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Titled bathroom

Sellers in River West have this beautiful Italian dining table with a stainless steel top and espresso-colored wooden legs. Sold with four matching white chairs, this is a simple, lovely dining design. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Modern bathroom

They say that bathrooms are the biggest money pits right now. Whereas people used to sink cash into kitchens and living areas, bathrooms are getting the most upgrade attention lately. This bathroom would certainly be a case in point, but the ideas could be adapted. We found this bathroom by Connie Braemer, a Canadian interior designer, and we liked the raw stone trough sink with the faucets coming out of the wall.

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Hello AT,. Has anyone done stainless steel countertops for their kitchen? If so, can you recommend who you used? From some of the research I've done, a place called SoupCan in the Merchandise Mart charges over $100/sf. Email questions and pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: chicago(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com).

Modern bathroom with red cabinets

It can be easy to skimp on your home office when you are just focused on getting your work done, but it is something that should not be overlooked. This is something that hit true with wedding photographer Christa Elyce after she had enough of bringing clients to an empty space that lacked charm and creativity. Christa worked with Amanda Carol Interiors to create a warm, inviting and creative environment. This new lovely space now exudes the care, style and feel that she puts into her work and will give her clients that experience from beginning to end. Working in a new, bright, charming space like this can really help you throw yourself into work in a whole new way. See more images and an interview with Christa at The Office Stylist.

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During the month of January, we'll be posting photos and tips on DIY renovation projects from our readers. The first twenty submissions posted will receive an AT bib or T-shirt. Sue sent us this project which her husband recently tackled. Project details: My husband did the project, not me... but its pretty simple aside from the math calculations. He just took a picture of the kids and enlarged it in Photoshop, then figured out all the spacing with the frames, borders, etc. Printed the enlarged copies on photo quality paper. The frames are simple IKEA frames so they were not expensive at all. Best tip: Take the time and do your measurements! This goes for before you print, and before you hang them on the wall. Readers: if you stink at figuring out measurments, give The Rasterbator a try.

Titled bathroom


Large luxurios bathroom


White bathroom

Warm metallics have taken the decor world by storm these past couple of years, showing up primarily as hardware and fixtures in beautiful kitchens everywhere. Accents are one thing, but some brave souls fully committed and made brass a significant feature in their kitchens, covering entire rows of cabinets and islands in shiny gold. Are these showstoppers that make your jaw drop or do they cause you to shake your head and cluck your tongue in dismay? Are they hot or over-the-top? Above, the brass-clad island is a significant feature in Michael O'Sullivan and Melissa Schollum's New Zealand Home, as seen in Dwell. A kitchen by Fiona Lynch that uses a row of gold upper kitchen cabinets, which acts as a spot of warmth in contrast to the cold marble below. This Stockholm apartment designed by the architects Claesson Koivisto Rune, has a minimalist brass-clad cube that functions as a both work surface and a storage space. A Paris apartment designed by Jean-Louis Deniot that features what looks like hammered brass cabinet fronts. This very glamorous kitchen from Studio William Hefner blends modern design with old-world charm. It's gold-leafed island is interesting contrast with the utilitarian grey stools. A bold and eclectic space by designers Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, as seen in the New York Times.

Large bathroom

Usually we see these vanities made over in feminine whites, not in a deco-inspired black and robin's egg blue motif. This 1930s waterfall style vanity has been refinished in a glossy black and retains its original hardware. The inside of the cabinets are painted a Tiffany's blue. While the artwork isn't included, the stool and vinyl bowl are freebies. Priced at $500. Want more? Look after the jump!

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Though I generally find myself drawn to fabric drapes, my love of textiles falls down when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms. All my previous homes have featured privacy glass in the bathroom and small kitchen windows whose location afforded privacy. I have a guest bathroom with a regular glass window and a kitchen with a giant picture window, and both windows are on the front of the house looking right onto the street. Right now I have a curtain up in the guest bathroom but since the window is right next to the tiny shower stall area, it gets soaked anytime the shower gets used. The kitchen has a giant wooden blind that seemed like a good idea but isn't- grease and moisture and the ever-present sand make keeping the white blind clean a disaster, especially since I have to climb onto the kitchen counters and stetch over the sink to reach most of it. My personal preference is for no window treatments in the kitchen and bathroom but that just isn't an option here. I'm looking for advice - what are the best solutions for window treatments in the moist and messy environments of the kitchen and bathroom?

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Ki Nassauer, editor-in-chief of Fleamarket Style magazine and founder of JunkMarket, a monthly sale of vintage and repurposed finds, knows a diamond in the rough when she sees it. This has earned her the nickname 'The Martha Stewart of Junk.'. We're big fans of finding new uses for vintage suitcases, as shown here, here and here, but mounting them on the wall and using them as shelves is something I've never seen before. I love it! And the blue wall that they're mounted on is such a nice compliment to the tones of the cases.

Large modern bathroom

It may not win awards for minimalist attractiveness, but it can be hugely helpful to anyone whose sight makes it difficult to see the letters on the keyboard. Yellow keys with black letters are actually the easiest color combination for people to see, but if you're opposed to the combination for aesthetics, they also have black-on-white and white-on-black. The keyboards are available from firstSTREET, a site that sells products and gadgets 'For Boomers and Beyond.' The keyboard costs $50. -As seen over on popgadget.

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We've always struggled to find a happy medium between our modern, minimalist aesthetic, and our love for ornate, vintage details. It's resulted, for us, in a happy hybrid between contemporary and antique, in a space with elements of each stylistic approach. Perhaps it is because we are a Libra, but we love a good balance between old and new. This image is not of two separate homes, but of a 100 year old home in Toronto's Cabbagetown neighborhood that has been fitted with a modern addition rather brilliantly.... On the left is the view of the home from the street. The classic facade is left undisturbed, 'Respecting the house's historical roots,' according to the Contemporist, a fantastic blog on contemporary design. Dubbeldam Design Architects , the firm that designed the addition and renovation, updated the home to accommodate contemporary living, and did it on a limited budget. The space was opened up by removing walls, replacing full walls with half walls, and the addition of open-riser treads in the stairs and built-in furniture solutions. This home is a fantastic example of making an old space suitable for contemporary living without sacrificing the character of the original structure. Check out more images and details about the addition here.

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