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Large bedroom with white wood floor



They come in a wide range of shades, and their undertones can compliment or clash with another color depending on whether the neutral is warm or cool. Wood is usually a warm neutral with red undertones, while metal has cool blue underlying it.

Teen bedroom furniture


Guest bedroom

Hello AT,. Is there any way to make this bed look more modern or contempary? Email questions & pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: sf(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)comLink To All Good Questions. We'd try painting the whole bed frame white and then dessing the bed simply, in a neutral palette, to move it towards a more modern, minimal look. Think of a loft or gallery space: with all the architectural details painted the same shade as the walls, the room quiets down and becomes a canvas for other things. Treated similarly the detail work on your bed won't disappear, but it will lose visual importance.

Pink girl bedroom

Hello AT,I'm going to be remodeling my 6x5 bathroom here in Minneapolis where a bathtub remains important for resale. I've been looking for some small tubs online, but unfortunately everything i can find is only made in Europe with no real shipping to the US. Are you aware of any manufacturers or retailers in the US or that ship here that would sell a small tub? I'd prefer a semi corner tub so the room doesn't feel quite so small and have more room for storage as we don't have a closet, either.



Dark bedroom with geometric art

If I were to use my wardrobe as room inspiration, this summer it would be colorblocked with cyan, magenta, and yellow. I've been steadily scooping of fun neon pieces to add to my closet, and the bright primaries of printing turn just as many heads in a room as they do on the street.

Small bedroom


Girl bedroom


Rustic bedroom

Yes, we've been going a little hotel-mad lately, but it's Escapes month and hotels provide some of the best bedroom inspiration you can find outside the home. Our picks for today include rooms around the world decorated by British firm United Designers. Each design is tailored to its environment: clean-lined modernism in Zurich, cutting edge contemporary in Madrid, laid-back style in the Caribbean.... Based in London, United Designers specialize in hotel and restaurant design, with projects across the globe.

Beach villa bedroom

Name: AlpearsallLocation: NYC. Picture Description: I took this photo while staying in a rental apartment in Paris. The goal is to create a bedroom in NYC that makes me feel as pampered and indulged as this room made me feel. It is the most organized room in my apartment and the most restful.

Bedroom with wallpaper

Browsing at Retro to Go, we stopped short at this amazing image. It features a super decorative, mega-sized wallpaper mural from Britan's Surface View. Surface View has a fantastic site, making trying out the huge collections of images available in their sample mod rooms an addictive pastime. Images available for Surface View murals are from sources as varied as the Victoria and Albert Museum collection to the Land of Lost Content British Cultural Artefacts. Vintage postcards, romance images, textiles and photography are all used. Custom sizing, cropping, paper finish and color choices are all available, as well as fabric printing.


Want to take a short break from our Fall Colors Contest voting? Tired of looking at good looking interiors and want to refresh your eyes with design choices from the flipside of the spectrum? Well then, we've got a site for you: The Ugly Couch Contest! The Ugly Couch Contest is down to 20 Ugly Couch semi-finalists, all vying for a grand prize of $5,000 for a living room makeover.

Blue walls bedroom


Living room

Hello AT,. I have a fireplace in my small studio in New York City. I believe the fireplace is non-compliant with NYC Building Code, as it lacks a proper hearth. I am considering poured concrete, stone, or tile as a fireproof material, laid flush with the floor level, so as not to break up the. Valuable floor space... This will require some demo of the exisitng. Floor, and perhaps framing out the new hearth with some new flooring.... We would simply go for a raised hearth topped in slate. Normally, you would put the hearth into the floor but your fireplace opening is high, so we would just raise the hearth entirely and do less work. We would frame out the hearth, cover it in Dura Rock or some similarly coded fireproof sheet rock and then tile it with slate. Bug Gardy again!(Thanks, Paull!) MGR. I should also say this is not the original floor... The original floor and hearth are underneath this new floor. P.S. I would like to find where exactly in the NYC Building Code the proper dimensions would be detailed... Any idea? I tried online already... VERY dense stuff that deals with all kinds of fireproofing but finding my particular information has proved difficult so far.

Bright bedroom

IKEA is taking their catalog right to the people in Kobe with a decked out monorail train furnished with their brightest selection of seating, window coverings, and an exterior that makes it quite evident that something is a bit different with this train car. A brilliant marketing idea and probably more comfortable than the usual accommodations. Plenty more photos under the jump.....