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Bathroom with large windows


Marble bathroom

When you live in a rental, your hands are tied when it comes to the bathroom. As we saw the other day, when Laure rounded up some luxurious bathrooms from our house tours, luxury is obtainable. Here are some ideas you can use in your 'Beyond hope' bathroom. Add a piece of furniture: a small stool, an ottoman, a bench, a chest of drawers if you have the room. Stacks of them if you have the space - a shelf above the door?, a basket of towels rolled up, hooks on the back of the door to hold them - somehow, a plethora of good, fluffy, matching towels in a bathroom makes it feel opulent. A candle in the bathroom, even a flickering votive in a glass, makes your bathroom feel like something else. Plants or Flowers: Plants do wonderfully in the moist environment of a bathroom. A table lamp: Lighting in a rental bathroom can be the worst. After you change out your lightbulbs for something more flattering, consider adding a table lamp if you have the room. Frame your mirror: Consider adding a simple frame to a bathroom mirror using an actual frame, molding or paint one on with decorative paint.

Asian inspiration bathroom


Minimalist bathroom

Hello AT,. My beau and I recently moved into our first home together, a rather generous sized 950 sq. We were lucky enough to be able to renovate the space and we've been trying to make the place feel more like a home than the rather bland rectangle leftover from the office conversion....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. Right now we have a temporary coffee table from Ikea, but it is much too small for the space. We bought it as an interim measure until we could find something more spectacular. We have a gorgeous walnut vanity cabinet and have been looking for something to complement it so we were thinking of the Scando table by Offi. We were also looking at a second hand Saarinen coffee table from a local store, but someone grabbed it up before us. We're a little worried that with a large white table our place might be starting to look a little bland though especially with our light colored rug. We still have some other longterm improvements to make, like refinishing the dining room table and figure out how to hang some sort of sliding doors to separate the bedroom instead of curtains. Before winter arrives we'd like to make our apartment a bit more lively and colourful.

Minimalist bathroom


Blue titles bathroom

Hardwood floors in the bathroom?! Can this be? We know that it's possible but should we be so bold as to tempt the water gods with this choice of flooring? Jump down to see why this AT junkie and bathroom renovator says YES! Jellyknits decided to go for the plank treatment because she wanted the floor from the outside hallway into the bathroom to be seamless. This bath is on the main floor so the shower is typically only used for overnight guests. Two rows of subway tile have been brought down onto the floor to give the occasional bather six inches of splash insurance. As for the thought of plumbing back-ups, we assume she's knocking on - ha! - the floor. What are your thoughts on bathroom flooring: tile, hardwood, carpet?

Victorian bathroom

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Classy bathroom

The iSave faucet by Reamon Yu is designed to fit your sink faucet or showerhead. From there, it displays the amount of water and energy being used as the water flows.... The idea is that the display will act as a reminder. We don't always think about the amount of water we're using as a faucet runs, but the iSave won't let you forget. Yu's design was a runner up in last spring's Metropolis Magazine Next Generation Contest.

Japanese inspired bathroom


White bathroom with bathtub

I had the opportunity to have a brief stay at the Hotel Ändra in Seattle last week, and was happily inspired by the bright and modern design of their basic suite bathroom. I must admit that I am a judgmental hotel guest and the bathroom is usually the place that I like to spend the least amount of time on any stay. I was pleasantly surprised to find a bathroom at the downtown Hotel Ändra that I would be happy to have in my own home. I took mental notes for my 'Some-day-dream-bathroom,' especially the colors! Tiny, square bathroom tile in light aqua, complimented a slate tile floor and kept the space looking fresh and clean. The shower area was an airy, open space with thick glass partition. Plus, a modern consoled sink, left-justified for space to use as a counter. Bonus: the lighted mirrors prevented steaming, so the mirrors were always clear!

Simple contemporary bathroom

This little corner recess in my rental apartment living room had gone through many changes over the years. That is until I found this gel fuel fireplace that was within my budget. Once it was delivered and put in its place, I realized it looked very small and toy like. After a couple of years of what I call my 'Eclectic Country French' phase, I decided I wanted a more light and bright living room. I wasn't sure how I wanted to achieve the look I wanted, so I poured over living rooms online and in magazines. The living rooms that spoke to me the most all had one thing in common, a white fireplace. I loved the grain on my fireplace and I knew once I committed there was no turning back, so it took me awhile to make up my mind. A couple of gallons of paint and some 'New to me' chairs along with a new area rug changed my once dreary living room into a bright cheery home.

Purple bathroom

Scandinavian Details is the first stop on our tourof the furniture and design stores in Hayes Valley. Many shop owners along Hayes Street in popular Hayes Valley will tell you how difficult it is to open a store there, and even how much more difficult it is to keep the doors open. It must mean something that Scandinavian Details was opened in 2004 by Kristina Runske and is still doing fantastic. Her eclectic yet modern taste can be seen throughout the many gorgeous and practical products she has in her store. The store's limited furnishings are mostly black, white, and neutral, which set a great stage for the accessories and tabletop items that are typically brightly colored, clear glass, or stainless steel. They were on sale! The small one was $28 and the large was $48. Be sure to visit Scandinavian Details online store if you're not in SF. It's packed with plenty of great products, all of which are for sale.

Large bathroom


White bathroom with pink accents

This image of Altman's new Nuva faucet surprised us a bit: It's one of the few modern faucets we've seen in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Sleek and modern faucets have always been most popular in a shiny chrome or brushed finish - and oil-rubbed bronze is usually reserved for the more traditional styles.... Even on the Altman's website it is difficult to find an example or description of the Nuva faucet pictured. We imagine this finish is an option that is just not purchased very often.

Grey bathroom

We're showing our support for the anti-bullying initiative Apartment Therapy style - with a super purple roundup of our past purple posts! The idea behind Spirit Day, first created by teenager Brittany McMillan earlier this month, is a simple one, not dissimilar to the idea of 'Spirit Week' held in many high schools, and can be summed up in three words: Everyone Rally Together. Spirit Day honors the teenagers who had taken their own lives in recent weeks. Just as importantly, it's also a way to show the hundreds of thousands of LGBT youth who face the same pressures and bullying, that there is a vast community of people who support them. Purple symbolizes 'spirit' on the rainbow flag, a symbol for LGBT Pride that was created by Gilbert Baker in 1978. As one of the event's Facebook pages says: 'This event is not a seminar nor is it a rally. There is NO meeting place. All you have to do is wear purple.' Wearing purple on October 20 is a simple way to show the world that you stand by these courageous young people and a simple way to stand UP to the bullies. Remember those lives we've tragically lost, and show your solidarity with those who are still fighting.

Large bathroom

A common problem with many living spaces is either going too overboard with stuff that the whole space feels unpleasant, or trying to go minimal and ending up with a room that feels empty. There's a perfect sweet spot where you can have a room that has just the right amount of elements. Non-neutral furniture that's bold but still soothingBy choosing a non-typical color - like beige or brown - instead going for a pale, blush pink, the room immediately has a ton of style. In this room, gorgeously tall ceilings are stunning, but could leave a living room cold. So how to get around that not feeling awkward? They created a full, vibrant corner vignette that anchors the chair and makes the entire room feel full. The result - it's a room that feels interesting and sophisticated, without feeling cluttered or overwhelming. What lessons do you see working in this room that I didn't mention? Describe what you think is working in this room below!