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Green titles bathroom

When we moved into our home there was wall-to-wall carpeting in our bathrooms. After a few rather forthright guests questioned the hygiene implications I resolved to get rid of the carpeting. 'It's warm on my feet.' Another 365 baths later, wrangling my water-logged, raucous, slippery young kids out of the tub and I realized that warmth wasn't the only bonus of bathroom carpeting. Kids slip on tiled floors; kids don't slip on carpets. Wall-to-wall carpeting in our bathrooms looks and feels really nice, warm and luxurious. It somehow suits the old-fashioned William Morris wallpaper. It feels so good to step out of the shower onto carpeting on a cold day. The carpeting is a low pile and made of high-quality stain-resistant wool. We have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Underneath the carpeting is some rather nasty old tile which we could rip out and re-tile whenever we like.

Arty bathroom

I have something to share this week that is slightly unusual for two reasons: I'm writing about a country house upstate instead of an apartment, and I have more than one photo of the same color. Having several photos will reveal how a color changes with light. Neutral colors like this in particular can shift depending on the time of day, light conditions and other variables. Blue Gray is warm that runs slightly green in shadow, which leads me to my next point. I have something else I haven't shown in a while: baseboards in a color other than white. I most frequently use Decorator's White for trim, White Dove with yellow or tan unless something special is called for. Since my first Farrow & Ball post a few months ago, I've learned quite quickly that the F&B palette tips upper-crust, and what Gervase Yellow evokes as a darker-than-Ivory trim color is just that, yet it also sits comfortably in Upstate Bohemia. Gervase Yellow picks up on a mysterious tint in the wall color and the result is equally classic and mid-century, and is also a perfect foil for all the wood objets and hand-made lamps, done by the artist in residence.

Small bathroom

Though there ARE others, this is our first roundup of four chairs. If you have recommendations for others, please add it in the comment thread. Room & Board Ian Chair: Thumbs up! The super soft oversized Ian is a good choice for those who want to feel like they're being enveloped in a club chair. CB's Bryan chair has that great 50's styling, but more importantly fits the bill for comfort. PB's Manhattan chair is anything but Manhattan in our book. Although comfort is entirely subjective I'd say this was the least comfortable chair as it was also too soft and squishy. This nicely scaled club chair from Ralph is a good balance between style and comfort. For those who want a stylish, urban and comfortable club chair this choice is for you.




Dear AT,. OK - I'm doing some labor intensive, cost sensitive kitchen remodeling, starting with my cabinets. Do you think it's too much to have black cabinets in a 'Real life' kitchen? I have a typical Chicago kitchen and the cabinets are now white. Do you think I could do black at the bottom and white on top? I'd really appreciate the feedback. In our apartment, years ago, we had black cabinets on one side of the kitchen while the others were white. The black ones were on the bottom, and we thought the look worked well in our 'Real life' kitchen. I think the question is, do you have enough light in your kitchen to go the dark route? As with dark paint colors, a set of black cabinets will certainly change the mood. We've never seen any other kitchen solutions in person with black cabinets, but we're sure there are some good ones out there.


While dining in Venice Beach this past weekend, we noticed this amazing chandelier adorned with a variety of different bulbs. It left us feeling giddy with desire to have it hanging in our own home. Our dining room would never accommodate such an immense fixture. We have no problem going back to Gjelina over and over again to admire it and we suggest that you do the same.


We first started paying attention to the whole mattress debate three years ago when a good friend chucked their old bed, did a ton of research and then chose the EXPENSIVE Dux Bed. This is the cream of the crop.... Readers consistently give these mattresses high quality, high price and high service votes. A Swedish design, the Dux Bed claims its fame from the huge multiple of springs in each mattress: 3,600 springs compared to the up to 900 springs found in conventional queen-size mattresses. This allows you just the right amount of firmness and softness so that your spine is straight and not bent. Dux Beds come in a few different configurations, are extremely well made, have tons of springs and top layers of latex to conform to the body. A queen size will run you from $6,500, but should last you 20 years.... What's not to like?

Red bathroom

Here's a take on artwork that doesn't just go 'On' your wall, it becomes your wall. This is a great tip I got from Jane Mount, who was a 3rd place finisher in our 2006 Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest. She wanted to give her bedroom the feeling of a 'Cozy thicket' and create a space that was a retreat from the rest of the apartment.... Being a designer with a good sense of humor and plenty of DIY experience, she covered her bedroom closets with a huge mural that she had made by a company called Gallery Street in Roswell, Georgia. She just emailed them the file and they send back the mural in the size requested. All images are printed on commercial grade wallpaper, are fade and scratch resistant, wipeable and can come in any size you like. Enjoy the goofy pics below and think of your own possibilities!

Narrow bathroom with amazing titles

Hello AT,I'm going to be remodeling my 6x5 bathroom here in Minneapolis where a bathtub remains important for resale. I've been looking for some small tubs online, but unfortunately everything i can find is only made in Europe with no real shipping to the US. Are you aware of any manufacturers or retailers in the US or that ship here that would sell a small tub? I'd prefer a semi corner tub so the room doesn't feel quite so small and have more room for storage as we don't have a closet, either.

Marble bathroom

Okay, the intense color of designer Muriel Brandolini's home dining room doesn't really need much by way of description: pinks, reds, oranges and yellows - and enough pattern to keep your eyes busy for hours. Beyond the brave exercise in color, we are mostly curious about a bed in the dining room. The red lacquer four-poster bed was placed just behind the dining table so that 'One can recline after supper.' Do you think this idea ever works? Unless you live in a very small space, do you think dining and reclining should coexist?


Name: Zemeer Location: Seattle, WA Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: I love my bedrooms to have dark walls. I particularly enjoy the way candlelight is muted against a matte black wall. It makes every night feel exotic and special, a very welcome retreat after long days spent with our newborn, toddler and menagerie of pets!


On the scale of angst-production, it is somewhere between buying a computer and buying a car, just shy of divorce. Soon I'm sure couches will come equipped with computer operating systems, and then we'll have real problems. Should I get a Mac couch or a PC couch? The thing is, these acquisitions tend to bring up questions like, 'Who am I?' and 'What sort of a world do I want to live in?'. Hoping to sidestep the full weight of the dilemna, and always seeking new ways to procrastinate, I've whipped up this slick photo gallery of the couches that I am considering buying. Those in the market for a couch may find the photos helpful by way of research. Others with no current couch needs may yet feel like voting on which couch they think would fit in my 10'x12' apartment in the West Village. I am also a great believer in the power of Internet collaboration. Who knows, if this 'Vote for a Couch' thing goes well, perhaps we will build some kind of an 'Open source' couch buying support application. Frankly, we see a brighter world in which couch buying in New York City will be a transformational, uplifting, communal experience. It will be a world of happy New Yorkers and better looking, more comfortable fairly priced, less corporate couches.

Black and white bathroom


Bathroom sink

Carol and Fred's modern home is living proof that green style can be sleek - we've combed through their resource lists for some good modern sources. As an architect/engineer couple, they've got the knowledge and background to make smart choices about what they buy, and their LEED Platinum home in Wisconsin has earned recognition as the 2010 'Future Landmark for Innovative New Design' from the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation. Fred and Carol used a ton of good green resources and building materials in the creation of their LEED platinum home, and they've shared a lot of their knowledge in their house tour on Re-Nest.


Amanda's cramped main bathroom was in desperate need of two things: light and space. From Amanda: We bought our 1925 Sears Kit home in December of 2014 and have slowly been renovating room by room. Our upstairs bathroom was one of the rooms we learned to live with for almost two years. It had pale blue walls with years of mildew built up on them, cracked tile on the floors and walls and a toilet that hiked up our water bill every month. Our first step in the renovation was to remove the yellow tile from the wall. The tile may look good in the photo, but it was cracked in several places and there was an entire half of a wall that the tile was missing from. We then just gutted the bathroom from there, only leaving the shower tile. 'The bathroom is really small for a main bathroom so we knew when we rebuilt we wanted it to be light and bright. Before any rebuilding, we first installed new lighting above the sink, a vent in the ceiling to prevent future mold and mildew build up, and a light in the shower. We went with a light gray porcelain tile on the floor, new toilet, discount beadboard vanity, and decided to try out the'Fixer Upper' look with faux shiplap on the walls.


This dining room at Chinese antique store Pagoda Red is full of great ideas: the lantern hanging from a tree trunk, the table on an angle, the painted round-back chairs. We love the fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. Click below for ways to get this look in your own home.... What strikes us first about this room are the natural textures used in unexpected ways. Wood takes on various forms: gnarled, stained, and painted. Our favorite detail is this lantern, strung from a tree trunk that's anchored by a large stone wrapped between its roots. For a DIY version, consider using a potted tree, a branch centerpiece, or a wall-mounted branch. Another great DIY idea: papering a part of the wall in newspaper to frame an artwork. Tall cabinets are a great small-space alternative to a dining room buffet, since they take up less floor space but provide the same amount of storage. In another part of the store, we spotted this simple, lovely arrangement. A large-scale artwork over a credenza creates a dramatic focal point.