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Our kitchen table has about as many uses as white vinegar does and while one night we could be entertaining guests, the next we could be sprawled out doing a large art project. The problem with those two things is that different lighting is usually required, but not anymore with this super cool, adjustable height pendant light! Although we have a bit of a crush on several different styles of light and we fell pretty hard for this shiny multi-tasker from CB2. Retailing for $199 the Pulley Pendant Lamp, seriously stole our hearts. Installing one or more over a dining room table not only brings a bit of metallic and glam, but a real sense of task lighting that can be adjusted for whatever activity you're partaking in. Reading and doing homework? No problem! Having an intimate dinner with a few friends? Sure thing, just pull and adjust as you see fit! Do you think this look is as cool as we do? Let us know below!


In River North, a white matte lacquer side table for $55. We like the Greek key shape and storage possibilities. According to the seller, it was purchased from the West Elm catalog four years ago and is now a discontinued item. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.West Elm pedestal side table for $60Tall modern cylinder lamp for $40 Vintage dining chairs for $45.Vintage green sofa for $175.Baker's rack for $35.Cream round drop leaf table for $100 Funky yellow armchairs 3 for $450.Thanks, Craig!

Green bathroom

We have a storage unit in the basement of our building, thankfully. In our last apartment we remember finding a place for our luggage was incredibly difficult. For all of you living in small spaces, we wonder how you store this necessity: the bulky, cumbersome object(s) we call luggage.

Neutral colors bathroom

Roma of DesignFlute sent us a heads up about an eco-friendly home showcased on Better Interiors. We've seen modern suspended seating before, but rarely with traditional furnishings. How about the beautiful carved jaali that filters a warm light into a cool interior? AT:India, here we come?

Rainbow color bathtub

Project by: Erica and DanielLocation: Lantana, FL. Dan and I live in a duplex that Dan purchased back in 2010. The house was built in 1971 and nothing had been updated since then. We moved into the house together in 2012 and just started tackling one project at a time. We started with the kitchen, ripping the entire thing out in about an hour. The back-splash is bead board, and the appliances are all from IKEA. We did the entire kitchen ourselves, with some major help from my father-in-law! Since our living room and kitchen are open concept, we decided that it didn't make sense to update the kitchen without next working on the living space. Once the floors were down, we painted the entire house white and flip-flopped our living room layout. Since we live in South Florida, and are lucky to have lots of natural sunlight all time time, we decided to keep things light and bright with some soft accent colors. The house is still a work in progress, but we're really happy with how this project turned out! Are you interested in sharing a decorating or renovating project with the Apartment Therapy readers? Contact the editors through our Makeover Project Submission Form.

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The light blue and chocolate brown color scheme that dominated a couple years ago has since suffered the consequences of over exposure. That doesn't mean that blue and brown don't work well together.

Modern bathroom

To be honest, we never really gave much thought about our kitchen sponges nor what goes into making them. We just recently realized while replacing our ragged old sponge that the odor fighting germ protection feature is formulated with a chemical additive we're trying to avoid: triclosan. That's the very same antibacterial additive that is contributing to the evolution of drug resistant bacteria that eat up antibiotics like it was an afternoon snack.... So what to do? A simple change is just avoiding sponges with germ-odor protection. There are natural kitchen sponges on the market, like Natural Value's scrubber sponge, which are made with 50% post-consumer recycled material and are even certified kosher if you want to go the eco-recycled route. We're also considering switching to using a natural loofah sponge...maybe the larger natural shaped style used in the bath/shower, cut in half. The funny thing is we just saw the real vegetable this past weekend at the Alhambra farmer's market and purchased one for dinner without realizing its other use besides being a delicious veggie.

Minimalist large black and white bathroom

Dear AT,. I have this terrific vintage paper sculpture that I'd like to hang. The problem is that the perfect place for it - the wall above my dresser - is brick. Ordinarily I'd think about hanging it from the ceiling, but there are fairly bulky moldings, which would prevent the pieces from resting flush against the wall. Compounding the problem further, the art and frame have no hanging mechanism and the backing is actually part of the art. Any advice about how to hang this piece on my brick wall? Thanks! Jason.

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We've been writing a lot about hideaway offices, especially secretary desks that can easily accommodate your workstation. Here's a secretary desk that's gotten a little DIY help from children's book illustrator Claire Louise Milne. She felt like her secretaries looked a bit too cluttered with the glass doors showing just what the cabinets were storing so she got some wallpaper to both hide the clutter and spruce up the pieces.... Milne tells Decor8 about her obsession with using wallpaper to fix up both vintage pieces and new Ikea pieces. She ended up finding vintage wallpaper on eBay, which she then cut to size to fit behind the windows of these secretaries.

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During this wonderful week of wallpaper, many of you have expressed your opinion of wallpaper. While some of you loved all of the wallpaper, a lot of you were turned off by it because you're either renting and can't use it - or you've recently moved into a home that's filled with dreadfully dated wallpaper. If you're unfortunate enough to be dealing with the removal of wallpaper, our hearts certainly go out to you. It can be an extremely annoying time and any relationship is stronger by the end of it. What are you tips and tricks to the wonderful art of removing wallpaper?

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At first glance, the bedroom seems the least important room in the home, in terms of lighting. We're not really working in there much, and the primary goal of the space is to support sleep- which requires an intentional lack of light. Once you start thinking about it you realize the lighting needs of a bedroom- from general lighting for putting the laundry away to task lighting for doing your makeup and accent lighting for chilling out of an evening- are pretty complex. A bedroom lighting scheme should be as considered as that of any other room, so read on for a few tips on doing just that. A good even light, cast from a central pendant or from windows, is important in every space. Even if you don't spend a lot of non-sleeping time in your bedroom, this basic light is what we get dressed by in the winter, clean the room to, and helps us see when natural light is low. Think of the other things you do from day to day- do you apply your makeup or iron your shirts in the bedroom? Both require good, specific lighting. In the bedroom, accent lighting is really mood lighting. It can be achieved through simple dimming of the light sources we've already talked about, or by adding decorative lights like fairy strings, corner up-lighters or candles.

Luxurious marble bathroom

'We'd hardly call the bureau'perfect for small bathrooms' like the Pottery Barn site does, but we do love the look and idea if space is not a factor: A Smart Technology™ strip provides a plug-in point for hair dryers and curling irons, and three drawers below have cutouts for easy access. 18.5 x 16 x 49' h. This bathroom bureau is available at Pottery Barn for $599..

Luxurious stone sink

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was all, 'Damn you, Ione Skye! Open shelving just ain't my jam!'? Well, now Elle Interiør is making me give open shelving another look because LOOK HOW AWESOME THIS IS. It's a shadow boxes mounted on a wall, all made of bamboo. One of my gripes about open shelves was that I didn't have that many dishes and such, so invariably, my kitchen would look a bit...sparse. This option is all about the mixing of dishes with vases and cookbooks la art gallery, which is pretty nice. No matter how cool this looks, the idea of dusting that many shelves makes me shudder. For what it's worth this kitchen is pretty, pretty, PRETTY good. See the rest of the kitchen over at Elle Interiør.

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Okay, now that we know how to clean it, we want to take a closer look at Kartell's Jolly side table. It's available in crystal clear and transparent colors like gray, yellow, orange, blue, and green. 'The table's a perfect 15.75' cube, made of a single sheet of 'Folded' plastic. Use one as an end table or two or three as a coffee table. Using such transparent furniture in a small space does a lot for continuity. It lets your floor or area rug show right through the tabletop, doesn't break up fields of material, making your place look more spacious. We like these simple little guys for their clarity, playfulness, and versatility.

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Q: My boyfriend recently bought a two bedroom, 633 sq. While we originally had planned on making the extra room into an office/guestroom, it seems a bit tight to fit a futon and a desk built for two. The other night, I posed the crazy idea of ditching the futon, buying an air mattress for guests, and turning our office into a dining room. Our current desk would look great as a dining table, as weird as that sounds. Is devoting one room in a two bedroom condo to a dining room crazy? And is it weird to travel done the hall to access it? Editor:Please share your advice with Emily in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

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