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Bathroom with large windows

Naelyn wrote to us today: I am an Interior Stylist... and was totally moved by the recent post Mads' Scrap Wood Wall. I recently finished a commercial project where I did a scrap wood desk and painted it all white.

Marble bathroom

We just moved and love everything about our new kitchen. The previous owner was a chef and we're not kidding, if you ever renovate a kitchen, see if you can invite a chef over to help you plan the layout &mdash you won't regret it. One of our favorite details in the kitchen is the industrial cabinet hardware.... These oversized industrial handles are unexpected in a kitchen and we love how they make the cabinets mean business. They'd be right at home in a kitchen that's more farmhouse than sleek or modern. We've been looking online see where to get them and found a few places sell similar handles. The ones we found are called 'Bow handles' or 'Transom handles'.

Asian inspiration bathroom

The Madrid home of Rosalind Williams and Tino Calabuig is only 11.5' wide! The couple bought the four-story building in 2001 and renovated it, making the top two floors their own home. The New York Times gives us a peek at their space filled with an eclectic collection of modern art, Tunisian tapestries, African wood carvings and religious icons.... Outside of the couple's vast art collection, the apartment is furnished from street finds, thrift stores and antiques. They definitely enjoy the 'Mix and mingle' of various periods and styles. Read the article about their real estate adventures in Madrid: In Spain, a Bright and Narrow Space and its slideshow.

Minimalist bathroom


Minimalist bathroom


Blue titles bathroom

It's inevitable if you have wood floors, you will get a scratch at some point or another. We saw this tip for repairing wood floor scratches over on Domino Magazine's Scrappy Girl site the other day. As she describes Tibet Almond Stick, 'It's this weird little lovely-smelling oil-soaked stick wrapped in wax paper. You just open it up and apply it.' Thanks Scrappy Girl! Oops! we didn't know that Maxwell covered this last year over at our sister site NYC, there are some great comments from readers who have used the product if you're interested.

Victorian bathroom

Q: I have been endless hours trying to find a light fixture to fit our dining room space. The room is rectangular...the table is rectangular and the buffet is too! I did find two that I love - but they are out of my budget. I love these two because they are simple with details that make them stand out. Not over the top....not too plain....What do you think? Editor: Leave your suggestions for Jess in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Classy bathroom


Japanese inspired bathroom

COLOR INSPIRATION: After purchasing a new construction home, I quickly became tired of beige. So where else to make a big statement other than the tiny guest bedroom? GO TO MICHELLE'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

White bathroom with bathtub


Simple contemporary bathroom


Purple bathroom

Sometimes finding large-scale art for the home-that's actually affordable-is a challenge. We love many alternative ideas like creating collages or DIY art projects, and are liking this simple but effective art solution we found on a photoshoot for an upcoming house tour. Utilizing an oversize canvas, architect Mark Meyer placed a small photograph in the center, and in effect created a eye-catching, affordable piece of large scale art. Sure, canvas isn't exactly free, but compared to a large oil or acrylic painting, this idea of his is much less pricey. Sometimes oversized blank canvases can be found on sale, at thrift stores and on Craigslist. We really like how the canvas being so large draws more attention to the photograph-your eyes go straight to the bit of color on the large field of white. We also think this same effect can be used with really large frames, a small piece of art or photograph and a really oversized mat. Of course, getting something framed isn't cheap, and the larger the more expensive, but again, we're thinking more about those giant frames you find at a thrift store for cheap that have unattractive art you can replace. What do you think about creating an eye-catching art piece by placing something small on a large canvas or in a huge frame? Do you think it creates an interesting solution to an affordable piece of art? Or is a bit awkward?

Large bathroom

A design direction that just keeps on ticking along is the fascination with geometric surfaces - products that feature facets, angles and a focus on structure. Here's a current crop of handmade goods that are right in the sweet spot of the trend. See more of our fab finds by following our new page: Apartment Therapy on Etsy.

White bathroom with pink accents

To say that my Google Reader is working double over time is an understatement. To get through all of my 800+ blog posts each day, I admit that I don't stop to read most posts anymore unless I see a pretty picture. Needless to say, this amazing bathroom stopped me in my tracks. I never knew I needed a yellow sink in my life until that moment. Paired with slate walls, a rustic sawhorse table and a vintage mirror, this bathroom is a perfect blend of old and new. Granted, it won't win any awards for storage space or even practicality, but I'll happily grab plenty of inspiration from this bathroom. I could only locate the yellow beauty on Aston Matthews, a UK website. That gives me time to a) save up money to buy said sink and b) find a bathroom where I actually have the freedom to replace the sink. What are your thoughts? Is a yellow sink to bold for your bathroom tastes or does the rest of the space mellow the yellow?

Grey bathroom

When we first saw this photo, we really liked the calm gray palette with the orange pillows and chair... and we'd kill for those windows. Here's what we want to know: How many people are daring enough to have a swing in their living room? Are you?

Large bathroom

We had the pleasure of seeing Vincent van Gogh's The Bedroom and Egon Scheile's The Artist's Bedroom at the Neue Galerie last week. We'd always loved the perspective, colors, and intimacy of both bedroom paintings.... Egon Schiele's The Artist's Bedroom, 1911. It reminded us of Jack's Think Big from the Smallest Coolest Apartment contest! In all three rooms, we see highly personal spaces enriched by care and a mindful eye. We were tickled to stumble on such a striking resemblance between these century-old paintings and Jack's small cool apartment.