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Luxurious square shower head

EZ. We hear about The Laundry Spa yesterday, and found ourselves being sucked in by its charms. Nancy says: They do your laundry and return it shrink wrapped and snuggly fit in a really cute laundry bag that looks like a tote. I just got my clothes back yesterday and I just can't get over how great they look!! The Laundry Spa is for those busy professionals who want a little pampering in yet another part of their busy lives - who doesn't? Started by two busy lawyers, the service sets itself apart through its snappy but not snobby presentation, empasis on ease and perfectly folded and SCENTED laundry. The price? It's not entirely clear, but the minimum order is $25. If you have to ask.... MGR..

Purple sink

My better half has a tendency to migrate from her desk over to the living room as the sun sets, and I've been known to continue working on the couch from my iPad after hours. For better and for worse, the living room has evolved into an extension of the home workspace, and now furniture designers are addressing the migration with new designs fit for work and relaxation.... The Wall Street Journal recently produced this video as part of a piece about the proliferation of work-at-home furniture catering to the always-working demographic, reflecting the cultural shift away from stationary workstations over to a working lifestyle revolving around mobility and comfort in the living room and beyond. More of us are migrating across from home offices over into the living room, dining room, and even backyards after hours, and now furniture designers are taking note with designs catering to this shift in lifestyle. The Haworth Harbor Work Lounge shares features drawn from classroom desks, airport lounges, living room seating, and home office task chairs. The big question born from this cultural shift is whether working from anywhere and everywhere, including the living room, actually leads to a more productive work life. Whether bringing work and computers into shared home spaces actually hinders a happy home life, where couples and family members are more drawn to their screens than to one another. What are your thoughts of about working from the living room, where home life and work life are beginning to overlap after hours?




On our next trip to Seattle, we definitely plan to go to Peter Miller Details in Belltown. A couple of months ago we stumbled upon their website while looking for a Pentagram Calendar, and immediately became intrigued. Peter Miller Details sells beautiful, well-designed home and office products. Its neighbor, Peter Miller Books, sells architectural and design books and supplies. Peter Miller Details sells products from Alessi, Iittala, Marimekko, Stelton, to name just a few companies. Items include everything from flatware to clocks to glassware to desk accessories. The website is so wonderfully curated that we look forward to seeing the actual store. Oh, and if you're in, or going to, Seattle, be sure to see the website for A Very Small and Specific Guide to Seattle: Peter Miller's Favorites.

Modern bathtub

The reclaimed wood look is still trending and rightfully so. The Apartment Therapy Classifieds is full of reclaimed wood tables to peruse at your leisure. If you're looking for the best, these sellers are making some truly special tables. Cousins Marcus Bailey and Kerry Bailey use a variety of reclaimed woods to make unique patterns and table designs, such as the one at the top of the post. Check out Fresh Dust's corner to see a variety of wood-base lamps, tables, cabinets and more. He calls himself the Ghost Wood Whisperer and for good reason, too. He scavenges wood from old brownstones across the city to make beautiful furniture. She builds furniture using reclaimed Douglas Fir wood salvaged from buildings around southern California.


When a local mill was closing down, Ashley snagged their stock of industrial carts. These carts were in rough shape when I got them and were in desperate need of a deep clean. Once the cart was clean I sanded the whole thing down. The key isn't to get the cart completely smooth, but to smooth out any large splinters and really rough patches. Now it was time to make the cart look 'Pretty'. Overall, it probably took 4-6 hours to finish a cart. It really depends on the condition of the cart when you start. Depending on how cheap you can find a cart determines the cost of this project.

Bathroom sink

We love the look of open shelves in the kitchen and enjoy the staged versions in design magazines. When we spotted this real life kitchen with open shelves we wanted to share it with you. We especially love.... ...the groupings of texture and color. The wood bowls on one shelf and the green glass on the other adds additional visual interest to the space. Open shelves provide an opportunity to showcase your wares while creating a design element in your home. Of course keeping everything organized becomes more of a process with open shelves but it's worth it. What are your kitchen shelves like? Do you have open shelves?

Modern sink

Solar energy and windows just seem like a no brainer, but while there have been plenty of concepts we've yet to see real life glass that can collect energy from the sun. One promising new product hopes to make that idea a reality. Engadget reports on Chin Hua, a company that's developing solar windows. They recently showed off their innovation at the Taipei International Optoelectronics Week. According to Engadget, the slightly foggy pane of glass can collect and deliver two watts of energy. It's unclear how long it takes to collect that amount and there aren't very many details, but it's an exciting development nonetheless. From what we've gathered, it sounds very similar to the Peer+ concept from the Dutch, in which, depending on how much light you let in through the window you collect more or less solar energy.


To celebrate Fort Point Arts Community's 35th Annual Open Studios, a giant foam pyramid will float in the Boston channel. The 16-foot-wide, 10-foot-tall polystyrene pyramid resembles cobblestones, a nod to the city's rich history.

Luxurious shower head


Luxurious shower head

When apartment dwellers on a budget think about installing a kitchen, they usually head to IKEA. But French site CoteMaison. Fr features other inexpensive kitchen suppliers in France, including a few options for the space-challenged, like this Dolcéa 'Cuisine d'aujourd'hui' from Castorama starting at 499 euros with an integrated dining table. This red kitchen for a 'Teeny-tiny space' can be installed in the corner of a studio or an entry and starts at 970 euros from Lapeyre. For more cost-conscious kitchen ideas from Cotemaison. Kristin Hohenadel blogging from rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France.

White bathroom sink

After spending a decade shuttling between Atlanta and Los Angeles for work, designer Brian Patrick Flynn decided that what he needed was a place to get away from it all. He found exactly what he was looking for in a 1,700 square foot cabin in the North Georgia mountains. The cabin's bathroom was a knotty pine nightmare, dark and orangey with a tiny, cramped tub. Brian had big plans to brighten and modernize the space, while still preserving traces of its rustic roots. The biggest and most dramatic change Brian made was to paint the original knotty pine paneling white. Keeping the paneling preserves a bit of the cabin's rustic feel, but the new, lighter shade makes the bathroom seem much bigger and brighter. It's a trick decorators often use on windows to make ceilings seem taller, and it works here, too. On the vanity side of the room, a wooden countertop, leather-wrapped mirror, and industrial sconces add a little bit of rustic charm. Everything comes together to create a stylish, modern space that still feels right at home in the country. To see more of Brian's cabin renovation, check out the full story on Country Living.

Modern large bathroom


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Fireplaces aren't just a simple wood burning contraption of yesteryear. Modern day fireplaces can be gas, propane, or even electric - and they can look fantastic as well. Check out some great indoor and outdoor fireplaces for your modern home. 'Dimplex 50' Linear Electric Fireplace - BLF50: Providing over 4,000 BTU of heat, this remote controlled electric fireplace from Dimplex is versatile in its installation. Napoleon Linear Patio Flame: At just over 4 feet wide, this outdoor propane unit includes a kit to convert it to natural gas. A powder coated exterior and stainless steel lid gives your outdoor space an instant modern look while keeping warm. Firegear 60-inch Linear Fireplace Cabinet: This 5' long fireplace comes ready for you to finish however you like in your outdoor patio space. Napoleon 48' Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace EFL48: This 48' electric fireplace is reasonably priced at just over $600. Decorative stone embers and a painted black frame give this unit a sleek look.


Hi Everyone, I hate to toot my own horn but my new showroom Turquoise was featured on today's NY Times Home and Garden currents section. I also wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know that we will be having an AT-LA / Fall Colors Contest Party at my showroom on November 16th. So please save the date, more details to come!