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Good vintage children's chairs can be hard to find, so we scouted out 10 options that would work well paired with a small desk or table, or just hanging out on their own in a reading corner. Check out this updated list of vintage chairs for kids from around the web. Online Shops in the U.S. Three Potato Four Janet Morales and Stu Eli, the proprietors of this online shop, have a great eye for vintage pieces. This 19th Century Child's Slat-Back Chair is listed online for $195. Etsy They're a great resource for childrens' chairs - when I was compiling this post, I found the most options by far at Etsy. This purple vintage school chair is currently listed with Nebraska-based seller moxiethrift. This Pair of handcrafted children's chairs is a rustic option for kids - it sells for $400. eBay Always a good resource when you're looking for something very specific, eBay usually has quite a few child's chairs online. This Pair of Bertoia Child's Chairs is currently listed there for $550. Online Shops Outside the U.S. Photos shown above are examples of a store's inventory and may not be currently available online.

Neutral colors bathroom

Origin: The word 'Couch' comes from the French verb coucher, which translates to 'To lie down.' Distinction: None, really, between a couch and a sofa. People tend to prefer the word couch when they're talking about a casual, un-stuffy room. Origin: The word 'Sofa' originated from suffah, an Arabic word that referred to a wood or stone bench. A 'Sofa' is more of a proper place to sit than a lie-down couch. 'The couch is the thrash-able object at the center of a well-used living room, upon whose back toddlers straddle, whose cushions teenager become permanent fixtures, and which, at the end of the day, after the children are in bed, a couple might relax with a short glass of bourbon.' 'A sofa, on the other hand, sits under a trimly hung painting and lives in a house in which traffic passes it by. It would be white, of course, or another color begging for stain. And most people living at the house of a sofa would be forbidden to sit upon it at one time or another.' Origin: The word 'Settee' comes from the Old English word setl, which was used to describe long benches with high backs and arms.

Rainbow color bathtub

Name: Zemeer Location: Seattle, WA Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: I love my bedrooms to have dark walls. I particularly enjoy the way candlelight is muted against a matte black wall. It makes every night feel exotic and special, a very welcome retreat after long days spent with our newborn, toddler and menagerie of pets!

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When we checked out the rest of this kitchen and saw its gold-leafed pantry, we just had to share it with you. The mixture of high-effect materials like the gold leaf and tiles with clean white floors and walls really seems to work here. We're wondering if a poor-man's version of the gold leaf could be done with this aluminum foil idea? For more, check out designer Scott Weston's website.

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Minimalist large black and white bathroom

Even in a small apartment, different seating areas mean that your TV isn't always in the position for optimal viewing. Enter the Rulla TV Swivel Stand from Ikea-basically, a 'Lazy susan' for your TV. 'At only 3/4' high and only $12.99, the Rulla is a convenient way to make your TV more, well, convenient to you. Here's the practically invisible Rulla in action; it blends especially well with the silver TV. In this room, the couch is visible in the picture; the loveseat is to the left of the view of the picture, on a right angle to the couch. The Rulla TV Swivel Stand makes head-on viewing possible from any seated position in the room.

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I once got a phone call from a girlfriend who had borrowed my scale for a couple of weeks, when I answered the phone all she said was 'Your scale is an a**hole' and hung up. If you need every ounce of humor you can get to go with your bathroom scale like she and I do, than here is a a bit of fun for you. Art de toilette bathroom scales a can be anything you want, a positive reinforcement such as the. Affirmation station void of numbers but chock full of compliments, to Ignorance Is Bliss with no numbers at all just some dashes to make note of. If you're feeling really creative Scale Art has a create your own section as well. My choice: positive affirmations with the chocolates... every girls dream!

Modern bathroom sink with green details

Name: Erin Location: Kingston Canada Division: International Inspiration for my palette: I recently moved and had the opportunity to start with a blank canvas. Since the room is fairly small I wanted to keep it cozy and inviting, while infusing a bit of a boutique style feel. Most of the items in the room were DIY, including the headboard which was the starting point for the design. I chose a gray linen to match my custom chair and the paint colour followed suit. Overall it's quite dramatic, but I love the white elements and pops of turquoise and green which offset the rest of the room!

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Bringing kitsch souvenirs home from a trip is sometimes a gamble; you could end up with an interesting conversation piece, a someday-family heirloom or just a cheesy mistake that ends up in storage. What if you live in a city chock full of kitschy souvenirs? Can you bring them into your home and call them art? We've been trawling the Cat Street Market off of Hollywood Road since moving to Hong Kong as a thrifting alternative. It offers a pleasant diversion on a busy day, watching tourists look at antique knock-offs and home décor items that we see everywhere. We've been returning to a vendor who seems to specialize in Chairman Mao sculptures, drawn to the colours and variety of poses in which he is modelled. We've only actually purchased one, and he stands proudly waving at us in our living room, dressed in what seems to be his dressing gown. Usually a souvenir gains interest once removed from the thousands of exact replicas with which it mwas originally displayed - we think Mao works best en mass, waving at us from as many angles as possible.

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There are quite a few things of beauty in this world, but none of them are in the shape of this fireplace, which simply looks amazing. Naturally, this design will split opinions, but all in all, we like it a lot. Actually, the Gyrofocus fireplace isn't just the world's most beautiful fireplace, it's been voted the world's most beautiful object by the World's Most Beautiful Object 2008-2009 in the Pulchra design competition. This design competition is the first beauty contest exclusively reserved for objects, whatever that means. Needless to say that this is one incredibly beautiful fireplace. Gyrofocus is made by the French fireplace maker Focus. It can pivot 360° and has been exhibited in several contemporary museums, including the prestigious Guggenheim. For it to work well, you'd need a massive space though, with really high ceilings.

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Minimalist bathroom

An important and often overlooked piece of furniture for the workspace, the office caddy can improve functionality by providing organization and convenience in one compact little cart. More than just a filing cabinet or printer table, these small stowaways are designed in all kinds of modern forms. Check out these ten modern office caddies in varying price ranges, direct from our Marketplace.

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Here are several ways to get your new-found love back home, ranging from no frills hassle to white glove service. '$ Greyhound Package Xpress: Greyhound buses use their extra cargo space to ship cross country on a space available policy. You both drop off and pick up the item at bus stations on either end. If both Point A and Point B are businesses, you can pay a little bit more for door to door service. Once your piece has arrived, you'll have 72 hours to pick it up before they charge you a storage fee. Chances are good that Greyhound will be the cheapest by far, but it requires the extra step of getting a large, bulky item to and/or from the bus station. Basic Freight Service: Freight companies provide door-to-door service and there are no size or weight limits. The downside of this method is that it can sometimes take months for your item to be picked up for delivery. If you aren't in a rush, can't pick the item up at the local bus station, but still want to save a few bucks, this might be an option for you. White Glove Service: If you aren't in a schlepping mood, most companies also offer better service options. If you are in a rush, and money's not a factor, use this service.