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Small bedroom

Most mornings we go through the same routine: we step on our digital scale, grab something heavy and step on again, then weigh ourselves a third time. The reason? The scale gives a different reading before and after we hold the heavy thing. We've learned not to trust it, and have begun to feel nostalgic for a good old fashioned analog scale. Circular dial gives a more visceral sense of relative weight gain or loss. Four little colored tabs fit around the face to mark weight goals and milestones. Since the relative accuracy of an analog scale's spring mechanism trumps the body fat readouts and tenth of a pound increments of our digital scale, we'll be picking one of these up soon.


Hello Apartment Therapy! I have a good question for you all: I have a long, narrow balcony off my apartment in Istanbul and I am wondering what I should do with it. Our view is not very nice; we are face-to-face with other people's balconies and I am wondering if there is a way to delicately screen the view. Should I use plants? The balcony doesn't get any direct sunlight, so I'm not sure what kind to put. Perhaps some kind of curtain would be good? We do have a small table and two chairs, but that leaves almost half of the balcony empty and I'd like to use the entire space. We like the idea of almost-sheer white curtains to add some privacy - or even inexpensive seagrass blinds that can be lowered around the perimeter. Do you have an outside space you'd like to share with the Apartment Therapy community? We have a special form for sending photos and info on your garden, deck, yard, balcony or patio to the editors.

Modern bed

This isn't a traditional trailer park exclusively for beautifully kept Airstreams, but it is the world's only collection of trailer park penthouse suites - a collection of seven beautifully polished aluminum Airstream travel trailers ready for your overnight stay.... This gleaming fleet of seven Airstream travel trailers have been positioned on the rooftop of the Grand Daddy Hotel, overlooking Cape Town's Table Mountain and the city below. Each of the seven trailers has been customized and themed with 'Capetonian soul,' and features air-conditioning, insulation, hot and cold water, flushing toilets and showers. They are arranged around a beautifully manicured rooftop. Afro-Funk by Carla Soudien: The trailer's earthy colours set the tone for an African experience - minus the wildlife. Soudien was inspired by the street fashion of Cape Town and this is represented in her careful attention to texture. Dorothy by Sarah Pratt: Sarah Pratt, a fine artist as well as a lecturer at Michaelis is responsible for the trendy Dorothy airstream. Pratt reinvents the airstream with a Duck-egg-blue foundation color and then covers every inch with white polka dots. Townsend also has her own leather accessories label, Missibaba.


This solid wood, rich dark brown dining table was purchased at the Merchadise Mart and 'Very gently used.' Without leaves, the table measures 64' x 42', and there are three leaves measuring 18' x 42'. Fully extended, the table can seat 10-12...perfect for dinner parties. The seller in Glenview posted no price, so offer up your best. It appears that getting 10-12 chairs that suit the table will be up to you, too. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Minimalist living room blue sofa


Teen bedroom

Q: I live in a tiny 1 bedroom basement apartment in Columbia Heights, DC. My living room currently has the charm of a prison. I would like to make this space cozier, but I'm stumped on what to do. Should I get a new loveseat to ditch the orange? Or should I get some art work that would tie in the orange? What kind of artwork would ease the expanse of gray wall? Help! Editor: Leave your suggestions for Shereen in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Day bed

Q: I am moving into a very small studio in the beginning of January and wanted some ideas on how to place a full bed, dresser and small seating in a cozy space. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Glowmouse in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Living room

I recently stopped by a friend's new apartment and was delighted to see how she decorated her bedroom. For a small room she knew exactly what to do with color and furnishings to make it work. The playful red duvet paired with the blue walls and mirrored bedside table made me rethink my overly white bedroom.

Bedroom under the stairs

The pairing of black and white is so crisp and clean, it's no wonder it works well in the bathroom. Where else is that clean feeling more essential? See some of our favorites after the jump.... It was this renovation by Anna at Door Sixteen that originally put the idea into our heads, then it seemed like we were seeing black and white bathrooms everywhere, and in all sorts of styles. The pairing really is so classic and versatile, that it works with all sorts of decorating schemes. We like the use of natural elements and a neutral paint color to keep the room from feeling too stark with all the graphic black and white elements. Woah, we'd love to get a house tour from whatever fat cat bathes here. Is that a candelabra? A giant plasma? We like to think this is the tiny studio apartment of someone who just really likes to bathe.

Bedroom with great view

I grew up eating dinner almost every night, at the dining room table with my family. My parents were flexible and creative and not too tied to 'Rules' ... except when it came to dinner. Dinner usually followed the traditional food pyramid - a vegetable or salad, a protein, and some carbs. I never understood, until I moved out of my parents' home, how critical that dining room table was. For years, I lived in apartments that I considered too small to accommodate a dining room table. I ate sitting on the couch, resting a plate on my knees, my glass of water on the coffee table. The TV? On. Then, close to two years ago, I moved into an apartment with an actual area that could be considered a dining room. Can I attribute all of this to having a dining room table? No. It also coincided with my move to Berkeley, Ca, a community that values very few things more than fresh, local, organic food. The dining room table is a big piece of the puzzle - sitting down, purposefully, with my partner almost every evening as part of our daily routine has changed my relationship with dinner. Do you feel the same way about your dining room table? Have you had a similar experience? How important is sitting down for dinner - and do you consider it part of a green lifestyle?




These simple cosmetic changes are easy, affordable and give major personality to a previously utilitarian and basic room. Above, Jenna Sue Designs used lace curtains as a shower curtain when renovating her 1970s bathroom. The hot pink rug in this Malibu bathroom is an instant jolt of color and completely brightens the entire room with this one addition. A new paint job on the bottom of your clawfoot tub is a quick pick-me-up and gives your bathroom an entirely new personality. Stick a huge plant in the room to add movement, warmth and a sculptural element to the room. This white tiled bathroom from Amber Interiors wouldn't be the same without it. Elle of Wannabe Gypsy added this small palettewall to divide the toilet from the bathtub.

Red bedroom

Save your laptop from dings and dents when you don't necessarily want to haul your whole bag around with this inexpensive idea over on Instructables. Protection, cheap and easy, was exactly what zoundsPadang, who wrote the instructables, was thinking. The protective case is made of cardboard, and decorated with duct tape. We love the idea and the recycling this concept uses.


Just came back from Brooklyn, where I was being shot with a selection of five smallish modern sofas that I'm reviewing for Dwell Magazine's Small Spaces Issue coming up in September. The set was HUGE and the photographer was a fellow named Jim Bastardo, who shoots all of DWR's catalogs. I took some pics, and will only show you only one sofa. Can you guess what it is? Can you guess the other four?

Large kitchen

When you have a small space, it isn't always an option to put your home office in a closet, or even a corner of a room. The good news is, if this multi-purpose island made of metal and wood is your table, then you're set! We spotted this fabulous custom piece over at Design*Sponge, where the 'Before' photo shows a small space, but it was one that was just large enough to really have dual use. The top of this unit folds open to create a double work space or extra large dining area if friends are invited over. Drawers, shelves and storage all reside below, and the best part is that it can move anywhere and everywhere with wheels. Check out photos and designer details over at Design*Sponge.


Different levels... We found a lot of interesting things going on in this image from the May 2007 British Elle Decoration. First off, if you happen to need some extra storage, and you have a backsplash with enough height, we love the idea of putting up corner shelving. Perfect for spices, extra cups, small plates, or utensils. We also are intrigued with the split concrete/wood floor action going on.... We're on the fence about it, since it sort of feels a little too unfinished, but at the same time kind of interesting in a raw/industrial-meets-artsy kind of way. We're also fascinated by the swing arm lamp above the fridge. It's a bit unconventional to use this type of light fixture in a kitchen we like how it is pointed to bounce the light off the walls, which probably works fine because of the apparent high ceilings.