their House Tour, 'The day we officially moved in, this is what we found: a foreclosure notice, a bullet, an inmate identification card, and a dead pigeon.' First on the long list of much-needed home improvements was a renovation of the dated kitchen. Katie and Patrick tackled a smelly, ridiculously low dropped ceiling that made their already tight kitchen feel like it was closing in on them. They enlisted the help of family to tear it down, repair nail holes, remove glue residue, and dispose of the nasty construction. Thanks to IKEA, the sink, hardware, cabinets, and countertops added modern style at an affordable price! Additionally, with the ceiling raised, lighting added, and a half wall removed, the kitchen got the light it so desperately needed. On the dining room side, IKEA cabinets double as a counter and additional storage. Now that their kitchen is up-to-date, Katie and Patrick look forward to hosting that breakfast party they keep talking about.

Bright bedroom