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Design-like movies and printing-is moving in three dimensions. We're seeing a lot of spatial geometrics out there in the world-prints and patterns that jump right off the floor, wall or fabric. It's not a far cry from the flat, faceted, low-poly designs that have been popular recently, just a bit more bold. Above: A colorful interior from stylist and designer Amandine Berthon.

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With the nights getting chilly we're starting to dream about being tucked away in a cozy cabin on a snowy hillside. Later this week we'll be featuring some woodland inspired housetours but it's wednesday evening, the light is getting low and we're feeling a little bit sleepy and would really like for that vacation to begin now. These images are of stylist Robin Glaser's vacation cabin as posted on Emma's Blog. It does a good job of showing exactly the vibe we would be going for if we a) owned a cabin or b) had the wherewithal to put something this great together. It has the right mix of 'casual cabin' and 'fancy cabin'. Surprisingly the knotty pine was left as-is instead of being painted white as we ourselves have advised people to do. Leaving the wood exposed helps to make the place feel warm, cozy and inviting. With the addition of some modern pieces and a simple palette of whites, creams and browns the cabin takes on a bit of sophistication without feeling pretentious. We know that taxidermy can be a passionate subject for many, so we'll leave that to you.

Dramatic bathroom

Our Kitchen and Bath month is coming to a close, but before it does we had to share these sumptuous kitchen cabinets from Sunset Magazine. Instead of using paint, veneer, or stain, the simple beauty of the wood is left unfinished.... The kitchen is located in the home of Cisco Pinedo, owner of home furnishings company Cisco Brothers. According to Pinedo, 'If it's a great material, let it be'. What do you think of using unfinished wood for cabinets? For more from Cisco Pinedo's home, see the article Soulful Simplicity from Sunset Magazine.

Small bathroom


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Short on cash for new furniture? There is no reason that improvised furniture pieces have to look cheap and haphazard. This crate buffet is well thought out to be both functional and attractive. You're not alone if you have furniture constructed out of found items. Most of us have something that is making do until we can buy that dream piece or until we find that perfect item. This project from Recyclart proves that even though it's not a gorgeous designer piece or lovely antique there's no reason that it can't look designed and purposeful.

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Lately, we've been in love with deep, rich blues and Candy Pop's shade is right up our alley. Walls reminiscent of blue candy mixed with design elements similar to those in Marie Antoinette, this is one bedroom we could get comfortable in. More views of Candy Pop's fancy blue bedroom after the jump! Vintage floral curtains and antique lighting fixtures will upgrade any bedroom instantly. We also love how Candy Pop mixes mirrored accents and clear furniture which adds to the drama of a bedroom. A great combo-the classic Ghost chair paired with a romantic vanity. The bedside lamp shade reminds us of cotton candy and we love how the pair are settled on a decorative plate.

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Dark floor bathroom

Wanna see how the girls at Blueprint throw a shower? July's issue has a great article on throwing a modern baby shower. Two expecting mothers over at Blueprint got one classy shower. See how they made the decorations, what they served, and the special gifts they gave the moms to be below.... Home editor Page Marchese Norman and senior home editor Rebecca Robertson chose orange and teal as their colors. They compiled a great CD for baby's first music. They also made scrapbooks full of family photos to familiarize baby with their grandparents and even their pets. Kendra and Rachel also received these felt boxes full of other Blueprint moms' favorite picks. We are throwing a few showers in the upcoming months.

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No matter the size or style-from Eclectic to English Country-a well-designed living room starts with one of a few basic layouts. These are floor plans that have proven over time to be the best at defining the space and directing the flow in your home's most livable room. Using the same three pieces-a sofa and two chairs-we sketched out three of the most popular living room blueprints. The furniture in a formal layout inspires everything else in the room-the rug, side tables and art-to follow the same grid structure, creating a room that's symmetrical and elegant. The Goldilocks of layouts; more intimate than the L-shape, but more inviting than a formal living room. The sofa and chairs are sat on either side of the room, but the chairs are turned outward just a bit, creating a tight circular arrangement that inspires conversation. The flow around this room keeps people from bumping into corners, making it ideal for a lively cocktail party or a busy home with lots of guests.

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Yesterday we showed you an assortment of all-white interiors, and today we're headed in the opposite direction, towards all things dark and moody. If you love black walls and velvet and intricate textures and the perfect place to curl up with a book on a cold winter afternoon - have we got a treat for you. Above: this space from Milk Magazine takes black very seriously: black walls, black ceiling, black floor, black rug. It's the perfect backdrop for assorted textures and luscious velvets. It confirms what we saw above: that the way to make black on black on black seem wonderfully moody and not cavernous is to ensure that your space gets plenty of natural light. Photo by Douglas Friedman for InStyle, via Ananas a Miami. The perfect English library, from House and Garden via Habitually Chic. All these dark things create a wonderful texture, and a dramatic backdrop for those few white pieces. I love the look of dark paneling, with slightly less dark walls above. A dark room enlivened with a few gold touches, from House and Garden.

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The bathroom is one of the most utilitarian rooms in the home, so it sometimes gets overlooked, although a quality bathroom can improve your life a lot. Meg and Ross have a great bathroom with good storage options and a sense of personal style. To bring your own space up to snuff, click below for seven simple fixes.... Make sure you have plenty of storage in the bathroom. Use kitchen canisters or wall-mounted racks to store cotton balls, Q-tips, and bathroom supplies, and use wall hooks to hang towels. To spruce up old windows and add privacy to a bathroom, use decorative window film. In a bathroom, you usually want to go with a semigloss paint that will clean up more easily than a flat finish. Any other recommendations for simple ways to upgrade your bathroom?

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We met Carmel Campos, the founder of LOOP last night at the Feist concert and quickly went into blogger mode, asking her questions about her company. Surprisingly, not many are doing what she's doing. Completely devoted to simple, organic bedding and bath linens, LOOP has got a great niche. Nowhere does organic make such an immediate impact as with sheets and towels, and LOOP, though small, works this angle, while providing a very modern sensibility. This is for quality basics in whites and a few colors. Neither of those companies offer organic sheets. It costs more to do things right these days.

Small bathroom

Are your kitchen cupboards coming apart at the seams? Do you need a little help in getting them organized? When it comes to reorganizing, we are firm believers in hard work and creative solutions; no one product is going to solve your organizational dilemmas. Here are a few good ideas, examples, and yes, a product or two, to help make your kitchen cupboards more healthy, beautiful, and organized. Before and After: My Ikea Shelf Epiphany - A before/after guide to decluttering a kitchen shelf. Kitchen Tour Favorites: Five Creative Storage Solutions - Five good ideas from past kitchen tours. Kitchen Organization Tour: A Visit With Bento Expert Biggie of Lunch In a Box - See how Biggie organizes all the little accessories and snacks that go into her bento boxes. Good Product: LifeLiner Ribbed Shelf Liner - In old apartment kitchens, shelf liner is a first step towards having easy-to-clean cupboards. Beautiful Spice Storage Solution - A lovely spice storage box made with repurposed materials. Click-Clack Storage Containers for Flour and Sugar - These are great storage jars; they're going strong in my own kitchen. Blomus Obar Kitchen Multi Storage - One-stop storage for plastic wrap, paper towels, and aluminum foil. Look! Painters' Butcher Trays in the Kitchen - A pretty way to organize the countertop and cupboards.

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