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Modern sink and faucet

We've begun noticing a recent trend in having a bathtub in the bedroom. We're guessing the toilet is tucked away discreetly next to a closet or something, but we're a bit curious about whether or not this trend will slide into the mainstream.

Modern bathtub


Luxurious shower head

Over at Design Sponge, the top 20 finalists in their DIY-contest were posted yesterday. We spotted this cute table and chairs set among them. According to mom Maya, the DIY child's table and chair set is made from a contractor-grade cardboard tube. She used cardboard, foam, fabric and a pizza pan to create this charming set that can be broken down and partially recycled/reused when outgrown.

Bathroom sink

We've often seen this done in tiny restaurants, but not so much in homes. A mirror is placed on the wall at about the eye level of seated diners. The effect is expansive and lively: the dining space is opened up and the space feels like it continues beyond the mirror's surface. When browsing Montreal-based Moutarde D├ęcor's website, we noticed they applied this trick in many small residential dining spaces.... Two of these arrangements pair a mirror with banquette seating. We think that would be a great application for small-space living. The mirrors work to reflect the dining surface, light fixtures, and windows' natural light.


Q: I am moving in with my boyfriend and his apartment, while otherwise awesome, has a horrific 70s retro kitchen complete with orange tiles and yellow countertops. It also has an unusable empty space awkwardly behind one of the counters. How do I turn this into a modern, clean space with style without a full remodel? Editor: Leave your suggestions for Liz in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.


Q: Hello! We recently moved into a new house and are trying to decide on furniture and furniture placement for our largish living room. Details: 21' x 13'8'; 10'5' ceiling; opens to dining room and to hall. Any thoughts on furniture would be great - do we go with two sofas? Or one sofa and two chairs? If we go with two sofas, do they need to be matchy-matchy? We are thinking of getting a C&B Petrie leather sofa but not sure what to pair it with any thoughts? Thanks! Sent by DC from MTL. Editor: Leave your suggestions for DC from MTL in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

White sink


Asian inspired bathroom

Ok, that's a dramatic opener, but this book is really remarkable in its structure, quality of photos and pure enjoyment value. Arranged from smallest to largest, the homes featured in Living Large in Small Spaces start at 100 square feet and go up to 1000 square feet; from simple student digs to the just-so grandeur of some very elegant abodes. It's the closest thing we've seen to the AT House Tours meets the Small Cool Contest....on paper. 400 pages of inspiration, ideas, eye candy and voyeuristic forays into the homes of people from across the US. Our copy is getting worn out from the many many times we pull it off the shelf and enjoy it. We've often wondered how many fellow AT-er's also have this book in their design library.... Written by Marisa Bartolucci with photos by Radek Kurzaj, it is available in bookstores everywhere and online.

Bathroom cabinet

We found this while Google image searching and loved it. Super smart and simple, Matteo Thun's shower head truly is both form and function, with stainless wrap around tubing that carries both water and provides the structure for a shower curtain to hang off of.... Produced by Rapsel of Italy, we tracked down their US distributor: AF Supply and Matteo Thun's website.


Today's fishing in the deep waters of Craigslist brought up many tuna and one swordfish. Good stuff and good prices abound, and our top pick is an antique transformer. A beautiful pre-war dresser that converts into a desk so that you can write a letter while putting on your lingerie. That said, any piece of furniture that is this flexible is going to be a goldmine for someone in a small apartment. MGR. 'OTHER GOOD STUFF- All Scavenger - 4 Ladder back chairs w. rush seat for $50- Round oak parquet table 48' for $175.- Innovation sofa bed/loveseat for $290.- Heavy set round butcher block table on wrought iron base for $200.- Tiger maple mid-century coffee table for $150.- French dining room table for $400.- Enormous mahogany dresser with 7 drawers for $500.- Cool Moroccan style mosiac table and chairs for $1,300. 4 panel shoji screen for $75.- Vintage glass and wood showcases from pharmacy in Bklyn for bo. Giant replica of Ancient Terra Cotta soldier for $3.000.

Luxurious shower head



It's been our favorite color since our tween years. Grey isn't the first color color you probably think of when decorating a nursery or buying baby accessories, but maybe it can be. Like brown , the color grey is a great modern neutral. Although sometimes considered cold, it also can be very warm. We're drawn to the matte grey finish on the Sparrow Crib by Oeuf. It works with any bedding choice - bright, pastel or white. We're kicking ourselves for buying our Stokke Tripp Trapps chairs before the grey ones came out. What do Ohdeedoh readers think about grey in the nursery? Do you like the look enough to use it in your baby's nursery? Check out our previous post about grey in kids' rooms.

White bathroom

It takes a lot to run things and we need a to place to store all of that stuff. Good thing they don't have thumbs yet, because they haven't figured out how to open a cabinet drawer. An Excellent Office Storage Pair Last week Mike told us about a great combination to make the Alex and Helmer IKEA units even better at containing our mess! Alex, IKEA $119.00 One of the more obvious and certainly more popular options, the IKEA Alex drawer unit is one of the best. In our household it holds printing paper, old photographs, our portfolios and much more. 10 Ways to Use Kitchen Storage in the Office is another extremely useful and innovative way to tame the beast in the office. Using unlikely items such as wine racks to wrangle magazines is such a fun and interesting idea! The wine rack would also be great for storing rolled up cords. Synchronicity Letter-Size Interior File Folders, The Container Store $5.99 Have to be the coolest folders we've seen. These would certainly be useful in any file cart or cabinet.

China sink


Sink with sheep skin rug

Q: I just moved into a great apartment in the East Village. Even though my bedroom is small, it has nice wood floors, a brick wall and an amazing view of the Empire State Building. Sometime soon I need to paint the walls, except for the brick, but I don't want white walls. All of the pictures that I see online with a brick accent wall have white walls! I might paint them a light blue or a light gray, like Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Kimberly in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.


Ch-ch-ch-changes! There really isn't any better way to show how this cupboard changes than via this little video. Utilizing louvered strips, like a moving billboard, the facade of this cupoard has different graphics so 'The expression of its surface changes.' Designed by Front for the Milan 07 design show.