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AT:SF reader Meredith sent in photos of her living room. She writes, These are photos of my before and after with black paint, which looks amazing even in a small space. I found that it actually made the room feel larger because the ceilings are high and now your eyes are draw up to the white molding and ceiling... ...I silkscreened the square photo on the wall. The left side of the room has chocolate linen on the wall that I stapled up. I stapled in chocolate burlap in the bookshelf to give a rich feeling and some depth. The closet space has an accessory wall that was made from the back of the bookshelf jutting into my closet. On the before photo the top right photo is a collage of SF business cards - places I have eaten at or shopped at - which I made into a circular design to mimic the sputnik light fixture.

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Q:My husband and I have a pretty large master bedroom, but it is pretty busy and full of stuff. We have two desks and a desktop computer, excercise stuff, plus a TV. So it's like a small studio having everything in one place. Having an office room is not an option for us. Could you suggest anything to make a master bedroom look nice with some work station space including a desk? All the tips I've read so far are either for bedroom or for workspace. I haven't seen any pictures of them combined in a master bedroom with a desk. Editor: Leave your suggestions for X in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

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Q: I have recently moved into a new apartment and I have a couple of large pieces of furniture in my living room that I love, but they are all brown/natural wood. Throw pillows are arriving shortly to add some color to the sofa, but I still need more! There is a red bar cart in the corner, and I would like to bring in more reds and oranges. I still have the space to fill next to the TV in the wall shelving.... ... and something big and bright to go above the credenza. Any ideas as to how I can bring more color into the room? Editor: Leave your suggestions for Molly in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

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As we look forward to Fall and all of its coziness, we want to shake things up a bit, make the bedroom even better. Not only does adding pattern to a room add warmth and pizazz, but if you do it in the form of a bedspread, sheet or rug, it's something totally removable. So when you get tired of it, you can just retire it for a season until you're ready for it again. Mix large scale patterns with small ones so it doesn't get overwhelming. Palette: choose fabrics and patterns that are part of the same color palette and you'll have a much better time creating a cohesive look. The pattern might be white and white in the form of stripes on the bedding, or different textures on a rug or pillow. Are you over faux bois yet? If not, you're in luck. Look what a little pattern did to this bathroom Take a look at this and see if you don't feel like going really bold. Finally some of our favorite tips for mixing and matching patterns.

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Name: Casey Location: Washington, DC Square Feet: 475 Division: Tiny What I Love About My Small Home: Sunlight, sunlight, sunlight! The windows make my apartment feel so much bigger than it is. Sitting up among the trees helps me feel connected to nature in the middle of the city. I also have an absurd amount of closet space for such a small apartment, which helps hide the clutter.

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My husband and I relocated to Portland this past April from Los Angeles. We're both from the midwest, and we love the way this city combines all of our favorite aspects of home with everything we loved about living in L.A. We were looking for a little house to rent with a yard for our little dogs, but once we saw this place, we stopped looking! Situated on a bluff overlooking the Willamette River, our apartment is directly across the river from Forest Park, the largest urban forest in the United States. I would say the bedroom is very 'Rob', while our shared studio/office is more me. We're both artists/creative people, so we're both pretty passionate about aesthetics. I'm an illustrator, and Rob is a freelance Creative Director/Art Director who also loves to draw. Something I love about the evolution of our living spaces over the past six years is the items that remind me of the different cities where we have lived. Rob and I got married a little over a year ago in Joshua Tree, so when I look around our apartment, I see lots of succulents, cacti, wedding gifts and other items that remind me of our desert wedding. Southern California was a such a stark contrast to the Pacific Northwest, and we feel fortunate to have lived in both! Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour & House Call Submission Form.

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Yesterday you voted on which French Country style dining room was higher end and, if you voted for this one, then you nailed it! Survey results though were pretty close, with roughly half of you choosing A and the other half B. Click through to see the price and source for each piece, along with the cheaper alternative options. Tufted Dining Chair from Ballard Designs; $665. Floral Rug from Ballard Designs; $599. All items combined ring up at the cash register for $4269, with the biggest ticket items being the chandelier and dining room table. Beaded Empire Chandelier from Shades of Light; $489. Embossed Mirror from Pier 1; $199. Rustic Trestle Table from World Market; $700. Tufted Dining Chair from Overstock; $205. Floral Rug from Overstock; $334. You might be more comfortable with a price tag of $1927, which is what this second collection will run. As always, if you find something similar to the items above, for a better price, share the information by linking to it in the comments below. Or, if you want to go out on your own, take a look at this earlier post, with shopping secrets and tips for finding a certain look for less money.

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Check out this elegantly simple bathroom vanity from Italian manufacturer, Mastella. The Jey vanity is a curved open shelf in natural wood. Definitiely designed for the consumer who is not intimidated by open storage!.... Available in varying sizes and two tones of wood. If you prefer closed storage, check out Mastella's Guest vanity.

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Around Belmont and Milwaukee, a large vintage oak mirrored panel for $60. Seller says they intended to use it in a foyer with coat hooks, which we could easily imagine working well. It is an interesting piece with lots of potential to warm up an entry space. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

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Jennifer posted this children's room on her blog, Minor Details, asking readers whether or not they think the matryoshka mural is too off-scale for the room. We loved so many other elements of this room, not least the Valentine's Day timeliness of the color scheme, that we had to share it here. Or maybe we're the only ones who are suckers for crochet, toile wallpaper, and Panton chairs. All these bold red and hot pink elements are a great take on inviting color into a white or neutral space.

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When buying a couch for your home, comfort is key although style and design also play key roles. A deep couch with a lot of seating room is super comfy - but not for everyone. I had a moment a few years ago when I realized that I can't sit comfortably in deep couches. Standing a tall 5'4, I simply felt like Edith Ann, the character Lily Tomlin portrayed of the little girl sitting in a huge chair. When visiting friends who have one, like Heather and Josh, I have learned how to enjoy hanging out without feeling like a 5 year old. Yea, this is the best way to fill up that extra space that you don't need. When your hanging out, sit on the end of the couch and turn in. You can lean back against the armrest and can sit comfortably with both feet on the ground. If the deep couch is in a home with owners you know, consider throwing off your shoes and curling up on the couch. How do you deal with a deep couch? I certainly would love an extra tip or two.

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Q: I am wondering if anyone has any tips on how best to decorate the walls in this room. The room is part of a flat in a friend's lovely Victorian house that's I'm moving into. The ceilings are high and the windows are fairly big. I am finding it a bit of a challenge because the bed has to be pushed into a corner, and the wall next to the window to the right of the bed is fairly dark. I would like to hang a large print somewhere in the room, also but need opinions as to where best to place it without the room appearing overcrowded, as it's not the largest of rooms. The photo taken is the view from the door as you walk into the room. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Bluetiger in the comments - thanks!

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It's hard enough to find an affordable apartment in San Francisco without requiring period extras like a wood-burning fireplace. So this product fascinates: a sleek wall-mounted steel 'Fireplace' that requires neither chimney nor gas line because it burns organically-produced Ethanol. Ethanol is more green than anything you would use to fuel a traditional or gas fireplace, though burning ethanol does produce greenhouse emissions. Designed by Floz Design for Blomus and available in three sizes, Chimos can be found here.

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Growing up, we became familiar with the word decoupage at a very early age. Today, we use decoupage in a similar way; we've updated this tried and true art form to fit in our home decor. It's a great way to use up magazine and newspapers, and create original art for your nest. Decoupage a scrap piece of wood, then hang it on a wall or set it on a shelf. You could even incorporate flat items, such as ribbons, stamps, or coins. They use a clear resin available at most craft stores, which gives the tray a high gloss and makes the items look like they're way down under a layer of glass. Get super-sized and decoupage a piece of furniture or accent a piece with panels. If you're wanting to decoupage something flimsy, be sure to use as few layers of glue or varnish as possible-the more saturated you make the paper, the more it will curl up at the corners.