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Bathroom with wallpaper

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Small bathroom


Board walls bathroom

During this series we have played quite a few games in our quest to discover the fitness potential in gaming with the Xbox 360 Kinect. Our perspective in what to look for in a game has changed during the course of these past 16 weeks along with our fitness level, and we now have a new wish list of elements we would love to see in a workout title. The Kinect makes swiping easy so grabbing a slider to swipe just seems to be the height of annoying, silly, and non-intuitive design. Quick Start Workouts: When you are pressed for time you don't want it to take 8 minutes just to get the workout routine started. More games need to give the option to launch into a 20 minute workout right from the main menu. We would love to see better tracking mechanisms for our workouts so that it is easy to see our progress and to better plan what activities will help us maximize the health benefits from future workouts. Having laid out our wish list, which titles out of the ones we have reviewed do we keep coming back to? Dance Central, Kinect Sports, and EA Sports Active 2 are in almost perpetual rotation and we are eagerly awaiting the next series of fitness titles arriving later this year.

Dramatic bathroom

When Shelley's parents gave her their old double vanity mirror, she immediately knew she wanted to transform it into a full length floor mirror for her living room. After living with the mirror in the garage for months, she finally got the supplies necessary to complete this creative DIY project. Shelley used plywood, trim, and crown moulding to transform this free vanity mirror into a centerpiece for her living room. Best of all, no complicated construction skills or equipment are necessary for this high-impact project. As Shelley herself mentions, mirrors like this are readily available at local ReStore and on Craigslist, making this an affordable project for any DIYer. For step by step instructions and a lot more pictures, check out Shelley's tutorial Mirror Mirror Leaning on the Wall over on her blog Crazy Wonderful.

Small bathroom

Q: I was recently in the Hilton Suites Magnificent Mile Hotel in Chicago and fell in love with the sofas in the lobby. They are made of a cognac leather with extremely deep seats. The interesting part was the texture of the leather, which almost has a pocked quality to it. There are small holes all over the leather as if to give it room to breathe. Here is the best picture I could find of the lobby where the sofas are. My question is: has anyone been there and knows where to find these exact sofas, or something similar? Editor: Please share any info, suggestions or sources with Shannon in the comments below...thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

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Bathroom vanity

Why I chose these colors for the nursery:We used color in our son Angus' room to create a space that was contemporary, fun and warm. We wanted colors that would be interesting, gender neutral and bright. My husband painted the feature wall by hand and I painted the curtains and hand-felted some toys and a pillow to complement the color scheme. I wish I could give a thoughtful answer as to why we chose these particular colors, but I can't - we just loved them and they worked so well together! The furniture is white to give the room an ageless feel and we have used toys, accessories and bed linen to continue the color scheme and create a sense of playfulness whilst still being a restful place. For much of the day, the room receives lots of natural light that keeps the colours bright and ever-changing. The room has grown with Angus since he was a baby until he recently got his 'big bed' and we still haven't tired of the colors! It's such a happy place to share together. Two Good Color Tips:Go with colors that make you happy - styles come and go and if you are just following the trends, you may end up hating the space when next season's color is completely different! Particularly in a nursery, use white or light wood as a base and then use color in the toys, accessories and soft furnishings to create a fun, timeless and easily changeable space for kids to grow-up. Color(s) and brand(s) of paint used in the room:Dulux Del Sol, Moray, White on White, Purple Verbena Berger Rich Fuschia.

Luxurious marble bathroom

Q: I have looked high and low on this site and the web more generally and can find no answer to this question: who makes/made these leather nailhead trim dining chairs? The image is one that has been featured here before, from Domino April 2007 page 78, Katie Lydon's 'A Salong-Style Pastiche Over a Console.' Editor: Offer up your recommendations for Lisa in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Dark floor bathroom

Parts of the country have been seeing lots of snow, so that got us thinking about shoes yet again and some quick DIY ideas for where to put the really wet ones. It's great for baking cookies- or for holding wet shoes- get out a baking pan and a wire cooling rack. Another way to make a simple boot tray work better- fill it with stones so that the water from boots on wet days will drain down.

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Earth tones bathroom

Art sent in an email: I've been waiting a long time to as the AT community for some help on this one. I have attached a couple pictures of a chair that I garbage picked when I was in college. It wasn't in the best shape when I picked it up. It had a perfect little round hole in the plastic base that I assumed was an entryway for a mouse and the fabric was pretty faded.... I feel somewhat attached to the chair because not only for its design but because I find it interesting that when I found it, I had no idea who designed it and that I would become so interested in design. The fact that I picked it out of the snow and held on to it makes it kind of symbolic. I would like to try and make the piece look new again. I don't think it would be practical to re-upholster it because the cost would probably be more than the value of the chair. I was thinking of something a little more unconventional. What if I had it dyed black? It would go well with my decor and I'm thinking that would definitely hide the imperfections that are apparent in its current condition. How would I go about dyeing something like this? What materials and what kind of process is involved? Thanks! And also, if anyone has any alternative suggestions or recommendations I would be glad to hear them.

Bathroom open to the outdoor

Surely we've all known our share of closet-deprived apartments. Creative solutions for increasing storage space are always welcome, and we just love this elegant execution of a simple idea from local designer Anastasia Faiella. Faiella's client's loft, while blessed with gorgeously high ceilings and windows, was sorely lacking in closet and storage space. So she went looking for a part of the home where there might be space to spare, and landed on the large foyer. By installing a curved drapery with a rail running under an overhang, Faiella and seamstress Doreen Leong created a closet out of an otherwise awkward empty space. The heavy gold fabric was an elegant choice, and because of its weight and texture it will do nicely for hiding the stacks of stuff behind it. Lovely, isn't it? To see more of Faiella's work, check out her portfolio. A bit more inspiration for those considering curtained storage solutions: Small Space Solution: Curtained Storage How To: Make an Instant Closet With a Curtain Look! DIY Closet.

Gray minimalist bathroom

Can you really 'Scavenge' a Striking Black Leather Mid-Century Sofa , especially at this price point? We're not sure, but we're putting this piece out there anyway for your consideration, because we really really think it is super cool. It would fit into a serious design junkie's place as well as an upwardly mobile bachelor's pad. -MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

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Naelyn wrote to us today: I am an Interior Stylist... and was totally moved by the recent post Mads' Scrap Wood Wall. I recently finished a commercial project where I did a scrap wood desk and painted it all white.

Small bathroom


High end vanities bathroom

It's the only way to describe the light given off by the rope lights we recently put up in our bathroom. While rope light is ubiquitous around the holidays, we like this look so much that we think it will last throughout the year. We used two ropes for this design, attaching them to the wall with the included clips. For ease of use we used an adapter to plug them into the light socket, so they work with the wall switch. We picked ours up at Target but almost anywhere selling holiday decorations should carry it. It's also available from numerous online sources, including Amazon, which has 24' for $15.29.