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Minimalist bathroom

Have some empty bottles of wine left over from Valentine's Day? Here's one way to put those discarded corks to good use-as handles for your kitchen cabinets. We've seen a lot of different knobs and pulls but never something like this.

Title in shower box


Decadent bathroom

It was an IKEA flokati that was cheap, hid dirt and cat hair almost too well, and was quite versatile. I'm now the proud owner of this awesome and marginally comfortable sofa and living in a new apartment that showcases the sofa as I always imagined. As I try to pull this room together, I'm faced with the challenge of finding the right not-a-million-dollar rug for the room. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Kristi in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Large luxurious bathroom

Why I use color: I can't get enough color in my house! I work with color on an everyday basis as an interior designer. Every room in my house is filled with warm and welcoming vibrant colors. I use color because it not only makes a space comfortable, but it makes it feel alive. So many people I speak with are afraid to use color on their walls or use colorful decorative accents. I practice what I preach, and my house if filled with color. I have a theme of bright oranges, greens and chocolate browns on the first level and blues, reds and chocolate browns on the second level. It makes a bold statement and I have turned my 1930's victorian home into a modern delight! Paint trim white-it will make the color of your walls pop.

Contemporary bathroom cabinets

When Kelly and Dave purchased their home, its layout was in its original, chopped-up form, but what the young family needed was an open plan that would allow views through the living spaces. So when they embarked on extensive renovations, their first plan of action was to get rid of that wall you see in the Before photo above.... With the wall gone and two columns in its place, one can see from living room to dining room and kitchen. The couple can be in the kitchen and see their one-year-old son playing on the living room rug. They can entertain guests in the dining room while chatting from the stove, all because that central wall that was once the heart of the home has been replaced by openness and freedom of sight and movement.

Bathroom with pink vanities

With students heading back to college, it's time once again to begin thinking about ways to green your dorm room. Project Green Dorm, by Teens Turning Green, has put together a great collection of ideas from furnishing to decorating and even social activities. See some examples after the jump .... Project Green Dorm's goal is to inspire high school and college students to green their living spaces, lifestyles and school supplies. They offer a number of resources, educational guides, and visuals on where to get green 'Teen friendly' supplies, most notably 'Look books' for bedroom basics, electronics and cleaning projects. Available at their storefront in Marin County, California or via their website, the basic kit retails for $50 and is filled with goodies from Burt's Bee's, Dr. Bronner, Nature's Path and Forest Choice.

Bathroom with purple tub

When a homeowner didn't want to dedicate a small space solely to movie watching, the designer, Donny Hacket, gave them a rotating floor that lets the room be home theater one minute, and revolves to create a more comfortable living room atmosphere. They don't show any photos of the living room setup, and we are pretty sure just turning around a bunch of theater seats isn't going to cut it when trying to create an inviting space. The room itself looks pretty sterile, which is great when your attention is focused on a screen, but not so much when you're using it for other purposes. The premise is great, one room with two functions. One that apartment dwellers have been dealing with for a long time. How do you create a theater atmosphere in your living room? We bet you have a ton of easy, inexpensive ideas that don't involve a revolving floor. Check out a video of it's elaborate construction, which strangely doesn't include any shots of the finished product in action.

Black and white bathroom


Bathroom with mirrored walls


Red titles bathroom

'Guess the Decade' is back with a fairly formal, very feminine sitting room, with a roaring fire to welcome us. Comments and conjecture are welcome in the comments, as always, but if you know the source of the photo - PLEASE don't tell. We promise to reveal it tomorrow, so please check back then for the answer.

Elegant bathroom

When we first spotted this trio of bud vases by Heath Ceramics, we loved the simplicity and repetition of the shapes...but what really strikes our fancy? The combination of muted earth tones punctuated with a bright, brazen yellow. It's like an exclamation point at the end of this set. Hmmm, this could be a perfect color scheme for our work-in-progress bathroom.....

Modern suite bathroom


Rock and wood natural feel bathroom

The casual look combines the sleek style we expect in contemporary kitchens with the natural warmth of wood-just another reason we're adding 'Kitchen renovation' to our home wish lists. The Danish company Dinesen, makers of beautiful plank wood flooring, decided to use the natural material throughout the entire room, covering both the walls and cabinets. I'm now convinced that textured wood below, glass cabinets above, and marble in the middle is the recipe for a flawless kitchen. If you're a fan of butcher block counter, this kitchen shows us you don't have to stop there-extend the look to the cabinets, as well. Matching wooden cabinets and window frames pull the room together, while clean white subway tiles keep the look fresh. In this New Zealand home by MRTN Architects featured on Design Milk, pale wood cabinets join forces with black hardware for a striking study in contrasts. In this deVOL kitchen, natural slated cabinet fronts sit beside those with a dark wood stain. While your first instinct may be to balance wooden cabinets with crisp white walls, critics of the all-white kitchen will be pleased to see how beautifully jewel-tones complement reclaimed wood cabinets and shelves in Swoon Edition's showroom, above.

White bathroom with bathtub

Q: I have a light brown leather couch that is very masculine. The only decorating I can seem to do around it is very Santa Fe ranch looking. Does anyone have an idea to modernize a couch that looks like a baseball glove? Pop of color maybe? Got a good question you'd like answered? Email us and we'll see if the Re-nest editors or our readers can help you out.

Opulent bathroom

Likely one of the most-utilized spaces in your home is the bathroom. A nice mix of ingenious hidden technology and elegant furnishings work together to make this space a daily spa-like escape. I'd also outfit the space with a bright, clean color palette that helps you awaken during the day and relax during the night. My favorite feature though, would have to be the sunken bathtub. It's practically just begging you to take a dip in it, and with a space this grand, why wouldn't you? 8) Teuco Sunken Bathtub - Nothing beats the open look and feel of a sunken bathtub, and Teuco knocks it out with this design. I'd match it with the black slate as shown to contrast against the bright walls.

Colorful bathroom