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Platforms may not be the first solution we go to when it comes to separating a room, but they really do a bang-up job when it comes down to it. Not only do they give homes-lofts, especially-some needed interest with the varying levels, but you can also take advantage of possible storage space underneath. Even if you don't have the time to build your own platform, you can save space by installing a ledge for a desk instead of a bulky desk. This is perfect for people who don't have to store piles of files-but if you do need a cabinet, you can slide one underneath, customizing how much storage space you actually need. Another great example of a custom desk ledge is from my dear friends Monika and Loren: They created their shared home office area in the mezzanine of their Oakland loft by adding a ledge underneath the existing one, creating a split-level desk. They divided the work stations by stowing the computer towers, a scanner, and even a small storage locker in between their respective areas. If you haven't seen the rest of Monika and Loren's house tour, go check it out here.

Wallpaper and mirror bathroom

Q: My home was designed with a very narrow dining space between the living room and kitchen. At 9ft by 9ft and it is simply too narrow for our dining room table. We have moved the table to the much larger family room around the corner and enjoy using the 'Dining space' for an office/library. Any suggestions for how to make it an attractive, comfortable and functional extension of the living room? While we're at it, any advice on the very open kitchen? Rug suggestions? Should I paint the cabinets white? Editor: Let Megan know what you think in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Rustic bathroom

The modern television and stereo, housed inside a 1957 Magnavox console. Why don't they make television furniture like this anymore? When did we get stuck with the big black box? Not that we're bemoaning the loss of those huge console TVs from the 70s, but this one is pretty sleek.

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Q: I just finished framing and installing backerboard on a fire-feature wall in my backyard. I am looking for a cool material to finish the exterior with, and had initially planned on finding some cheap stone veneer on Craigslist although that's been proving more difficult than I thought. Anyone have any other ideas on what to cover this thing with? I'm not really wanting stucco, and was thinking glass mosaic tile could be kind of cool, but possibly too busy. Editor: Ethan, Wow, your work looks great so far! Readers, do you have any ideas for finishing this low fire-feature wall? Leave suggestions for Ethan in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

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After tackling their bedroom together and combining both their ideas and tastes, it's a fun, personal space that's proof sometimes two styles are better than one! For four and a half years we've slept on a boxspring and mattress without a bed frame. It's not that we didn't want a bed frame; but we didn't quite know what would work for us. I'm a little bit more vintage and Mark is a little bit more modern. It was an IKEA hack of a Fjell wardrobe they had transformed with a 'Beachy white-washed exterior' and rustic interior shelves that got them started on the idea of mixing rustic and nautical. Next came a bed frame, then a headboard made by Mark and a gorgeous mix of bought bedding and DIY accessories. Visit Lauren's blog The Thinking Closet to see more of this beautiful bedroom transformation.

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Their end result is a stunning combination of color, pass through walls, hinged chalkboards, built in beds and textiles. Eigen Huis & Tuin is a TV program you'd see if you lived in the Netherlands, but the design of this room speaks for itself, even if you can't understand what they're saying. Balance Bright Colors With White: Bright pinks and greens don't make this room day glow, why? Because of the abundant white in the room. The colors keep things bright and crisp instead of requiring sunglasses upon entering. To keep the colors toned down, they are accented with a shade darker or lighter than the base color used. Keeping A Neutral Floor: Because this space serves as a bedroom to both a boy and a girl, a gender neutral color works out perfectly for both of them. Using A Room Divider: Defining space between one area and another is needed everywhere else in the house and this room is no exception. Color Coordinating Storage: Each storage piece in the room is painted with the same color choices as other accent colors in the space. Although it's adding color, it's also grounding the chaos of colors of what's being stored in it.

Geometric shapes bathroom

We're not sure how we missed this, but we think it is a worthy read: Living Large on a Tiny Lot. It's part of the New York Times' Sketch Pad series that asks local architects and designers how they would improve available real estate.... For this 'Sketch,' Russel Groves and Jose Achi of S. Russel Groves Architects re-imagine a tiny bungalow on a tiny lot in Flanders, NY. The Audio Slideshow is an integral part of the story and shouldn't be missed!

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Q: We live in a 1950s ranch and the living room, hallway and kitchen all sort of flow into one space. When we moved in three years ago, we removed wallpaper and a border from the kitchen and painted it red. It seemed like a bit improvement at the time but now I am sick of the color and especially hate where it meets the hallway/living room. The hallway and living room are Behr Quincy Tan which I like but does not look good with the kitchen cabinets. The backsplash in the kitchen has a few random 'Fruit-motif' decals that are not removable - a large image behind the stove and then several others on 4X4 inch tiles throughout the backsplash. I guess I have two questions: what would be a good color to paint the entire space and how can I cover up those decals? Painting the cabinets or any other major kitchen renovations/upgrades are not an option although I am open to an inexpensive option for re-doing the backsplash. Editor: Please share your color ideas with Krysta in the comments below - thanks!

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Alright Angela....if you don't get unseated by lunch tomorrow, start thinking about which prize you want. This is the way we do it: 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets 2nd choice, and so on... down until there is nothing left. A wonderful Wusthof all-stainless pairing knife An excellent Microplane coarse grater An awesome 14x10 Michigan Maple cutting board A Fancy French red-stripe dishtowel Two handy French wooden spoons One unique French wooden cooking spoon from France.

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The Quilted Monkey is a cool little store on fancy Montana Ave. The shop is filled with beautiful quilts, specialty bedding and great little gifts. The quilts range in price from around $260- 400(queen) and they have regular sales on old inventory at up to half off. The sheet sets are not priced like Target, but the bold, retro stripes and patterns are great and unique, which is what we all want really, isn't it? The store also has a great selection of those embroidered 'State' pillows, dish towels and even glasses($15). It looks like quaint New England, but there is plenty of cool, kitch, fun for your favorite hipster's housewarming or baby room.

Purple bathroom

This apartment by designer Amy Lau is one of our favorite examples of a space that hits the right note with natural wood. The coffee table is the perfect anchor for a room of spare but texturally rich furnishings. Although designer rooms are a great source of inspiration, their furnishings often come with a high price tag, and burled wood antiques or Nakashima coffee tables are no exception.

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Asian inspired bathroom

Though a tiny space under a staircase is probably not the best place for your eleven-year-old, it's just right for a little chihuahua. Redditor Fatisbac's aunt recently renovated her house, and one unique feature included was a room for her little chihuahua under the staircase, Harry Potter style. The tiled space includes a dresser, brass dog bed, toys, food and water bowls, a miniature of dogs playing poker, and even a place to hang a teeny hat. Of course, the pup has a doggie door for 24/7 access.

Romantic bathtub

Let's help her our with space suggestions as well as recommending a storage furniture piece and drape solutions. To the right of the window, we have installed a long desk that runs the length of the wall. Lately I'm thinking that the ideal piece would be a long unit with some added height for shelving on the left that could run up the wall to the left of the window. The evil window that lends a lovely 'Jail cell' feel to the whole space - any ideas for a treatment/solution? I was thinking of a rod and then curtains that double the window in height to fake a more attractive architecture, but worry that it might look ridiculous when they're open. As far as the small(ish) windows you could do a number of things. Some say accentuate the imperfection by using fabric that covers only the windows while others want to hide the imperfection. Possibly something with a pattern to focus on-so you aren't focusing so much on the windows.

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Above the bed is artwork that I produced with the help from a local artist. Each piece of artwork is from the blueprint of the house the bedroom is in. The Artist is Francesco Agresti the artwork was influenced by Richard Dibenkorn's work Ocean Park Series.

Contemporary bathroom

What I love most about our living room is the way that the sun falls in through the large window-doors, creating figures on the floor. I also like that it can hold the whole family with friends over. Typically my husband and son sit in the sofa, while my daughter dances or jumps around on the floor, and I sit with my laptop at the dining table. I love that the space is full of our personality; things the kids have made, family photos, furniture my dad has made for me, passed on trinkets and things we and our friends have thrifted, as well as our books. It's a warm and welcoming room with a good mixture of Nordic simplicity, joyful colors and whimsy. Would you like a room in your home to be featured as an Apartment Therapy Favorite Rooms post? Submit your room here.