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White and red bathroom

Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen has been up at New York City's Museum of Modern Art since September, but it took me until this past weekend to finally see it. For a cook and a lover of thoughtful design, this exhibit goes deep, so I ended up going back a second time in order to take it all in.... My Trip to MOMA's Design and the Modern Kitchen Exhibit.

Large bathroom

Hello AT,. Has anyone done stainless steel countertops for their kitchen? If so, can you recommend who you used? From some of the research I've done, a place called SoupCan in the Merchandise Mart charges over $100/sf. Email questions and pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: chicago(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com).

Simple black and white bathroom


Small bathroom

What to do when you have to call your home your office, while also calling your office your home? That's exactly the challenge creative couple Jocelyn and Jason had to tackle with their live-work Chicago loft, a space which plays double duty for their design business Bright Bright Great, while also accommodating for daily necessities such as sleeping, eating and even an occasional bit of Wii for recreation. It was their clutter and wire-free home office that first caught our attention, but they were gracious enough to share the rest of their inspiring loft space for a behind-the-scene tour illustrating how to seamlessly merge work and life together in style. Favorite element in our space: Jocelyn: Our pink wall. Biggest challenge in designing our space: The lack of space. What friends say about our space: Heard at BBG: 'This is like a museum.' Also: 'I'm afraid to touch the walls.' Right after: 'Uh-oh I just touched the wall.' Latest: 'I'm going to bring my girlfriend over to show her how cool your place is.' Biggest indulgence with respect to my space: We wanted to do something with the wall behind our TV in the main room, but didn't really want to just paint it, so we went to the Merchandise Mart looking for interesting tiles to cover that wall up, floor to ceiling. Best advice about organizing or incorporating tech into the home: Invest in a good organization system. It's not even that expensive or hard to assemble and it'll stop your Dwight Schrute/Jim Halpert fights about space once and for all.

Country and luxury bathroom


Modern and victorian bathroom


Wood floor bathroom

We loved the art table showcased in this Princess and the Pea Playroom, and kept it in our minds as inspiration. If you liked it too, this table provides the same large canvas along with drawer space for supplies. We like the fact that this desk provides lots of creative space, but it's also so functional. Not only does it have the space to put away all those supplies, but the desk is really a component system and the table can be raised with different legs when your child grows out of it.

Minimalist bathroom

'This awesome castle is both a toy and a piece of furniture, and the whole thing was made from a single 48x84' piece of cardboard. The designers built the chair around a triangular inner structure and urge users to take out the little silhouette figures and play. Li, Yang and Lee are sophomores in RISD's Industrial Design program where they completed the project in one week when challenged to make a child's chair from cardboard. Check out some of their classmates' constructions here, and visit Kebei Li's site for more inspiration and beautiful images of this project.

Black titles bathroom

Short on closet space? This can help make up for it. The Skagerak Teak Cutter Wardrobe is an ingenious solution for additional wardrobe space or bathroom storage. We love how the clothing rod is integrated into the slatted shelf and robe hooks are inset in the wood at the back of the shelf. This really could store your wardrobe if you didn't have a closet. Or it makes a really ample towel shelf with robe hooks in the bathroom.


Lately we've been spotting textured walls everywhere - in homes, store displays, magazine layouts. This is a wonderful way to add texture to an accent wall while seemingly easier to hang then wallpaper and not as messy as paint. If you are in the market for trying something new, like textured walls, check out these pictures of spaces that have successfully incorporated this accent. What do you think about textured wall(s) in a space?

Charcoal walls bathroom

We know it looks like this room is styled for a magazine photo shoot, but it is a real, honest-to-goodness room in a family's home. The owner made some major changes to a chaotic kids' playroom to transform it into what she calls a 'Game room/lounge,' but what we'd describe as a true family room with space and activities for everyone. To really appreciate the transformation, see the before picture after the jump. Holy cow, right? We love the new warm color scheme and are inspired by how much storage and organization the owner added without it feeling clinical or school-like. We saw this incredible space on the fabulous This Young House blog where Sherry and John chronicle their own home's diy renovations and decorating. Check out their post on this beautiful room and, if you'd like to see more, follow their link to more photos and information.

Small bathroom

While the trend for outrageously-sized outdoor furniture hits us hard this season, sometimes the smaller, simpler designs are exactly right for our small spaces and tigher budget. Smith & Hawken sells a Parisian Park Dining Set that fits these criteria. Made of powder-coated steel and beechwood, The 3-piece set is avaialable with side chairs or armchairs.... It is rare to see an armchair in a set like this. This set is perfect for a back garden or small terrace, and it folds for easier off-season storage. The side-chair set is currently on sale for $279. Outdoor Furniture.

Minimalist bathroom


Stripped walls bathroom

We've recently seen a trend towards grey in the nursery. Here's a beautiful example of these 'Adult' colors used to perfection in a shared nursery. We love the juxtaposition of traditional and modern, rustic and sleek, childlike and sophisticated. For more incredible photos of this black and grey nursery, read this post on Design Sponge.

Classy vanity

While cruising through all the fabulous photos uploaded daily to Flickr, we came across this charming bedroom. We were drawn in by the lighting and structured headboard, but it wasn't until we checked out the notes left on the photo that we were really in awe. Now, we totally recognize that this bedroom is really a hotel room, but that doesn't change the fact that having a lack of remote on your nightstand while all your controls are built in - is totally cool. It's a great idea to add to your diy-wish list and even if you don't want your T.V. controlled by your bedside table, we're pretty sure you can come up with something to control in this manner. Do you like the inline controls? Or would you rather have a remote or two in a drawer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Large minimalist bathroom

I've come to terms with the fact that nothing about my home will ever even remotely resemble anything in Martha Stewart's home, or in her magazine. Today, Martha blogged about her laundry room at Skylands, her home in Maine. Part of what makes Martha's laundry room so impressive is the scale. In addition to the three regular-sized ironing tables, Martha also has a large padded ironing tabletop for oversized items like sheets and tablecloths. Several of Martha's laundry machines are vintage and have a fantastic patina, including these ironing mangles that can quickly and safely press delicate pillowcases and handkerchiefs. Martha posts more photos with descriptive captions on her blog, so be sure to check it out. What do you think of Martha's laundry room? Are you inspired to incorporate any of her ideas into your own laundry area?