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Bathroom with large wet area

We love the look of a rustic kitchen - and it's a style that's gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. What's interesting is that we're starting to see the emergence of something we're calling 'new rustic': kitchens that strike a balance between uber-minimal and country cozy. Above: An antique island adds a little texture to a modern kitchen from Svenngaarden. Exposed brick walls and a weathered island add rustic appeal to Julia's Atlanta kitchen. There are lots of rustic elements in this kitchen from Archello, but the lack of upper cabinets means that the space still feels airy and open. Wood drawers contrast wonderfully with a white background in this kitchen from VT Wonen. Wood, subway tile, and stainless steel come together in a kitchen from Bolig. The exposed beams and wood countertops add just the right amount of texture in this kitchen from Schoolhouse. Just a bit of wood cabinetry in a kitchen from The Style Files.

Light bathroom with dark bathtub

There is so much lavish, impeccable inspiration out there for setting the Thanksgiving table. As I've known it for years, is generally a pretty casual affair. There are so many of us present, our plates are filled buffet-style and we are seated at a few different tables throughout my uncle's old farmhouse. While I'd love to set a perfect table, Thanksgiving for me is just not the holiday for it. It feels much more familiar to think of the large spread in the kitchen adjacent to the many tables in the dining and living rooms or getting rambunctious over football or a card game. Is your Thanksgiving a casual holiday, or much more formal? Please tell below!

Luxury vanity

Q: What are some ways to add more wall space when there isn't enough? There is a partition wall in my living room that isn't long enough for my furniture. I've tried numerous combinations, and the furniture either extends beyond the wall or seems to just float with no anchor to anything. I'm open to rearranging, adding or taking away furniture. Maybe I could make better use of the wall where the hallway door is? Add floor to ceiling bookcases at the end of tje partition wall? The entire living room/dining room is begging for suggestions. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Brenda in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Large minimalist bathroom

Fireplaces are usually seen as obstacles to those movie and tech buffs who are jonesing for a serious theater setup. The hearth of the home is usually just in the way when you're trying to mount a 62-inch plasma HDTV for optimum viewing.... When these homeowners decided to turn their large, open basement into a home theater, they found themselves face-to-face with a pre-existing stone fireplace. The homeowners worked with the contractors and decided to keep the fireplace and incorporate it into the design of the room. The projection screen was mounted to a side wall and built-in cabinets to hold DVDs and other theater accessories were installed to either side of the raised-out fireplace hearth. A cool way to take advantage of what some might call an obstacle! This room's also rocking custom noise barrier treatment on all four walls plus the ceiling and a center-opening motorized old-school theater curtain. No wonder it's a finalist for Electronic House's 2009 Best Home Theater of the Year award.

Bathroom with wood boards

GO TO JENNIFER'S ROOM TO ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better! If you love color and are thinking about adding new hues to your home, help is here. Whether you enter or simply find fantastic rooms to choose as favorites - join us!

Bathroom vanity

As someone not-at-all gifted in the art of sleeping, I take all the help I can get, and often sleep with a little muslin lavender sachet under my pillow. It's organic and I think it helps, but it's not cute. Or sexy, or stylish, or any of the things I'd like my bed and all its accessories to be. All of the lavender- and hops-filled pillows you see above are from Etsy, with the exception of the lamb's wool heart, and though I like them all I'm definitely partial to the sailor and the knitter by Ana Raimundo. His & hers, or hers & hers since there's an amazing colorful version of the knitter available! For those of you with sewing skills and hops &/or lavender growing in your garden, this would be a simple project with so much style potential. Perhaps this Sleeping Beauty fabric from Japan would come in handy? There are instructions for a hops pillow over at The Herbwife's Kitchen and a lavender pillow tutorial thanks to Lavender Bee Farm.

Bathtub and wallpaper

We love sharing real life room makeovers because they are such a wonderful source of inspiration. Many of the makeovers we highlight involve renovations from the ground up, but for those of us who rent, it is always great to find a project that doesn't involve any structural changes. This master bedroom makeover demonstrates the impact a few well-planned changes can have on any room. Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick has long been struggling with a bed that just didn't measure up to her expectations. After a careful assessment of the problems, she set out to transform her space with new bedding, making careful choices from start to finish. Though Sarah's old bedding was lovely,Sarah wanted a change and the new bedding is both beautiful and functional. By gradually assembling a collection of pieces from a variety of sources, Sarah created a unique look that captures her personality and sets the tone for her bedroom. Thanks for sharing Sarah - we'll be keeping an eye out for Part Two!

Bathtub with fireplace


Grey bathroom

We check in with Maya at Maya*Made from time to time and last week, she promised her readers a tour of her mom's bathroom at the barn. A heavily dominated white backdrop that plays up some amazing natural light-making this bathroom quite the charmer. We love the green accents of the sprouted grass and cabinet mixed with the crisp white of the space. Before entering the bathroom, you walk under twin filigree transoms and a repurposed pocket door. In addition to the hints of green, yellow flowers in a vintage jar add to the overall appeal of the bathroom. We also love the delicate yellow curtain strung from a simple wire with clips. A big fan of white towels and linens, we love how the bathroom closet is stacked with extras.

Navy blue and white bathroom


Dark marble bathroom

Last night, while we were watching some mindless television, a commercial caught my eye. It was for a new brand of green cleaners: Nature's Source. We're always intrigued when a new green cleaner hits the shelves. The Nature's Source line of cleaning products is SC Johnson's first foray into the green cleaning world. We're happy to see another big cleaning company hopping on the bandwagon .... and happy to see another brand that will be widely available and reasonably priced. According to the Nature's Source web site, the cleaners - which include a glass & surface cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, and a toilet bowl cleaner - are plant-based and biodegradable. Has anyone out there tried Nature's Source yet? What are your thoughts? We'd love to know.

Bathroom with large garden windows

We're really digging a more rustic vibe in furniture this summer, and this farm table definitely fits the bill in that area. It has a style that would be nice against a saturated wall color and bright accessories. MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

Light filled bathroom

If only we had the room for a big sofa, we would have jumped on something like this: a fire-engine red sectional sofa. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

City skyline bathroom

This little corner recess in my rental apartment living room had gone through many changes over the years. That is until I found this gel fuel fireplace that was within my budget. Once it was delivered and put in its place, I realized it looked very small and toy like. After a couple of years of what I call my 'Eclectic Country French' phase, I decided I wanted a more light and bright living room. I wasn't sure how I wanted to achieve the look I wanted, so I poured over living rooms online and in magazines. The living rooms that spoke to me the most all had one thing in common, a white fireplace. I loved the grain on my fireplace and I knew once I committed there was no turning back, so it took me awhile to make up my mind. A couple of gallons of paint and some 'New to me' chairs along with a new area rug changed my once dreary living room into a bright cheery home.

Black and white bathroom

In lieu of Bathroom month, here's a quick refresher course on ways to make your bathroom cleaner and greener. This is pretty self-evident, as conventional bathroom cleaners create toxic fumes that no one should breathe in! This is especially a problem for bathrooms, which are typically small and poorly ventilated. If DIY solutions are not your thing, there are plenty of green cleaners on the market: we like Oxy-Grout Grout Cleaner by Natural Choices for the tub, and Fresh and Natural Bathroom Cleaner with Tea Tree and Lavender from LifeTree. Buy organic cotton or bamboo towels and wash cloths. In addition to organic cotton, bamboo is a good option since it has natural antibacterial properties. Globe CFLs are most commonly used in bathroom vanities. There are a number of plants that will thrive in the bathroom.

Luxury bathroom

What's sure is that this shower head will get a reaction out of everyone. Plus, the idea of having multiple movable jets like that seems kind of logical, even if it's slightly disturbing. This shower head is by the UK company Vado and it's aptly named Sculpture. The shower head boasts six flexible tentacles, that can be arranged anyway you like. Sculpture can be affixed onto the ceiling, creating something different each time you get into the shower. It reminds us of something out of The Matrix or some kind of squid, but even so, you got to admit that this was a great idea. Sure, not everyone has the money or the space to set up extra nozzles for their showers. The tentacles can be arranged to shower a wider area, which is pretty neat. In the morning, nothing wakes you up like a nice hot shower with strong jets. Some people don't even feel awake until they've had a shower. It's part of a ritual and this shower head promises to improve this.