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The Macallen building in Southie is Boston's newest, greenest condominium building - and we got a tour. See below for a list of the innovative features included in this stylish building. The 140 Macallen units start in the low 500K range and while environmental responsibility is one of the perks of green development, the condominiums are selling for as much as 10% over market prices because of it - more than making up for the cost of the green features, which are marketed as luxury items promoting a green lifestyle. Sloped green roof that controls stormwater drainage, filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air, reducing heating and cooling loads, reducing the project's contribution to the urban heat-island effect, and providing an ecosystem for wildlife. An additional 20,000 square-foot outdoor terrace incorporated into the building provides similar benefits as the green roof. The covered garage was integrated into the building to reduce overall square footage and contribution to the urban heat-island effect and stormwater runoff. The building consumes 30% less electricity than a conventional building through elements such as taking advantage of solar cooling loads, the use of large interior windows to increase daylight penetration, water heaters using waste heat from mechanical systems to heat water, and the use of occupancy sensors to control lights. The building saves 600,000 gallons of water annually through the use of dual-flush toilets and an innovative irrigation system.

Large bathroom

As someone not-at-all gifted in the art of sleeping, I take all the help I can get, and often sleep with a little muslin lavender sachet under my pillow. It's organic and I think it helps, but it's not cute. Or sexy, or stylish, or any of the things I'd like my bed and all its accessories to be. All of the lavender- and hops-filled pillows you see above are from Etsy, with the exception of the lamb's wool heart, and though I like them all I'm definitely partial to the sailor and the knitter by Ana Raimundo. His & hers, or hers & hers since there's an amazing colorful version of the knitter available! For those of you with sewing skills and hops &/or lavender growing in your garden, this would be a simple project with so much style potential. Perhaps this Sleeping Beauty fabric from Japan would come in handy? There are instructions for a hops pillow over at The Herbwife's Kitchen and a lavender pillow tutorial thanks to Lavender Bee Farm.

Simple black and white bathroom

All this week we're talking about bathroom renovations, starting with Ashley's recent remodel, and following up with tons of helpful posts about the process! The process of drilling through ceramic tile is easy as pie - as long as you use the right tools. The hardest part? Taking the plunge wondering whether you've marked the right spot where you'll soon drill into your pristine new tile. With a pencil, lightly mark out the area in which you want to drill a hole. Make sure you're sure this is exactly the area you want to drill your hole. For good measure, have someone else come in to verify your measurements before you commit to drilling the hole. Attach the special glass and ceramic bit and slowly begin to drill your hole. Have someone spritz the drill bit and tile with water while you are drilling to keep the bit cool. Install a plastic anchor by lightly tapping into the tile with a rubber mallet. Run your screw into the anchor and hang your accessories.

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Cleaning out your bathroom cabinet can sometimes be painful. Sorting through old or unused items in your bathroom cabinets is as easy as coming to terms with what your family is actually using. Check out the tips below to make purging and cleaning as easy as can be! Pull Everything Out: You can't clean what you haven't faced. For bathrooms sinks with storage underneath, it's amazing how many things can fit underneath, so pull them out. Make Things Pretty: Although it seems silly to make your medicine cabinet or storage area pretty, you're more likely to keep things clean and sorted if you enjoy the space. Do you have a trick that always helps you clean things out? Share your secret in the comments below!

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The furniture made by OHIO Design is breathtaking - from their clever Primco Table, to their book matched and clean lined Sophia 30 Credenza. All OHIO furniture is made with recycled and FSC woods, and environmentally friendly substances and techniques whenever possible. The wood is then finished with all natural beeswax and orange oil. OHIO's got a great collection of bedroom furniture, check the pieces out after the jump.

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An email from Catherine I'm looking to get an area rug for my living room in a 9' x 21' size. I'm looking for something in wool, but very simple, with no pattern. Since I don't need anything fancy, I'm not even sure where to look. Hi Catherine! For something that large, and especially if you're not concerned with a pattern, you might consider going to a regular carpeting store or carpet warehouse and seeing if they have any remnants that fit that size. Normally they can bind the edges for you and the results can give you a real custom look and also be quite cost effective. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any other suggestions?

Wood floor bathroom

During that time their guest bedroom took a back seat to other spaces and became a storage area. When it came time to get around to the guest bedroom Christina went full force on DIY projects, smart planning and beautiful design choices. After the floors were complete, I started working on other projects - mainly on the first floor of the house, and the rear bedroom ended up becoming a storage room. Over the winter, I was walking through a West Philadelphia twin that was about to be gutted and rehabbed and noticed a vintage mantel in the corner of one of the rooms. The next day I loaded up the pickup truck and started a project that last several weeks to completely refinish the mantel and install it into our rear bedroom, which eventually inspired me to renovate the entire room into a bright and airy guest room. When we moved into the house, the walls were a hodge-podge of different colors - mustard yellow in the master bedroom, grey and pink in the living room, lavender in the hallway - so when we moved in we painted everything with a high-hiding white primer with the intention of coming back and repainting once we'd lived there for some time. I ended up loving the white walls - I repainted them with a warm white and cleaned up the trim with a bright white semigloss. 'Older Philadelphia row homes often have tiny closets - at only 12' deep you can't even use hangers so I came up with the idea of turning the room's tiny closet into a tiny workspace by adding a desk-height shelf and finding a saddle stool that fits underneath the shelf when it isn't in use to conserve space.

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When we saw this snazzy chair it made us want to dig our Creepers out of the back of the closet and don a Elvis worthy pompadour. It's vintage, but according to the owner is in impeccable shape. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

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With the nights getting chilly we're starting to dream about being tucked away in a cozy cabin on a snowy hillside. Later this week we'll be featuring some woodland inspired housetours but it's wednesday evening, the light is getting low and we're feeling a little bit sleepy and would really like for that vacation to begin now. These images are of stylist Robin Glaser's vacation cabin as posted on Emma's Blog. It does a good job of showing exactly the vibe we would be going for if we a) owned a cabin or b) had the wherewithal to put something this great together. It has the right mix of 'casual cabin' and 'fancy cabin'. Surprisingly the knotty pine was left as-is instead of being painted white as we ourselves have advised people to do. Leaving the wood exposed helps to make the place feel warm, cozy and inviting. With the addition of some modern pieces and a simple palette of whites, creams and browns the cabin takes on a bit of sophistication without feeling pretentious. We know that taxidermy can be a passionate subject for many, so we'll leave that to you.


I've been looking to upgrade our outdoor dining chairs for the past month. The ones' we've got are simple old Paris park folding chairs which I love, but they've become really run down from many years out in the weather. Though I'm seriously considering refinishing our existing chairs to get one more season out of them, here are the front runners.... >> The Luxembourg Side Chair by Frederic Sofia - $250 - I have a sweet spot for this chair since I saw it first in Paris five years ago, but I get a little scared they're too industrial for a home. >> Folding Bistro Paris Park Chairs - $110 - This is what we have right now, just to give you a source. >> The Bellini Chair by Heller - $150 - This chair took us by surprise a few years back because it was so comfortable and indestructible. >> The Alonzo Chair from DWR - $88 - This looks like a copy of the classic Bellini chair DWR used to sell, but it's nearly half the price! >> Marais Chair - $250 & Tolix Cafe Chair - $225 - These are also on Sara Kate's top pick list, but they ain't cheap for very low manufacture style. 'We got these for outside and love them, nice mix of contemporary and teak: Broadway stacking arm chair'. 'Broadway stacking arm chair by Sir Robin Day, manufactured by old-time UK teak company Lister. Nice sale price, though still expensive but investment for long-term.'

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Minimalist bathroom

Common wisdom says that when it comes to bathroom suites, newer, more streamlined, and whiter is better. The bathroom is often the first room homeowners want to gut, but this isn't the only option. If you're lucky enough to have a suite of retro bathware in good nick, whether it be pink, mint green, or even avocado, maybe think twice about ripping it out. In Sophie and Nick's Manchester home, above, a pink bathroom suite was brought up-to-date with a simple white and grey color scheme, co-ordinating modern tile, and lots of rustic and natural elements. In this Australian home snapped by Toby Scott for Real Living, a jade suite stands out-nay, glows-in an otherwise white and modern bathroom. Blue suites are a rarer find, but in certain locations-by the sea, I think, or in a child's bathroom-they can work. BYGGFABRIKEN. I promised you a chic avocado bathroom, and this one featured on BYGGFABRIKEN is as good as I can do. Finally, don't despair if you don't have a super-cool pastel suite to play with. Classic white in a retro style works perfectly as well, especially when contrasted with colorful retro tiling, as in this bathroom by Tim Barber Ltd Architecture. I suppose that's another post for another day, however.... Do you, or have you ever, lived with a colored bathroom suite? How do/did you feel about it? Has anything here changed your mind?

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'Buy swatches of paint and test them out before painting the whole wall and always paint the dark and lightest part of the room.Group similar colors together - whether it be red or orange or green to give it a punch of color. Incorporate your favorite color in your interiors.' Color Resources:Current or vintage magazines or books.

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No matter the size or style-from Eclectic to English Country-a well-designed living room starts with one of a few basic layouts. These are floor plans that have proven over time to be the best at defining the space and directing the flow in your home's most livable room. Using the same three pieces-a sofa and two chairs-we sketched out three of the most popular living room blueprints. The furniture in a formal layout inspires everything else in the room-the rug, side tables and art-to follow the same grid structure, creating a room that's symmetrical and elegant. The Goldilocks of layouts; more intimate than the L-shape, but more inviting than a formal living room. The sofa and chairs are sat on either side of the room, but the chairs are turned outward just a bit, creating a tight circular arrangement that inspires conversation. The flow around this room keeps people from bumping into corners, making it ideal for a lively cocktail party or a busy home with lots of guests.

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AT Email: Three Beautiful Dressers - High, Medium & Low $$. February 21, 2008 A dresser that you love is a tough thing to find. Whether it's because it's not the right size, the right style or the right price, dressers tend to be un-fun.