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What I love most about our living room is the way that the sun falls in through the large window-doors, creating figures on the floor. I also like that it can hold the whole family with friends over. Typically my husband and son sit in the sofa, while my daughter dances or jumps around on the floor, and I sit with my laptop at the dining table. I love that the space is full of our personality; things the kids have made, family photos, furniture my dad has made for me, passed on trinkets and things we and our friends have thrifted, as well as our books. It's a warm and welcoming room with a good mixture of Nordic simplicity, joyful colors and whimsy. Would you like a room in your home to be featured as an Apartment Therapy Favorite Rooms post? Submit your room here.

Set table

I am getting ready to renovate my bathroom but cannot find a vanity that will work. Because of the size of the bathroom I need a single-sink console with storage underneath. I am looking to stay away from the more classic looks for the bathroom and am trying to find something in a light wood like teak or white oak. I like the look of the bath stuff from West Elm but they don't make a vanity. Any suggestions on where to find something similar?

Dark bathroom

Even when you think there's no possible place to plop a proper home office-residing you to a life of sofa-desking-you'll get creative and squeeze a workspace into one of these 4 areas of your home. BONUS IDEA: You'll get great use out of multi-tasking your kitchen and office storage. The Dining RoomAgain, for the folks who's idea of 'Home cooking' is eating Chinese takeout on the sofa, use any available eating space-whether it's a formal table or just a tiny nook-as an office. The ClosetKill two birds with one stone: Donate a bunch of your lesser-worn clothes to charity and make room to transform your closet into a home office. BONUS IDEA: If your closet is less walk-in and more peek-and-feel-around, try a desk on casters, like in this rolling hideaway closet office. The PorchIf you've got an outdoor space, chances are it's the least-used room in your home. What's that? That's because it's below freezing outside right now? Well close it in with walls or super-thick curtains and wire up a few space heaters to get a cozy home office.

Simple bathroom

When I saw Lindsey Bond's modern day Birmingham cottage featured in House Beautiful, I fell in love. A mix of various shades of white with small pops of color, it's a nice example of calm decor. She's created a live/work nook that provides a surface to write a letter without taking up too much space.

Golden bathroom



Though there ARE others, this is our first roundup of four chairs. If you have recommendations for others, please add it in the comment thread. Room & Board Ian Chair: Thumbs up! The super soft oversized Ian is a good choice for those who want to feel like they're being enveloped in a club chair. CB's Bryan chair has that great 50's styling, but more importantly fits the bill for comfort. PB's Manhattan chair is anything but Manhattan in our book. Although comfort is entirely subjective I'd say this was the least comfortable chair as it was also too soft and squishy. This nicely scaled club chair from Ralph is a good balance between style and comfort. For those who want a stylish, urban and comfortable club chair this choice is for you.


Salvaged building materials often find new homes that revitalize every abstract piece. We'll be heading there this weekend to have some wine and cheese around this completely salvaged and restored garden retreat. The columns were salvaged when their matching counterparts rotted out and had to be replaced-these four of the eight were still strong enough to use. Even the table is built entirely from scrapped wood, and the bench is refurbished with a new(er) plank. The pair of chairs was bought at a thrift store and given new seats. To top it off, the chandelier was salvaged from a junk shop, burnt-out lightbulbs still hinting at its former life. For a little extra flair, a vintage bead garland is draped across the chandelier. The photo predates a rainy spring and flourishing summer: now, after a healthy season or two for gardening, the foliage has grown up all around the back and created a Secret Garden-like feel. The overall effect of this D-I-Y project is rustic and elegant, and it's the perfect place to enjoy a late summer evening.



Blue glass shower box

We didn't think it was possible for us to fall in love with a lamp any more than Ilse Crawford's unpretentioius Studioilse w08 desk light. We just saw her new wall lamp - its new, grown-up friend.... Earlier this month at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Swedish lighting company Wastberg launched the new w093w halogen wall lamp by studioilse. Ilse Crawford reportedly developed the new wall light, based on the w08 desk lamp she created last year for the company. The w093w uses the same honest wood, iron and porcelain and adds simple pulley system so that the height of its porcelain shade can be adjusted to fit your table or desk. We can't get enough of the combination of these simple materials, red cord and weight system. Having lived with bare bulbs in our eclectic dining room for several years, we think we finally found the perfect table lamp. According to the folks at Wastberg, the lamp is still a 'Work in progress' and will be on the market sometime this autumn. In the meantime, you can check out these swing-arm wall lamps we rounded up last year.

Black bathroom

Are you looking to carve out a small little spot in a corner of your living room or dining room for a work or hobby space? Just a little bit of room that's all for you to flex your creative muscles? You might find inspiration for what should be in that corner from this beautifully appointed home office set-up. Whether you do your work during the day next to a natural light source like a window, or you prefer to burn the midnight oil, you'll need some sort of light to get your work done. If any of your work needs a computer to get it done, make sure you have room for your laptop or desktop, and make getting power to your technology easy to access and the wires easy to disguise. If you do any other type of work outside of the digital realm, make sure you have surface room that can support your art or creative work. Having inspiration outside your field of work within reach can help you take yourself out of your own thoughts and give your brain a break that could result in letting the creative gears work on the problem in your brain's background. No matter what creative work you like to dig into at home, make your tools easy to get to and appealing. Whether you buy it or build it, make sure the surface - the desk or wall-mounted shelf - that you do your work on is sturdy and can literally support your creative efforts. If you will be commandeering a corner for your creative work at home, consider styling and decorating this work corner in the same style as the rest of the room so it blends in and complements the room, rather than sticks out and makes the space feel disjointed.

Modern bathroom

Have you checked out our annual Room for Color Contest over at Apartment Therapy yet? If not, you should. Even if you're not a decor fanatic, there's some great examples of how to incorporate a large tech item like a flat panel HDTV into the your living space. These are real people and real homes, so no catalog-stylist arranged homes here. A selection of a few of our current favourites below.... Check out all the entries and vote for your favourites at Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest 2010!

Asian inspired bedroom



Make those cards you send to your friend or family member last a little longer: UK-based Postcarden is a pop-out-card-turned-mini-garden. Each set contains a cardboard scene, an inner growing tray, packet of cress seeds and step-by-step growing instructions. The contents come neatly packaged with a postcard-style space for the recipient's address and sender's greeting. Designed and produced by A Studio For Design, a London-based compant, and printed in Wales using locally sourced cress seeds and inner-packaging material, sending Postcarden in the UK only requires a regular large letter stamp. Available for £7.50 from Postcarden. Seeds should sprout in three days and the plant should last two weeks. Due to custom restrictions on importing seeds, Postcarden is not available outside the European Union.

Mirror and sink

We spotted this neat idea from the Spring 2007 'Befor & After' special publication from Better Homes and Gardens. Many of you renters might have a similar bathroom setup. Extra large mirror with a single sink in the middle. As you can see in the photo, they were able to add some architectural interest without having to take anything down or have anything custom built.... They purchased two pre-made wall cabinets that traditionally would be mounted, but instead, simply left them sitting on the counter, flanking either side of the sink. Note that the bottom cabinets match the color of the cabinets on top, which makes one cohesive look. In the middle of the mirror over the sink, they attached an over-sized frame. The effect gives the look of built in cabinets, without the build. Has anyone tried this idea? Does anyone have any other non-permanent but high impact suggestions for bathrooms? Please share in the comments!Image from Before&After- a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication.


One thing I particularly remember while visiting and staying in Paris was the challenging amount of stairs in many apartment buildings. I ended up loving my morning and evening jaunts up the steep flights of stairs at our friend's aged apartment, a novelty for a native Angeleno where nobody takes stairs unless the escalator or elevators are out of order. I also left with an appreciation of how challenging it could be to move furniture in such tall, stair-only dwellings, another problem mostly rare in flat terrain Los Angeles. In most parts of the United States, we're given the luxury of avoiding this challenge, and some friends have mentioned they dislike having stairs/multi-story floors in their home altogether, preferring single story dwellings or living on the first floor.


Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Our offer? If you post something GOOD, we will feature it here in Scavenger where it is sure to sell.... This nice dark wood armoire will suit a television or clothes and despite the fact that it IS from Pottery Barn, this is a very useful piece of furniture at a greatly reduced price. They say there are nicks and scratches from earlier moves, but with dark wood, this is easy to fix. MGR. OTHER GOOD STUFF.Club Chair on auction for $310.Hesman Trophy Club chair on auction for $10.Trad. red mahogany dining table on auction for $63.Vintage French bar counter for $2000.